The Field of Thoughts

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  1. It's the year 2109, and humanity is on the verge of destruction-- because of thoughts. Fifty years back, a machine was invented by an intelligent young man, that allowed everyone's thoughts to be stored in a "field," that sits on top of the Earth. When it first began, many believed it would be a good thing, but that wasn't the case. People are hired, to control and maintain those thoughts, because they have an impact on the condition of the world. For example, if many young boys thought about murdering someone, the earth would begin to shake. The hired crew of people would have to find the person, and make their thoughts stop -- permanently, using any means necessary. (Murder/rape/physical abuse)

    (People will be added, as more people join. We need a large number of characters!)

    "Field Workers"
    The people who control and maintain the thoughts

    "The Thinkers"
    The people who cause chaos in someway, using their thoughts.

    "The Rebels"
    The people who are against the "field workers," they protest through their actions.

    "The Neutral"
    The people who are on nobody's side, by simply go with the flow.

    Character Sheet
    Fill one out, please!
    Position: (from the list above)
    Personality traits:
    Short/long bio:
    Photo: (it can be anime/real person/etc.)
    What they are usually thinking about:

    1) Make the story progress.
    2) Do not censor yourself. If your character rapes someone, write about it! If your character is a mother who abuses their child, tell us the gory details.
    3) Don't take this seriously. There are very many plot holes in this roleplay. (Example: that's a lot of thoughts)
    4) Romance and drama is encouraged.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.