The Felanan Myths: Veiled Fantasy (Reboot)

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    IC: To say the City of Teluma was in an uproar would be an understatement. In scarcely an hour King Timan's annual ball would begin, and the King had opened the gates to the general public, something that hadn't happened in thousands of years. But at least there was precedent for that.

    What there was no precedent for was the invitation of the Terna and the Rewan. Sure, the merchants had dealings with the Terna, so they weren't such a big deal.

    The Rewan, on the other hand... To invite the unintended, the byproducts, the waste from humanity's creation was an affront to every principle the nobles had upheld for centuries. What the King was doing was simply not done, ever, and his advisers had certainly let him know it.

    Not that he seemed to mind, something else seemed to be bothering him.


    Only one person in the city seemed to not care at all about the ball, and that was Erikon Warwick, the man currently putting a banner up outside the King's palace, standing unsteadily on a ladder and tapping a nail into the stonework, the light evening breeze mussing his hair.

    "GODS!" The ladder shook and Erik dropped the hammer into a pocket on his tool belt, holding the thumb he had just hit.

    OOC: All player characters that want to go to the ball are welcome, though it hasn't begun yet. Feel free to interact with Erik or do whatever you please!
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  2. IC

    Nerida took a deep breath as she walked around the streets of Teluma, taking in the atmosphere of the busier than usual city. Of course the place wasn't new to her, the young bard having been here several times, although mostly for work.

    Yet, she was more excited than ever to be in the city this day. She had received an invitation to the ball some weeks ago and had just viewed her dress at the tailors. She had ordered it to her father's home outside the city in order not to have to worry about it... but the dress was still on her mind.

    My it was so beautiful! The dark blue makes my hair and eyes look brighter and the gold and black corset....


    The sudden yell just slightly above the Celisti quickly pulled her out of her daydream.

    "Sir?" She asked from beneath her hood as she held onto the ladder to steady it. "Do you need help?"
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  3. The tall character passing by the streets of Teluma was pretty satisfied with his work. Despite the sudden burst of activity around the city due to the ball in a few hours, he managed to deliver all messages and make all deals he planned for the day, leaving only a few left, that would only be possible during the ball itself; a few nobles would never let him visit their beautiful homes, but couldn't escape him among the other guests. He would arrive silently, hand the small envelope, bow and leave: problem solved.

    Free to wander for some time, Erynie prayed for the Gods in a pacific temple at downtown. He was already used to the strange looks some people would give him, but at least he was not the only unusual presence. He found out the Terna were much more numerous than usual, and had even the impression he glimpsed one or two Rewan among the city limits.

    While passing through the palace's street, he tought to himself how it will be strange for a commoner like him enter this place with the other guests. No doubt his invitation was the fruit of his foster mother's good alliances... Erynie was more than simply nervous.
    An exclamation caught his attention, but he found out it was only a man that had a thumb hurt. With him, was an young woman who also seemed a traveler. Something was different about her, but he could not guess what, from the distance. Distracted, he forgot he was not wearing his hood, displaying his marks, scars and pointed ears, and that being seen could create a problematic situation.
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  4. Looking at the invitation to the ball Obsidian sighs before slipping it back into her pocket again, she received the invitation the day before but she still couldnt believe it. Why would they invite a Rewan hybrid? Did they even know she was part Rewan? Most likely, they wouldnt invite someone without some kind of background check. Did they want to make some kind of spectacle out of her? Even though she was only half Rewan most humans hated her even more than a full blooded Rewan because of her mixed blood. Shaking her head slightly causing her long silky azure locks to sway around her she continues to walk down the ally. It was no use trying to figure out the reasons for the invite without any proof, if she wanted to know the real reason she would have to attend. 'Great, where am I gonna get a dress fit for a royal ball?' A bit lost in her thoughts she doesnt pay attention to where shes going until its too late.

    Bumping into someone Sid quickly looks up to see a man with pointed ears and unusual marks, the black hood to her cloak was up and pulled down over her face slightly concealing most of her features so only her mouth and jaw are visible. Blushing lightly she quickly takes a step back "Oh im sorry! I wasnt paying attention." Her voice is deep and smooth but still very feminine, her tone embarrassed and apologetic. She doesnt seem to mind the man's unique features. In fact she thought he was rather interesting but she doubted he would see her in the same light, nobody liked Rewan's even mixed ones.
  5. IC: The steadying helped him stay up there just long enough to hit the nail one more time, then he slid down the rungs. "I'm okay. I've been through worse, trust me. Really just need to leave this kinda stuff to dad though."

    Erik squeezed his thumb, biting his lower lip and looking up at the slightly lopsided banner.

    "Great. Just fantastic. You wouldn't happen to be a healing mage, would you?" He glanced over at the woman who had stopped him from falling, a little too distracted by the pain in his hand to admire her beauty at the moment.

    The two strange presences behind him weren't helping his focus, either, but if there was ever a ball to go to for the oddballs of this land, this was it.
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  6. IC

    "Not a Mage but I do have some healing magic." She said with a grin. By this time, after looking up for so long, her hood had fallen back to reveal her bright sapphire eyes and golden hair.

    "Here, just show me your thumb please." She asked as she held out her hand to him.
  7. Erynie, being tied to a magic related to sounds, was more than pleased with the soft voice this unknown girl had, quickly taking away the surprise of the bump on his back. The unusual colors of her hair partially told him about her origins, even though she was not what he would expect from a Rewan. He could feel her inquietude, a feeling he was more than familiar with, and that only arouse his sympathy.

    "It's okay. Don't worry." he answered, very quietly, and his voice sounded like leaves shaking in the noon breeze, while he smiled gently. "Are you a guest to the ball today?"

    At the same time, his ear picked up another interesting sound. For a moment oblivious of the two other strangers - including the man who exclamed just a moment before -, his attention was partially drawn to the woman speaking behind him. He was suspicious... for her voice seemed special in some way. Yet, he was in need of a confirmation.
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