The Feild-Trip {Private}

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  1. [​IMG] His werewolf form [​IMG]
    Bane Xeon

    The male with black hair with three white stripes throguh it was known as Bane. He was an excellent Guard to the Castle, his werewolf senses was beyond that of human and ordinary vampires making him the best of security. He was a strong but lean built man, his eyes deep brown golden color. His skin was fair but not pale or tan. He was also very fast and built to catch intruders. Thanks to the count's son he was alive, ten years ago he was found by the count's son and saved from hunters that wanted to kill him, being saved by a vampire was very uncommon. Course this made the friendship between the count's son and the werewolf very strong as they always had each other's back's and wouldn't let one get hurt because of any foe they had to face.

    Bane was looking around the age of ninteeen young but very good at his job. he woke that morning to find his boss , the counts son pacing as he seemed nervous about this tour and he didn't get why he would be "Boss your going to do fine you have been doing these tours for nine years it can't be any different then before" bane said smiling his golden eyes looking at his friend,boss and brother figure. he grinned gently as he had his ear piece in so he could talk with his boss if they where far away or the boss needed him from another room. he smiles as he hears his large wolf dog Xeno barking deeply as he hears the bus come up the snowy hill and grinned gently ,

    "Alright show time boss" he grinned gently as he made sure his ear piece stayed on and went to his wolf and it sat down beside him on the top of the stairs happily wagging its tail. then he smelled it, the girl from so long ago the one his boss had saved. he froze slightly and went ridged and looked at his boss once more giving him tat she is here look. The count's son would smell her as well as they would see her come through the doors.

    Ginger Darrison

    Ginger was her name a stunning female in the group. she was wanted by a lot of guys but refused to date anyone. She didn't like the snobby type or the too quite type either. She was on this feildtrip to dracula's castle because they finished reading the book and now wanted a tour. watched as all the girls swooned about getting bit by a hot vampire and scowled "there are no such things as vampires" said angrily and she fallowed them into the castle.
    The castle was massive they where like ants to this place. She was amazing but still knew there was no such things as a vampire.

    She hears barking and watched as everyone jumped back and they all fell over. She stood there though and looked at them like they where morons "stupid morons" mutters as she looked up to see the tour guide and some other male walking over slowly. The tour guide looked fimiluar but from were ? he was handsome but she shook her head and watched her group as they stayed huddled behind her as she was the main fearless one.

    She was saved as a young girl by someone who couldn't have been human. She had grown up to be very pretty her black hair fall down her back and eyes a deep green color. She had red lips that of roses and a smile that could even make the undead come to life. She wore leather jacket and red shirt, her hair up in a pony tail . looking at the group and back to the tour guide she smiles and decided to introduce herself and her class "Hello I am Ginger Darrison, this is the class of my english school.

    We come for the tour because we finished reading the story of dracula" She said polietly bowing her head slightly to show respect. She smiles at the tour guide and the other male who looked at her strangely and blinked slowly. She had four silver crosses on her neck but she took them off as she didn't need them putting them away in her pocket of her jacket.
  2. The girl timidly walked up behind the men, she who also never dated for a different reason. She was too shy and was an outcast for believing in mythical creatures such as the ones she will be carrying in her womb after she meets bane, she smiled softly and was rather polite to everyone. She got bad chills from both security gaurd and the count.

    Roxie Shyre was her name and being adorable at any moment was her talent. Roxie gently asked the count's son from the back. "Um-Sorry to intrude but H-How will you prevent robbery? I-I mean it's such a big place A-a." She stopped talking not wanting to be suspicious she softly blended back into the group not wanting to be caught.


    The count looked at the girl and fell in love with her immediately. imagined what he would do with her, although not too pretty, and very pervy. The count making sure not to be too proud answered questions looking at ginger every so often but not to be creepy.

    Then he heard Roxies question and quisitively looked at her for a moment then chuckled looking at his body gaurd. "Bane, watch her give her a taste of your security." He said with a joking smile and went on with his interesting lesson on the "truth" about how vampires were only malnourished peasants who got a disease like the flu that required them to eat easy to digest foods like blood.
  3. Bane saw the girl was scared and twiched his ear slightly and smiles gently "I am very good at hearing foes and other things so getting robbery out of the castle was never really hard thing. Also no one comes here said it was to spoooooooky" he made a mused face and wiggled his eyebrows and smiles gently. He was a tall male almost taller then the count's son and smirks gently humming to himself "so why are you here?" he asked the timid girl blinking his golden brown eyes.

    Ginger watched the count carefully but fallows smiling gently looking around slowly "strange place but its amazing as well" she nted happily eyes glowing brightly with interest. she always never belived in vampires and werewolves but hey maybe she was never taught the right way to look at life. She looked at him " you have a library ?" she asked, she knew he did but she wanted to ask anyway.
  4. "Well to learn real things about werewolves and vampires" she said sternly. That was the only thing she wasn't timid about she then sink down and had none of the courage she had just shown. Roxie then hid in the crowd blushing beyond what she usually did. She softly covered her mouth. She was definitely a unique individual.

    " why yes, of course." He dismissed the group after teaching the lesson the count then walked up to her. "Would you like to be taken there?" He asked with a monotone voice taking her arm to show her the way. He joked softly to her as she tried to shift off of him. "Hey I don't bite." He chuckled and let her free.
  5. Bane raised eyebrow and chuckled gently as the group walked around the castle his eyes shifted around as he was alert and ready for any attack that may happen to the group from anywhere. bane lead them to the large living room where a fire crackled and large paintings on the wall of people "this is the Dracula family" he gave everyone some history of each person.

    Ginger was uneasy as she pulled back slightly but she nodded slowly "sure i like to see it" she said small smile on her face. her eyes looking at the count, he was strange that was for sure, he was quick to be with her and made her unsettled but still she knew how to fight if it ever came to a fight between them.
  6. After everyone was uninterested by his speech they started talking on the other side of the room. Except one girl:Roxie .she asked him questions in awe and got closer to him with each one, "so what about 'werewolves'?" She asked softly she was standing as if she were having a normal conversation

    Dracula led her to the library. "So how litreated are you?" He asked softly wondering how intelligent the woman was. "I know about 10 languages." He didn't say it as if he were bosting but said it with a sharing tone. He opened the large door for her with no effort.
  7. Bane looked at her and chuckled gently "said werewolves are people bitten by wolves that had a diease and it made the person shift into a humaniod wolf that at full moons attacked humans and searched for the right mate" he chuckled gently looking t her calmly.

    She smiles gently "I know up to 20 different langaues and alot about myths of Vampires and Wolves the foes of each other" she said slowly. Alex had fallowed and snickered slightly "She said she was saved by a vampire" he snaickered grinning. Ginger growled "shut up " she said annoyed by Alex. Alex didn't he walked over smiling "beside she is my girlfriend" he cackled. She whirled around punching him sharply knocking him over and alex scolwed "bitch take a joke' he scowled. Ginger eyes narrowed "this is the nith time you played it so stop it' said agressively. alex growled"you'll pay for it" stalked off. Ginger looked at him "sorry about that, Alex is just a push over"
  8. "I meant facts" Roxie said Stubbornly and looked him in the eye with a rather angry scarf "I know what a werewolf is but how are they in real life?" She asked looking at him. She suddenly melted for his good looks but gently cleared her throat.

    Dracula nodded, Impressive but we're she really worthy for him? "You're right douchebags like that shouldn't be aloud around ladies. Also I'm an athiest so if you could remove those crosses itd be apreciated." She never told him about the crosses. He got a few books down in all of the languages she knew his languages were very old and long forgotten.
  9. She raised eyebrw looking at the crosses around her neck but took them off slowly and put them in her pocket slowly. She looked at the books and blew off the dust and looked at it easly decoding the words she blinked slowly "interesting book" said smiling gently.

    Bane looked at her "werewolves are people just cursed at night. they do not like being found and hunted they are senstive creatures with big hearts and they say werewolves have handsome bodues and faces beyond that of humans" he muses gently smiling.
  10. "Wai-" Roxie stood there frozen as she was basically told werewolves were real she gently sat down and needed to see him tonight no matter what.

    Dracula just shrugged "something that always bugged me sorry" he commented on the book and it's age.he liked talking history since he lived most of it.
  11. Bane hears the clock toll 8 and smiles "dinner shall be soon so come along all of you" he said as he spoke into his ear piece to dracula "dinner boss" and walked off leading the group to dinner.

    Time skip to that night

    Ginger wanted to know more so she went walking around the castle but Alex grinned walking over and grabbed her covering her motuh and whispers into her ear "your going to wish you chose me to be a boyfriend princess" he hissed and walked to the downstairs celler to the freezer and locked Ginger inside.

    Ten minutes later

    Bane felt something wrong running around he smelled Ginger and Alex but saw alex leaving down stair and said to Dracula through his ear piece "sir we have a problem....Alex took ginger downstrairs and she is locked in the freezer. i'll get alex you need to get ginger" said as he ran off to get alex growling.

    Ginger was freezing her core tempture dropped by one and shvering eyes shut tightly. Felling her heart race to keep blood pumping eyes closed gently tired but shivered in pain and hissed as her mind wrapped around how she would die, freeze to death and people never finding her.
  12. Dracula was already there he blinked to the scene and opened the freezer. Bringing her out. "Didn't we tell you my security is great?" He kissed her hand as he pulled her out. "Let me lead you to your room. I will have many blankets and bring you fresh food." He picked up fresh food on the way so ginger didn't have to be alone.

    Roxie saw him flee out of the door this was her chance she excused herself and snuck past her room to Banes of course going through his everything to find if they were real then absentmindidly she saw his journal and statted reading it in the room.
  13. Bane grabbed Alex dragging him to where Dracula and ginger where "here you go Alex have fun" dropped him walking to his room only to see Roxie in it "why are you in here?" Asked. His stuff gave detailed passages from his life in a pack and with the count.

    Ginger fallowed stiffly shivering rapidly looking as they got to her room she kept shivering. She whimpered scaredly seeing Alex hiding behind Dracula.
  14. He took care of ginger by warming her up gently so she wouldn't go into shock. "Alex you are getting sent home immediately and we are calling the police for attempted murder." He said coldly sending him off in his teachers care. "Ginger are you ok?" He rubbed her back

    Roxie jumped up and hugged him "they are real! Yesyesyesyes!"she was excited but still quiet. "Thank you for answering my burning question bane." She jumped up and down. "I'll do whatever you want mr. Werewolf."
  15. Bane froze as he was hugged "please call me bane" he said slowly looking at her gently blinking his eyes gently looking down at her. He couldn't help but smile.

    Ginger just shivered "hate...the cold and....being locked dark places" she said blinking at the door slightly. She slowly warmed up eyes closed trying to mentally warm up.
  16. RoxI nodded calling him bane, "um bane. I want to cuddle with you forever I have such a woman crush." She said happily jumping in his bed.

    He warmed her up a bit faster leaving the lights on and sitting gaurd for her. He gAve her the food.
  17. Bane blinkd confused but smiles gently "now you must not tell anyone about werewolves do you understand ?" asked slowly.

    Ginger looked around and eats slowly, her body started to stop shivering looking at him slowly "Your not a normal human are you?"
  18. "Yes, I promise!" She giggled and hugged him and again smiled, she quickly ran out of the room but came back blushing. "I want you to be my boyfriend." She said sternly.

    He gently nodded. "I wouldn't consider myself human, I'm a vampire." He hissed and showed his fangs. "And wanted to bestow my gift upon you.
  19. Bane raised eyebrw blinking but nodded his head gently "Ok guess we can try that" he smiles gently as his five gernan shepeards ran over happily barking and licking bane happily "these are my dogs help patrol the castle" said smiling gently.

    Ginger Jumped hearing that but nodded slowly "so you are the one that saved me when i was a young girl" she said blinking at his eyes. She was slightly frozen standing there not knowing what to do (he can hypnotize her XD )