The Fear Game

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  1. A group of unsuspecting friends have stumbled upon a board game. The person who found the game reads aloud:

    The world is not all you know it to be. There is always a dark that accompanies the light, for one can not exist without the other. So I ask you, dear players, to picture a Shadow Realm. One with magic and where your darkest secrets are revealed. Each of you will write your greatest fear on a scrap of paper, but do not share it with the others because it is a fear that you would rather die than to reveal. Place the papers on the board in a random room, it doesn't matter. The only way to win this game is to make it through everyone's fears one by one, and make it to the very top of the mansion on the board. But first you need to swear:

    I swear that this game and its' consequences are real. I know that I am putting my life in danger and do so willingly. Whatever the rules, I will follow. And accept my fate at the end of the game, whether I win or lose.

    One by one each player picks up a card, reading the message to the rest of the group.
    1. You have awoken in a strange mansion
    2. When you try to open the door you find it locked
    3. Even the windows in the parlor can not be opened
    4. There is a staircase against a far wall
    5. And the only way to thing to do is to go up
    6. But watch out
    7. Because the only way to win
    8. Is to face your greatest fear
    9. Or die trying

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  2. Cossette groaned and let her eyes flutter open slowly, expecting them to be pierced by a blinding light like they always were in the morning. But she should have known that something was wrong, because her bed was a lot more comfy than what she was laying on. Tiles... She thought groggily, her mind slowly working to try and remember exactly why she'd be laying on cold, hard tiles. All she could remember was that they had been playing a stupid game at her birthday party, something about fears. Hers had been a joke, of course, because what 18 year old girl would actually write down her greatest fear? But she also recalled that they didn't exactly have tiled flooring in her house, which was where they had been. No, her mother prided herself in her all white and fluffy carpeting.

    Suddenly she pushed up from the ground, head jerking around wildly. "Where the hell..." Her eyes registered some of her closest friends from Alice right down to little Zoe and Maryl. Her gaze stopped on Johnathan and Skylar, who had ended up in a position that they would have killed someone for seeing. If the situation wasn't so weird and dreamlike, Cossette would have laughed. "Guys....Wake up."

    Skylar could hear Cossette's voice like a fly buzzing in his ear. He wanted to smack her away from him. He'd been having the most amazing dream, and she'd gone and ruined it. Wait...Why the hell is Cossette in my room? He wondered as his eyes shot open, finding Johnathan's face right in front of his. His eyes went wide as he quickly got up to his feet, finding the rest of their group scattered across the floor of a creepy and badly lit parlor of a mansion. Like on the game board... "What the hell was in those tacos, Cossette?" It was the first thing that came to his mind, he had to be having a nightmare.
  3. Johnathan fell from on top of Skylar to the floor. He knew he had been laying on his friend but didn't care, he felt to tired and almost paralyzed to move. But now that he was on the cold hard floor he found it easy to lift his heavy head and body from the floor into a sitting position.
    Johnathan held his head while his temples throbbed with pain. ".....was...was I drugged?" he asked quietly but aloud. Finally he peeled his eyes open to see the rest of his friend just as confused and tired as he was/is. Some of them were still passed out.
    "Where are we?" he asked before standing up -which took all of his strength to do-.

    He dusted the dirt from his pants and shirt before glancing around at the unfamiliar surroundings. "Cossy...Did you take us to some secret part of you're house?"
  4. Alice woke up from the commotion of voices near her. It felt like she was lying on somewhere cold but she was still too groggy to make sense on what was happening. "Why are you guys so noisy?" she grumbled at all of them. "People are trying to sleep here..."

    She wanted to close back her eyes again and hope that sleep would drown out the uncomfortable stiffness all over her body. Unfortunately, sleep would not drift her back to wherever she was before she woke up. Giving up, she lifted half of her body up with eyes still squinting at the bad lighting but light nonetheless.

    Everyone else were still down except for Cosette, Skylar and Johnathan. Alice could see that she had been lying on a stone, cold floor and it felt like she had been lying down on it for ages since all her joints ached. Wiping floor dirt away from her face, she added to Johnathan's question, "Wherever you brought us, Cossy, I don't like it."

    Even as she said so, goosebumps rose up to her shoulders. Only now did she realize how creepy this place was.
  5. Zoe heard the voices before her groggy mind could even consider leaving her current dream world. It was amazing so far though; jumping from staircases, landing on rollercoasters and turning in to animals in order to get away from creepy mutants that were trying to devour their toes. Her arm was currently sprawled out straight under her head for cushioning, while the rest of her body remained curled up in a tight ball for defence against the cold that threatened to take over her senses. She shivered once and coughed, curling up tighter. Why do they have come into my room every morning? she mentally groaned, half expecting her youngest sister to jump on her. Her head rolled off of her arm slowly until it hit the hard tiled floor with a dull thud, causing her to groan audibly. She forced her eyes open then, finally realising that the voices were those of her friends and not her siblings running havoc. Rubbing the sand and drool from her face with the back of her hand, she propped herself up on her elbow and looked around the place with a dazed look, blue-gray eyes blurry as she tried to make out her surroundings. "This wasn't the kind of mansion I was expecting..." she mummbled weakly, then promptly reshut her eyes against the dim light.
  6. Stage had woken up much earlier than the rest of these people. She stared at them all, both of her eyes jerking around the room, looking at everything. It wasn't an exciting looking group of people. Her sister would be disappointed. It was dark in the room, but Stage was used to that. She watched as people began to wake up. She heard her sister's voice, Look at all of the little victims.
    She giggled, not caring if any of them heard her. No one else could hear her sister, she knew, but her sister was real. Her sister was very funny, too. Stage laughed harder and louder, having to wipe tears from her eyes.
    She did know all the people here, but they did not know her very well. Friends, she supposed she could call them, but they did not know her truly, no, not at all.
  7. Maryl bolted upright, and her eyes looked around desperately. Where was she and what the heck was going on? She was extremely disoriented, and it concerned her. Her whole body was trembling with fear, or maybe it was hunger, but she didn't want to think about it. She finally got the courage to speak "Guys, what is going on? What type of sick joke is this?"

    Maryl once more looked around at all of her friends, they seemed just as confused as her. Once again panic struck her, what if they had been kidnapped? What if there was someone waiting to murder her. Tears came to Maryl's eyes, and she quietly muttered, "This is just a joke that you guy's are playing on me, right?" Her stiff body didn't help any, and she ached all over. She put her head in her hands and began sobbing heavily. She just wished she knew what was going on, but she didn't, and she didn't like the unknown.
  8. Tokutei groaned from all of the talking. Did her three brothers put her on the bus again when she was asleep? Or maybe they had dragged her to the mall while she was half asleep? It would explain the cold tile floor. She reached up, feeling the floor. She touched someones hair and her smile grew wide. Oh which ever brother it was of hers, he was in for a treat. With a strong grip she yanked on his hair extremely hard. Her brown eyes darted open and she tackled the man to the floor. "You're not getting away with this! I'mma beat you senseles-..." She blinked as she pinned a disoriented Frank on the floor. "EH!? FRANK!?" She jumped off him, face bright red from embarrassment. "I am soooo sorry!" She bowed repeatedly. Hantori, who woke up just in time to see that, was rolling on the floor with laughter.

    "Too Cutie made a fool of herself." He roared with his laughter as Tokutei grumbled from the nickname. "In front of all our friends as well!" He tried to contain his laughter but he could not. "Ahh! I wish I got that on video! Hey boys did-" Hantori laughter cut short as he blinked. He looked around with his piercing blue eyes noticing they were in a creepy place and only his sister was here out of the family. Where the hell was their younger and elder brothers? "Okay, whose idea was this? Did our older brother put all of you up to this?" Hantori asked piggybacking on Maryl's question as he looked around. "Haha funny guys now come on out!" He exclaimed, running a hand through his brown hair to fix it.
  9. Siren's head was pounding, as if she'd drank too much again.
    She sat up, and the room began spinning.
    Her stomach was sick- she was going to vomit.

    "Fuck!" She shouted, and stood up, then made it to a corner of the room, and vomited.
    She gasped for air, and opened one eye slowly.
    Her friends were all staring at her, and she stood up straight.

    "What the fuck? Where are we?"
    She asked, looking at them.
    She felt her stomach roll again, but it passed.

    Her head was aching so bad- and now she was covered in cold sweat.
    "I think I ate something bad."
    She muttered, and sat down on the floor, a bit away from her vomit.
    "Sorry.. I puked."
    She said quietly, and put her head in her lap.

  10. Sam woke up a bit later than the others. Looking around, she tried to analyze her surroundings carefully, despite what form of panic she was in. "Guys," she asked fearfully. "Where are we? Tokutei? Siren? Anybody?!" Finally rising to her feet, Sam walked across the room and was glad to find her friends spread out and talking amongst themselves. "Where are we?! What happened? All I remember is... That box... Nevermind that! We gotta find out what's going on. Agh, my head hurts..."
  11. Frank awoke with a start, sharp pain stung his scalp causing him to bolt upright. He stopped his reflexive gut punch as he saw Tokutei there. He laughed, rubbing the back of his head as she stepped away apologizing. "No big deal Toki, shit happens." He rubbed his head as he looked around the room to find nothing familiar but the faces. He raised an eyebrow at no one in particular, more at the internal thought of 'where the hell am I?' Though from the sound of it, nobody else had any idea where they were either. He shook his head with a sigh and stood up, stretching his arms, legs, then back. He looked around the strange room for a moment. Wherever they were, they weren't going to sit around here wondering about it forever. He figured once it was officially established that nobody had any idea what was going on that everyone would want to get a move on. Frank always liked being a step or two ahead of the present moment.
  12. Kale, as usual, was sleeping like a rock. He made a snoring sound and wrinkled his nose as everyone's voices got louder. Suddenly, all of his friends appeared in his dream. He was stuck in the middle of the Sahara Desert with just a dumb camel who refused to move anywhere. Finally, his eyes popped open and he looked around in confusion. He was facing a large staircase. The tile was black and white, reminding him of a chess board. He groaned, sitting up and forcing himself onto his feet.

    He looked around even more, taking in all his surroundings. This was definitely not his room. He looked back at the staircase, saying, "Okay, funny joke guys. Lemme guess...there's a serial killer in the kitchen." They really overdid this time, he thought, slightly impressed with the lengths they had gone to trick him this time.
  13. Cossette shrugged at the questions asked of her. Sure they had been at her house but she honestly doubted that her parents had come home for the night and decided to renovate the whole living room. Not to mention this room alone was the size of half of her house. She was wealthy but not that wealthy. "I don't...really know where we are." More questions came and she felt horrible, having put them in this situation. All she knew was that she had been the one to buy the game and suggest they play it. Sure some of them had took it as a joke, like she had, but this was not what she had expected at all. She walked over to Kale who stood beside the stairs and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Let's not joke about serial killers right now..." She muttered, still looking around at her friends. "I would love to say that this is a joke but..."

    "It isn't." Came a voice from behind her. She turned to look up at the top of the stairs and found a boy around their age staring down at them. "You wanted a game, right? To face your fears, discover secrets about the ones you call 'friends'?" A cruel smirk spread across his pale face and he brushed back bleached blond hair from his eyes. Piercing blue eyes, in a color that she couldn't describe. "Well let the game begin. You all know the rules. But let me make it a little easier. You have to make it to the top to win. There are around five floors. And on each floor one of you will have to face your worst fear."

    "Seriously?" Skylar piped up, holding his head. He had a serious headache and was wondering if punching the game master would be allowed. This is one sick dream... He told himself as he eyed the guy on top of the staircase. "I didn't even write down an actual fear." It was a bold lie but still, who would believe this shit?

    "Doubtful." The guy's smirk turned into a grin as his gaze swept over the entire group of friends, slightly amused by the huge number of women. "You guys might want to split up. Groups of two are a lot more fun for this game. Who ever doesn't make it by dawn tomorrow..." The smirk was back followed by a slight, uncaring, shrug. "Well...You lose. So simple, right?"

    Cossette was about to ask another question when the guy suddenly disappeared and re-appeared beside her and Kale. "You two." His hand shot out right past her face as he pointed at Frank. "And you can be with...Tokutei." It was chilling, the fact that he seemed to know all their names.

    The pairings went:

    "The name is...Julian." He said as his body slowly disappeared, his smirk the last thing to go. "Enjoy the game. does that saying go? Right. May the odds be ever in your favor." The soft chuckle still echoed even after he was gone.