The Fate Of The Seelie Court

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  1. (Okay.). Dunkyn ran through the forest, out running his adversary. Suddenly he saw a girl he didn't recognize and stopped dead in his tracks. "Who are you?" He asked in a gruff voice, knowing that she could very well be working for the Unseelie Court.
  2. Hearing footsteps behind her, she turned halfway, her dark eyes narrowing in her curiosity. Easily reading him, she assessed that he must be Seelie. While she was officially 'neutral,' if there was a thing, she was what many would call a mercenary, joining the group that offered her the most. Currently, she was an assassin for the Unseelies, but, with her current job nearly done, she knew that soon she might have to leave them.

    Coming back to reality as she heard him speak, she responded, instinctively using her false name, the one that she used so her actions weren't traceable. "Wraith," she answered uncertainly, trying to gauge who he was, while simultaneously creeping her hand down to her dagger's sheath, just in case she needed it.
  3. mysteria was behind a tree trying to hide
  4. Dunkyn spoke in as calm a voice as he could manage. "Well Wraith, you are working for the Unseelie court, are you not? I can smell them on you from here. Unless you wish to die I suggest you flee this place now." As he spoke his hand instinctively with to his sword.
  5. *mysteria hears them but keeps hidden*
  6. She couldn't help but smile. "I'm not much one for running," said she, as she pulled her dagger from its sheath, as silently as she could. "But dying isn't exactly preferable, either. I won't kill you, because I'm not getting paid for it, but if you push me..." she left the statement open. And then, without a warning, she rushed forwards, a single, slight glint of metal indicating that she was serious about attacking. However, when she was close enough, she didn't attempt to slash at him, like many would, and instead kicked at his knees, intending to get him on the ground.
  7. mysteria can't take it anymore and kicks the girl to the ground "that wasn't nice" she said
  8. Dunkyn remains standing but grunts in pain. He is surprised by Mysteria jumping out from behind the tree but he recovers quickly. He pulls out his sword and points it to the called Fae's neck.
  9. *fallen Fae's neck.
  10. "well what do u think" mysteria asked as she stood next to him
  11. Wraith grunts as her back hits the forest floor, shoots of pain running up her spine. Too quickly for her to react, a sword was pointed at her neck, and when the spots cleared from her vision, she saw that it belonged to the man standing above her. Next to him stood a girl, who must have been the one who kicked her down. Knowing that she wouldn't be able to take two at a time, the assassin decided that she would have to get out of this through talking.

    "No qualms about killing a girl, then?" she asked nonchalantly, purposefully keeping her gaze off of the sword in front of her. Her dagger had flown to the side when she'd been forced to the ground, and she couldn't reach it from there.
  12. "u sure were easy to kick" mysteria giggled
  13. "Not really seeing as how you attacked me first" Dunkyn said, still holding his sword toward Wraith''s neck. "And you can't say i didn't give you a warning."
  14. and y is that
  15. "You threatened me, and I responded appropriately. Did you honestly expect me to not retaliate to an obvious threat to my being?" Wraith had to ask, arching an eyebrow.
  16. "well it seems someone is snippy today" mysteria said with a laugh
  17. Dunkyn sighed. "It was not a threat that I planed to carry out myself. It was merely a warning as I said before. If u come around here smelling of the Unseelie court then one of my people would not warn you, The would kill you on sight. Be glad I choose not to do that." He said, feeling the beginnings of true anger.
  18. now now *hold duklyns shoulder* calm down
  19. She had to hold back a laugh. "If it was another of you," she rolls her eyes, "then they might even know me personally. However, you seem to make assumptions too quickly. I'm not Unseelie, but I'm also not Seelie. I'm just a bystander," she explained calmly.
  20. Sinderi had hid about 15 feet above the ground in a tree, her bare feet didn't make sounds when she moved them to come into a crouching position and silently she looked down upon the assassin being forced to the ground by one kick. A soft sigh escaped her lips and she shook her head in disapproval. She had been tailing this person for quite a while now and it disappointed her that she was had been defeated so easily. With a sly grin on her lips she decided to make them aware of another person being there. The dagger came from its sheath without making any sound and she used the shiny blade to reflect the light onto the head of the assassin. Her black hair fell over her shoulder when she leaned forward just a bit more to look by some leaves.