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    • So, with Halloween nearing, I figured I ought to make a Halloween-themed RP. What I present to you now is the product of my 10 minute walk home from the bus stop, with all the unabridged logic and plot flaws!

      Pieces of information needed to understand the setting: (note, all of these are not actual theories! Though it'd be cool if they were)

      1. The Dimensional Ocean theory: There are many universes, all of which float like delicate bubbles on a giant interdimensional ocean. Every universe has a sister universe which is the exact opposite of the original universe, and these have a great gravitational attraction to one another. Our universe and its sister are currently locked in a whirlpool, each orbiting around a central point. They have been in this state for around 12 billion years now. On the final day of October, the sister universes come to the closest parts of their orbits, and items of one begin to leak into the other.

      2. The Sister Universe theory: Every universe has an alternate universe which is the exact opposite of itself. Everything inside the sister universe is reversed (except laws of physics). Left is right, up is down, and most importantly, magic exists here as opposed to not existing in our universe.

      3. Mirrors: Throughout history, mirrors have been said to show the true nature of something in many cultures, while in others they have been said to reflect the opposite of what is before it. Both are true.

      The actual setting:

      The sister universes are finally reaching the end of their spiraling. On the final day of October next year, they will reach the end of the whirlpool and the borders of each will actually come into physical contact with one another. Due to the close vicinity to one another, the days leading up to Halloween have been filled with many more horrors than usual. This is because Mirrors serve as a doorway to the other world. Through a mirror, on the final day of any October, inhabitants of each should they exert a strong enough wish may actually cross to the other universe.

      This year though, the mirrors are not doorways but tunnels. Simply touching a mirror while staring into the eyes of your reflection is enough to pass through into the other world. Many people never notice the change, though. The other universe superficially looks the same as ours, except everything is its "true nature". People with catlike personalities are actually catgirls. People who remind you of wolves can actually transform into a wolf.

      You (plural) will play the role of humans from our universe who accidentally entered the sister universe and decide through various encounters to go on an adventure to discover the truth behind the sister universes! Oh, you wanted to play a monster? Too bad... Is what I would usually say, but sure go ahead! This universe reflects the true nature of everyone, so a human from our universe may well transform into a monstrous creature upon crossing over.

      Now, as this is Halloween themed, I have some limits on what creatures you may be. Please try and stick to creatures you would usually associate with Halloween - things like pumpkin-people and skeletons. Most Japanese youkai are acceptable, though there will be some limits, such as if you're going to play a kitsune, remember that kitsune are actually foxes who can turn into human forms, not the other way around. Thus, in order for a human to become a kitsune upon crossing over, they would need a very foxlike personality.

      If you have ideas for monsters but aren't sure whether they're going to fit in, say so before completing your CS and I'll examine it on a case-by-case basis. Most will be OK if they feel Halloween-y, but if they're more fantasy than Hallowing, then they won't be accepted. Examples of what aren't going to work are things like: dragons, LOTR-style elves (european mythology elves will work), and LOTR-style dwarves (european mythology dwarves will work).

    • 1. No godmodding (controlling the characters of others).
      2. Max 2 characters per person. If there are too many characters, second characters will be moved to a second group exploring an alternate but simultaneous adventure.

    • And on the second day, Karakui created a Cast List to easily identify all the accepted inhabitants of her world, and she saw that it was good (genesis 1;2.)

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  1. Question: would a witch/wizard/warlock that can do direct-effect (Rowling-Tolkien style) magic in the Alt universe be a good shift form for a witch/wizard/warlock that does magic (more subtle, indirect and often hard to notice; longer-term energy manipulation i.e. love spells, curses, etc. that take time to take effect) in our universe?
  2. The idea is that there is no magic whatsoever in our universe, and what little magic does exist only appears around Halloween, and is limited to very weak incantations. An actual witch wouldn't be able to exist in our universe, but a homeopath whose potions only work on the last day of October would. In the other universe, both forms would exist, with the latter being more common since direct effect would take quite a deal of skill to use well.
  3. I guess I'll bite into this like candy.

    A Karakasa could work for me. Maybe even an Elemental such as a Salamander. Because Salamanders are just living fire. And fire is a pretty Halloween thing. And they are Faeries that look like dragons.
  4. Salamanders have always been fun monsters. Dunno what a karakasa is though. Time to look it up.
  5. It's a variety of Tsukumogami. Umbrella.
  6. Ah, in that case I do know what one is, and I've probably slaughtered hundreds of them trying to level grind on Onigiri before the update that decreases the amount of XP needed per level.
  7. Damn that was some crazy-ass grinding. So crazy, I just latched on to higher-level members to go through the story.
  8. Hah I did the same thing for a while, but encountered a point where I was 10 levels below the recommended level and there was no high levels around so I decided to drop the game after grinding for ages to no luck. Came back a couple of months ago and suddenly I've gone up 30 levels by the end of one day of playing :D Unfortunately, I'm now completely out of items to level up followers so they die instantly. I also spent around 600,000 gold on making a decent weapon.
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