The Family You Never Knew You Had

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    All over the world, there are people starting to get letters from someone that claims to be a relative, living in a basically unknown area. So small, it's not even marked on a map.

    They talk to their known relatives, their immediate family with no luck, until they talk to a grandparent....

    A sibling of theirs had been on an exploration, and found a small island. They refused to come back home, but they wanted others to come to their island. Your grandparent had refused. There was over 200 people on that exploration, none had returned, though they kept in touch with their siblings or parents intermittently. They would take a boat and sail for five days to get to the nearest civilized land, to send these letters.

    Surely this island should have been discovered by now in this day and age, right? Surely other people would know about it, right? No one else knows of this place. Your relative calls this place L'zaar.

    They want you to come- they need you to come. There's something they need your help with.

    Assuming you chose to come, they bought the tickets for you to fly out to the closest place to it- Ireland. Once the plane lands, you find a man with your name on his sign, and he leads you to a car and drives you out to a boat, where you sail to L'zaar...

    The second you arrive, you start to understand why they don't want anyone else to find this island. It messes with you.

    The man who guided you here starts to change.... his ears lengthen and have points on the end; his body frame changes, growing lankier, his eyes become a silver-white color and as you watch, he becomes what mythology would probably call an elf.

    At this point, you start to suspect that this all be a bit too much to handle, though the man tries to calm you- unperturbed by his change. You follow him further, and notice that thi island has a bit of a tropical climate, a humid and wet mist seems to hang in the air as you follow the man to a shockingly suburban looking village. The houses are not made of brick, but of a cobble-stone mix, and it all looks well-made.

    An older gentleman approaches and takes your hand and welcomes you to L'zaar, telling you how glad he is to see you. At that point, everything is being explained so fast that you don't even have time to think on any one thought for a moment.



    The Older Man: His name is Leonard Benn, and while he looks like just an old fart, this man is two generations old, with his Gla'antic being nothing an aide to keep his aging process slow. He is something of a vilage elder, the ruler of this small island.

    The Transportation:'s something of a looker, though he's smart enough to take on transporting people all by himself, very covertly. No one wants anyone else to know of this place, but those who were invited. His simple desire was something otherworldly, a dream he wished to life. His Gla'antic, named Velvet Petal (He named her, and gets quite a bit of crap for the name he gave her), is a small fairy, only a couple inches tall with impressively large crystal-clear wings, is sweet and kind, though easily frightened.

    (More NPCs will be added throughout the RP)


    The elder, Leonard, has told you that they worry that someone has invaded their island, someone that shouldn't be there. Someone they think you know. Everyone that has been called in, knows this intruder somehow. Thing is, they don't know who he is- only that he doesn't belong. They want you, with the others, to try and find him and convince him to leave.

    The only thing, is that someone in the village has turned up murdered, and people are starting to get frightened.



    Gla'antics: Beings able to become what you want, to transform you, and themselves to please you. They are gender less and shapeless at first, being nothing more than a glossy liquid when they first hatch, as they accept your blood into their gel-like body, they take a form to please you. They can communicate, and have their own personalities. When they hatch with your blood, they become bonded to you- if you die, they will live only hours more after your death, usually.

    (Will add more information as the RP goes on)
  4. Name:
    Identifying Features: (These are small things that won't change whether or not you're on the island)
    What you change into:
    Name of your Gla'antic:
    Items you own that might be important:
  5. Name: Rachael Norlist, "Rae"
    Identifying Features: Her eyes will always be mismatched colors
    What you change into: Kitsune/ Fox spirit
    Name of your Gla'antic: Vix
    History: Rachael, or "Rae" wanted to be a model, and she was... for three months before the dieting and behavior of other models got to her... She was in college, but dropped out before her last semester, pissed off with her classes. She's been trying to fit in everywhere in life, and nothing's quite worked, and then she got a letter.... and decided to come... the rest of her history is guarded, but with time and encouragement, she could let people in for once.
    Personality: Wary and guarded, though helpful
    Items you own that might be important: A pendant around her neck with what appears to be a Gla'antic tooth, she's had it all her life, though she never knew of this place til she got that letter.
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  7. L'zaar: An island, closest only to Ireland- undiscovered by none by its current inhabitants. Someone or something, on this island, is capable of impossible feats. for when people seem to enter the space of this island, they transform.

    Gla'antic: The beings that are given the credit for these feats. In a ritual, blood is shed upon unusual iridescent stones, and these stones hatch.... Your thoughts, your blood... your very essence is leaked to them, granting them life and a body. Essentially, you just gave birth to a new being, all by yourself, good job! these stones, or eggs, are of unsure parentage. They've always existed on this island. These beings tap into your deepest desires, to fulfill their debt. You brought them to life, and with what they can do, they can fulfill things for you. In doing so, they match themselves to those desires. They become a companion. When you are transformed, they are behind it, they bring it about. as long as you are within radius of your Gla'antic, you will transform to what your desires are.

    The Ritual: these rituals happen every year, usually on a child's sixteenth birthday, they are led to the brood of Gla'antic eggs, and with a small knife, a single drop of blood is dropped onto one of the eggs.

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