The Fallen Wings: Faith's Awakening


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Our story begins in the land of Teransho....(100 years ago)

Through out history, many heroes fought against the Tyrant, in order to bring about peace in the world. These heroes were known as the Guardians of Light. Amongst the chosen few, two warriors had strenght that surpassed that of the others. As history states, a young man and young woman were chosen as the keys who had the power to stand against the Tyrant. The battle between Light and Dark raged on for years until finally, with their combined strenght put into one final attack, they were able to bring the Tyrant down and free the world from darkness. The tyrant had been sealed away, in the Tomb of Relics, never to be heard from again.

80 years later...

Peace had finally been restored. The people of the land of Teransho lived happily and care-free with out worries or trouble. It seemed that peace would last it seemed.

In the crowd, living amongst the citizens of Teransho, were a group of Tyrant followers. In the mist of the night, they crept from their homes and made their way to the Tomb of Relics. They released the Tyrant and chaos spread across the land as it became enshrouded in darkness.

Now the world calls for new heroes rise once again in hopes of bringing down the Tyrant and freeing the land of Reingard once more......

FALLEN WINGS: Faiths Awakening


Name: Felios Talis/ Age: 18



Felios was left an orphan at the age of ten, after his parents were killed in a raid by bandits. As his home city of Rels burned down, he cried endlessly until a young woman named Mya, saved him and took him to her town called Lers. Mya had trained Felios in the art of the sword and raised Felios as her own son. One day, Mya came down with a disease that slowly took her life away. Felios gripped her hand tightly as his tears fell. Mya gave him a gentle smile, then told him that he must move forward and be strong. With her last bit of strenght, she pulled Felios into a hug and told him that she loved him, before slowing falling back to the bed and closing her eyes. Felios grasped her hand into his own and called out to her. But all his cries laid in vain. Broken by the lose of his master, Felios stormed out of the house and fled the city.
The child was never given a name but over the years was called Midnight because she always there but not she will always keep you on your toes and is known by everyone but no one speaks of her. Her true parents left her on the streets to die from her unique appearance and the things that happen when she is around, she was always to intelligent for her own good and cunning. Many always tired to harm her most failed but few left horrible scars on her pale white skin but because of the she became stronger physically and mentally. She has never been able to trust people closing off her heart and begins to fear people seeing how horrible they all are. To live she became a rogue and lived city to city always on the move, but even so she rarely lied and didn't play dirty even when fighting or steeling.
Something misfortune happened(Finds out later on) in the last city and she just arrived into the city and being chased by men this is where the story begins.
Looks: Long Sliver hair than turns bloody red at random times. Eyes big left dark purple and right electric blue. Skin snow white and thin looking. Height 5'5. Weight 125. Skinny but curvy and slightly built. Also very beautiful.
Felios walked through Terriot Fields after he fled the city and dropped to his knees. Mya had died and there was nothing he could do he gripped his sword tightly in his left hand as his arms laid limply beside him, tearing pouring down like a river. He looked up towards the sky as a gentle breeze picked up and opened his mouth slightly, lowering his eyes almost to a close. Felios was alone once again. Noone to comfort him, noone to hold him.

Mya had raised him for eight long years as her own son. He placed his right hand over his heart as it shook. The pain in his heart felt like a raging fire that sparked higher with each tear that fell.

"Mya....Why did you-" He stopped in mid-sentence, remembering Mya had told him to be strong. Felios removed his hand from his chest slowly and raised it to eyes. After wiping his tears, he stood up forming a smile. "You're right mother, I will be strong. For the both of us." Felios said sweetly, making his way east of the field
It was rare for her to be see even rarer that they caught and follow her. Then again she just arrived a hour ago I believed so and they know this land more than she did but even then they shouldn't be able to last this long.
~They must no be human~ Her instinct told her and she knew they were right but it doesn't make it better.
She scanned the area for an escape rout most were to open or to obvious until the corner of her eyes caught a field it was to the east and closer to her. The grass was tall and the wind would make her movements only look like the grass was swaying and many people where around making it more difficult to track her.
~Perfect! She thought a smirk formed on her full lips as she bolted towards the field hearing the man behind her yell with anger.
The field was easy to navigate also perfect to hide in and she can hear the difference of the wind and footsteps. She quietly but gracefully stop sitting down to tend to her injuries, she was cut in the arm but thanks to her clothes it didn't bled though but still hurt. The cut was nasty but not deep she ripped part of her shirt to stop the bleeding as she looked for water in her bag and found now or anything to help. She mentally cursed herself as she hold back a hiss of pain putting more presser on the open wound as she thought she heard footsteps behind but brushed it trying to take care of her wound.
Soon after, Felios came across a town. He stopped and looked inside the city from the outside before entering slowly. The town was very busy and full of life. Shops were blooming with business and stands were selling antiques and other assortments of rare items. The air was filled with the fresh scent of various seasonings.

Felios blinked twice before his eyes shot open in excitement. Although his home that he fled was just as nice, he had never seen a town like this before. It was almost like he was more of a kid in a candy store. Admiring all the treats.

GROWWWWLL Felios placed a hand on his stomach and blushed. It had been some time since he had last eaten and he had traveled a long way from his old town. He dug in his pocket and pulled out a few dollars then walked over to a hot dog stand and purchased a hotdog and small coke. He strapped his sword to his back and began eating.

After eating, he walked around the city more and took in the sites. Homes lined along each other as well as more taller buildings over shadowed them. Felios's eyes sparkeld at the magnificent sites. Out the corner of his eyes he saw a beautiful garden filled with an assorment of colored roses and flowers.

Now, he was even more curious. He turned his attention to the flourist who was tending to some red roses. He spoke excitedly

"Excuse me mam! I am sorry to bother you, but may I ask where I am right now?" His eyes were filled with excitement
The bleeding refused to stop and she was losing to much blood and was starting to feel cold he had to go somewhere to heal and get the supplies she needed. She slowly stood up and walked to the town once again this time it was more busy that was good busier it is the better it is to hide.

She looked around to find a simple and easy place a flower shop caught her eyes as she walked over the blood falling down her arm. She approached the flouriest her arm hurting more as her vision becoming blurred.

"Can you please help me? I have little money but I can work and help out once I'm healed and better." Her vision was so blurred that she really asked the boy instead as she pasted out falling on him from lost of blood. She felt cold and fuzzy minded as she drifted into sleep as she hold her arm tightly against herself.
His attention turned away from the flourist and towards the girl who was bleeding.

"Good heavens deary! We need to get you to a hospital!' The woman ran from the garden and over to the girl, picking her up in her arms. Felios looked at the girl's injury. He looked at her eyes which were a different color then back at her injury. The girl wasn't an ordinary human. She seemed she was girted with some type of power.

Perhaps he was just jumping to conclusions. Besides, Mya had taught him that it wasn't polite to stare at or make fun of others misfortune. He blinked twice "I'll take her to the hospital, please attend to your work Madam" The woman looked at Felios and nodded, placing the girl in Felios's arms. He looked down at the girl then back up at the lady" Please be careful with her, but hurry!" Felios gave her a reassuring smile and made his was down the street left of the garden.

"Don't worry, you'll be alright" He said softly, as he held the girl a little closer
She was feeling colder but the pain in her arm was dulling she knew she lost to much blood and knew how to fix it. One a blood transfer or steal energy but that will kill someone only a blood transfer is the safer choice. The she felt warm, warm from another human but it wasn't the flower woman it was the boy she some what saw. He wasn't . . normal she could quite place it but there was something off not evil far off good or close to it. Her body on instinct she cuddle closer as she whispered to him.
". . bl-blood tra-transfer . . ." It was becoming harder to see and hear she didn't that blood transfer no but she couldn't just bite him only wait to see if they get her in time.
She could only hear a few words that he spoken and hope she was right what she said because her life depended on her and she hated it but she needed help.
". . . save me . . and . . I'll help . . you. . just please. . ." She tried to speak but it was weak and faded as her eyes trying to forces but it was still blurred. ". . . please. . . "
Felios looked down at the girl as she spoke, shakily. She was requesting for a blood transfer. As she cuddled closer to him, he noticed that she was becoming pale. She had already lose too much blood. "Save your strenght, we're almost to the hospital" Felios said in a soft, calming voice. Soon after he spoke, a building with a huge cross resting top a white building came into view.

Felios quickly made his way inside and called for a doctor "Someone help me! Its urgent!"Felios screamed out through the halls. Soon after, a doctor came out and took a look at the girl" We need to get her a blood tranfer immediately" the doctor lowered his eyes momentarily and took the girl from Felios's arms "Don't worry son, she will be alright. We will take care of her" with that being said, the doctor made his way to an empty room and closed the door.

Felios sat down in the waiting room, he had began to worry whether the girl would make it or not
Her body felt heavy her eyes stinging from the brights lights shining in her face with several young man in white coats surround her. Her hurt arm was now a dull pain as she felt liquids entering her. Blood. Her senses where coming back but no perfect that will take time as she heard the doctors trying to talk to her she just nodded her head as a nurse lift her head. The doctors began to check her temperature, blood flow, ect as they asked her yes and no questions for her to answer. As one of the nurses brought her food and water, she happily took it eating it and drinking all the water as the refill the water several times.

"You're every lucky miss we have no idea how you survived from losing all that blood and lack of energy you have. But thank the Lord you did!" An older looking doctor with a kind face exclaim as she smiled softly. "Can you speak little one?" He asked his voice soft.

"Y-Yes. Who bro-brought me he-here?" She asked her voice still shaky. All the doctors went wide eye as she spoke.

"A young boy did Miss I'll bring him here right again. Also you are a miracle yourself I hope you know this you shouldn't be able to speak, hear, see or feel but here you are. May God bless you Miss." The kind looking doctor spoke before he left the room. They all where kind people as many smiled with joy as others began to cry with joy. Many hugged her and gave her kisses while taking care of her but mainly giving her food and water.

She was truly confused but didn't let it show as she smiled a little and said her 'thank you' to them all while she let them work.
Felios sat in the lobby , peering down at the floor. He lowered his eyes to a slant and sighed sadly. I had been two hours so far since he had taken the girl to the hospital. She had lost so much blood already and he didn't know whether she would make it or not. But, as he sulked a doctor came out the room and looked down at Felios with a smile.

He looked up at the doctor with worried eyes "No need to worry, the girl is fine" she gave a reassuring smile. Felios let out a sigh of relief as his eyes closed and smiled, before looking back up at the doctor.

"Thank goodness"

The nurse smiled "Follow me this way to see her" She turned and walked back towards the room. Felios stood up slowly, then followed the doctor
The nurses and the doctors have finished all the test but stayed there talking and asking her basic questions but they all where very kind and not one asked what happened yet. She mostly nodded yes and smile awkwardly not knowing what to do never been given attention before. The kind doctor came in once again a smile on his wise old face going to her.

"The boy is here to see you and appears quite happy you are okay." The doctor whispered and winked at her before letting the nurse know they can come in.

~H-He can't think that we? No no no no I'm just over thinking this.~ The girl was lost in thought as the nurse came in with the boy who saved her life.
Felios looked down at the girl. Her color had retuned and she was looking better. He smiled in relief and blinked twice when he noticed that the girl was blushing. -She's blushing?-

He shook his head then walked over to the girl and smiled at her "Hey, I see you are okay, I am glad"
She awkwardly smiled back at the boy, he seem truly nice and kind for his own good. She nodded lightly.

"Thank you for taking me here. I'm sorry that I've caused you trouble and I wish I could pay you for your kindness but I have no money but I can work my debt off. Although I'm a girl I'm strong, quick, and good with a blade so pleased don't worry about that." Her voice was feather light but her voice ranged true. "I have already talk to the doctor and they told me not to worry about the money but still." Her voice faded as she thought deeply.

The nurses and doctors smiled at her, they took a great liking to her not knowing why though they just did. They kind doctor went over to the boy as he whispered into his ear.

"She's a fine girl you gotten there. I wouldn't let her go." He winked at him childishly at him, grinning ear to ear.
She awkwardly smiled back at the boy, he seem truly nice and kind for his own good. She nodded lightly.

"Thank you for taking me here. I'm sorry that I've caused you trouble and I wish I could pay you for your kindness but I have no money but I can work my debt off. Although I'm a girl I'm strong, quick, and good with a blade so pleased don't worry about that." Her voice was feather light but her voice ranged true. "I have already talk to the doctor and they told me not to worry about the money but still." Her voice faded as she thought deeply.

The nurses and doctors smiled at her, they took a great liking to her not knowing why though they just did. They kind doctor went over to the boy as he whispered into his ear.

"She's a fine girl you gotten there. I wouldn't let her go." He winked at him childishly at him, grinning ear to ear.
He only smiled at the girl as he spoke"There is no need for that. I am only glad that I was able to get you here in time. You have no depth to repay. Just get well and rest" He said softly as he looked over at the doctor.

He began to speak until he froze and blushed madly at what the doctor had said.

(They think she's my g-girlfriend!?!?!)
She gently shook her head. "No. I'm sorry but I must repay you in some way it's the right and more respectable thing to do. I may be like this but it doesn't mean I don't respect people even more someone who saved my life. Please."

She waited for his response as the female nurses looked like they were going to bubble over with excitement as she males just winked at the boy and other things, deeply confusing her. Before she could speak a word her eyes caught how the boy's cheeks turn blood red insistently and for an second felt worried for the boy as she got up and came to him quickly. She pressed her forehead with his feeling his temperature and feeling nothing, he has no fever but his face is all hot and red. Is it because is warm in here? She stood there pondering in her owns thoughts as the doctors jaws drop and the females squees in joy.
He thought for a few moments to himself
She really wants to repay me. But, I can't really make her do that. Not after she was so badly injured

Felios looked down at the girl momentarily, befiore turning his attention towards the female nurses. They whispered to each other and giggled, while the male doctors gave him winks. He didn't understand what was going on, but in any case, they all thought that the girl was his lover.

As he looked back at the girl, she stood up out of bed and made her way to him. Her forehead rested gently against his and his blush deepened. He tried to utter out words but alll that could be felt was his light breathing ans the sound of a sputter.
She was still deep in thought until he say his face become redder and he began to have a nose bleed. . . .

She stop and just stood there before she called the doctor for help as they took him out of the room to somewhere else. The nurses took her back to bed still all bubbly like child as the did there job and give me what was needed as she concluded that it must of been to hot and because of it he became warm and had a nose bleed. But will the boy be okay it could be bad if he got sick because of it and once again she became lost in her thoughts.
The doctor lead him out of the room and he held hand over his nose to keep the blood from flowing. his face was till red and he lowered his eyes. Although it didn't seem like it, he was embarrassed that he wasn't able to speak. But then again, he wasn't expecting that girl to place her forehead on his. She was absolutely beautiful. As well as the doctors seemed to be all bubbly about the scene as well.

Soon after, he was lead into another room for patients. The doctor handed him a tissue"I will be back in a few" the doctor turned and exited the room

Felios sat on the edge of the bed as he wiped his nose, looking out the window