The Fairy tale witch trials

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  1. Far Far Away.. In a land made of dreams and magic, live the heroes and heroines, princes and princesses, kings and queens. These magical beings co-exist in perfect harmony, until the fire.

    The Great Fire, a fire that swept across the kingdoms, a fire that couldn't be stopped, a fire that devastated and took the lives of many fairy tales, making them and their beloved stories, disappear forever.

    The fire was eventually stopped by a magical fairy know only as "The Great One" A powerful and good fairy who in the head of the Fairy tale council, The council who determines and keeps the harmony in the land. The Great One, decides that for the sake of the kingdoms peace, anyone who practices "Black Magic" will be hunted, and killed for the sake of the harmony that holds the land together.

    I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in this plot idea? I had the idea of before the hunters could "kill" the witches they would disappear into the human world and the hunters would have to follow.

    Please post if you're interested!
  2. Ooh! I may have just the character for this, although I'd have to make some altercations because the witches would be traveling (somehow) to the human world. (:
  3. I might have a character set up for this...Ehh, why not?
  4. I'm interested! Reminds me a bit of Fables or the Sandman. So will we be playing in the human world or the fairy world? Are you thinking we'll be playing witches or people hunting witches? Also I take it the great fire was caused by dark magic, but was it like a side effect of people using dark magic or was it caused intentionally? And what magic is considered dark magic? Sorry for all the questions, it's how I show I like the idea. :D
  5. Haha well I'm happy you're interested! As for your questions..

    I think we would start in the fairy tale world and then transfer into the human world.

    I was thinking of giving people the choice of either witch or hunter.

    The great fire was supposed to have been started by dark magic since that where it started from but the witches claim that their villages were set on fire by another form of magic. (Plot twist: the great one)

    Dark magic would be anything used for the harm of others. Curses, fire spells, evil enchantments. Some who use black magic are responsible with it, others are not. You are born with the ablity yo yield black magic.

    Hope that answers your questions! @MaloBeto
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  6. Interesting! So the great one might not be as good as everyone thinks. And dark magic is not inherently evil it's effects just tend to be more harmful?
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  7. How would they travel to the human world? Teleportation? Would the witches/humans remember their roles and exactly who they are once they've passed through their realm to the other side?
  8. I suggest not making it too cliche having bad things happen due to "dark/black magic" is just kinda overused in fantasy roleplays honestly.

    In my eyes dark/black magic isn't solely used to fuck everyone up i see it being able to be used to make curses good or bad.

    I'd assume the fire is hell/dark fire which is only extinguished by the one who casted it or someone stronger than the entity who made it.

    I do not like the idea of "the fair world" and "human world" being 2 seperate dimensions i prefer them being in just 1 worlds makes everything less confusing this is a fantasy roleplay after all.

    Revealing plot twist before the rp even started.

    And one last thing try to make this more than a witch vs witch hunter roleplay.

    So yea thats all good luck with the rp but take what i said into consideration :).
  9. Hmm Well thanks, also I'm not sure about the plot twist yet, or if I'll even make this rp but thank you for the suggestions!
  10. Well fantasy has many aspects. In fantasy, there are parallel universes. It can be a stranger in a strange land, between the worlds, fantasy multiverses, elfland, and fictional universes as alternative universes. So, as I inquired above, how will we travel to the human world? Would the witches/humans remember exactly who they are and their roles once they've passed through the dimension towards the other side?
  11. Know what? i'm actually really interested despite my previous post making me look like i'm a crtizing asshole (which i kinda am a critisizing asshole but i usually do it in my head not vocalize them most of the time anyways).

    So yea i'm looking forward to this.
  12. @SweetBloodVampyre Yes they would be transporting via a dimension spell!

    @ResolverOshawott Well nice to know you're interested! Maybe one more person and I'll make an OC.

    P.S. You're not that much of an ass
  13. And would the witches/humans remember who they are and what their roles are?
  14. Yes they would. So would the hunters
  15. So far from what I've read of the previous posts, I'm very interested in seeing you complete this for others to join in. I wish you luck because I want to join. :)
  16. Might be joining as well :)
  17. This looks interesting. I think I'll join.
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