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    Ok, this is a new idea I just had in class today and thought I would give it a try! I think I explained everything but if not, feel free to ask me any questions! So here it is:

    "Come one come all for fun games, interesting people and the Main Event when the Ringmaster and his magician will make one lucky audience member a part of the show! He or she will be able to join the crew and travel with them all around the world- an experience that all want to have. This is the place for fun for the whole family from little Susie to Grandpa Bert."

    There is a fair, it emerges every 10 years on the same date at different places all around the world each time. After 5 months they are gone once again. No one has ever seen the fair twice so come while you can for this once in a lifetime experience.

    But get your ticket soon because once it leaves, don't expect to see this carnival again, they never go to the same place twice and if so, it will be long after you've died. None know where they will go next- not even the people who work there. The only being who can control what happens on the
    fairgrounds it the ringmaster.

    The only thing with this fair is… All the carnival workers seem to be from scattered places and times- there is one girl with a 50s style dress leading the ring toss, a boy with an afro and a shirt that anyone would throw away after the 70s ended and a variety of others like this. It doesn't seem to make sense but it's a carnival, what does? When they are asked about their clothes the act like you are the strange one for not wearing it. They don't understand that their era has passed.

    Edit: Every member of the Carnival also has a necklace that they were given on their first day and they can never take it off.

    Character Skeleton:
    Carnival or audience: (do you work for the carnival or did you just come to check it out)

    *only applies if you work for the carnival

    Carnival: TigerQueen (Kylia), Celtic Noctuam Lunar (Maylen),

  2. Name: Kylia Ashton
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Personality: sweet, innocent, caring
    Era*: 1950
    Job*: conducts the balloon and darts booth
    Carnival or audience: Carnival
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  3. Name: Maylen
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female.. last time I checked :D
    Personality: Shy, quiet, but has a side that wishes to break free, even if just a little bit.
    Era: Victorian (*only if I get a carnival spot)
    Job: Contortionist, (don't remember the name) where they twirl from the fabric that is hung from the ceiling and do acrobatics, acrobat (*only if I get a carnival spot)
    Carnival: I am fine with either decision. Working as a carny, or as an incoming audience member.
    Picture: (will add if I find one applicable)
    Other: dresses in corsets, mounds of skirts, and she looks as such: Light brown eyes, long auburn hair, pale skin with freckles, thin and strong from doing the acrobatics.
  4. Yay, someone already joined :) and of course you can be in the Carnival of you want
  5. Cool beans. And are you the ring leader?
  6. Yeah, unless someone else wants to be him that is.
  7. Okay 'kay. Do you want to start, or wait for more people to join? Which ever is cool with me ^.^
  8. I'm thinking I'll wait a little while to see who else will join before we start. I most likely won't wait too long though- I'm a pretty impatient person when it comes to stuff like this :)
  9. Okay, sure. I'll check this thread at least once a day. So just leave a message or pm me if you want when you wanna start. Look forward to when we do!
  10. ok, cool! You got it
  11. I just realized I put this under the wrong category so i'm going to re-make this thread in the Modern category and port the thread here. [MENTION=3937]Celtic Noctuam Lunar[/MENTION] - can you tell me when you see this?
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