The Fabulous Pejoration Returns

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  1. I'm back, kids, for good this time. I'll be on somewhat often now that I have a constant source of internet available to me. Good to be back, kiddies~
  2. I have not the slightest clue who you are but hen again I only registered just today. Since you seem to know your way around here I might require your assistance. :/
  3. UI's changed since I last logged on, but not much. Whatcha need, my dear?
  4. To find a group of rpers willing to let someone new into their circle.
  5. That's not hard, dear, just put yourself out there. I'd start by singling out any genres you fancy and then browsing the plots. There's original stories, cliches and archetypes, fandom spinoffs, et al. Don't be afraid to skim through if you're looking for something to pique your interest, but when you get into an rp, get serious. Read the rules and make your content par with other players.
  6. I'm pretty experienced with roleplaying. Its just the meeting new people part thats difficult. I'm kind of a weird when it comes to that unless I'm kind of forced to in a way. I've been told I'm somewhat Tsundere. I'm not so sure how might I agree with that however.
  7. Shy? Kiddo, you are a person on the internet. Nobody cares if you make an utter fool of yourself. And if they try to make your excellence seem like tomfoolery, it doesn't matter because they are also just people on the internet. You want to make waves in the community? Throw yourself at people with a verbal explosion of cooperative storytelling majesty.

    Basically, just step in and act like a meerkat, keeping your head on the high ground and watching for what you like, avoid what you don't. Do what you like and like what you do.
  8. I'll attempt to
  9. Welcome home!
  11. Thanks, Diana, Ocha~