The Extinction: The War Of Us All

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    A man gasped and sat up quickly and pulled out a gun and rose it in the air. There was nothing there but darkness. He panted as sweat poured down his face. He looked to the side as a woman as sleeping next to him. He smiled but got up. He stared out the window and sighed. He walked over to a table and grabbed his book and a pen and began writing. "It seemed like it was only yesterday when the war started. The whole world turned to shit. We fought for our lives...for our people. For our human race." the man wrote. "We were attacked by some unworldly force. Just came down and swarmed the earth like a prey. They stayed in the skies for months and months. But then...all of a sudden a hatch from the bottom opened and things began to pour out but then disappeared again. It was like anything I've ever seen before. I was in the military when this happened. I just got out of college and enlisted into the military. But then one day, about almost a year later, they came back and began taking apart the world. Piece by piece. It was all over the world, being broadcasted. All of us was going to be sent out to defend our world....we all knew it was a suicide mission." he stopped writing with a sigh. And looked out the window and then back to the paper. "This is our story. This is what happened when we were nearly taken over."

    4 years ago. July 10, 2014.

    "Liam!!! Get out of their!!" a man yelled. Bullets and plasma bolts flew past his head. His breathing quickened and his heart pounding. He has one more charge to go, he needed to plant it. He ran and ran, those things were fast a quick. "Set the fucking charge and go!!" he yelled once more. Liam slid down and set the on the bridge and clicked it armed. He got up and began to haul ass. "Captain! He armed the last charge!" a man said as he stepped back and tripped over a rock and triggered the explosive. Liam was only 40 yards away from the last charge that he just planted. It went off and blew everything in it's path. A large what they call it, dropped right in front of him. He slid under it and kept running. It shot at him and nicked his shoulder and he fell to the floor quickly regaining his feet. "Mmmahh..." he grunted as he kept running. "Come on, Liam..." the Captain murmured. Liam was only 20 yards away until the charge near him blew up and sent him flying and slamming his body against a car, denting the whole thing nearly in half. He slammed back on to the ground as the bridge began to fall all the way down to the ocean. They grabbed Liam and checked his pulse. "He's still alive?" a man said. "How is that even possible?" another said. The Captain picked him up and sat him in the Humvee and drove off to base. Where later that day...he wasn't scene again...till needed.
  2. Kailee had been wandering around for what seemed like forever. Her clothes were tattered and blood stained. She was craving fresh, cold water but knew that she couldn't get any anytime soon. She bit down into the last bit of a stale power bar that she had. She had been on foot for a while now, trying to stay away from cities and towns due to the growing population of flyers. She didn't know what to call them but she had to make up a random name. That and she hadn't seen many other people in what seemed like years.

    It could have been years. Her watch had stopped working and she hadn't been able to find any batteries. She ran her hand through her messy black hair and stopped. She pulled the hair-tie out and redid her bun, wiping the sweat from her brow. She looked up at the sun and shaded her eyes, trying to figure out the time. She had never learned but attempted to anyway.

    She continued walking toward the city expanding in front of her. She dreaded it but her supplies were getting light. Her backpack was the lightest that it had ever been and while she liked that it was light, she knew it meant that she had no supplies. As she walked closer to the city she heard noises she hadn't heard before. City noises that she had accompanied with stillness. She turned around a corner and noticed a man standing there. She held her breath, her hand on her hip where her dagger lay.
  3. (Yay! Someone posted!) "Liam!!!" a voice yelled in his head. Liams eyes shot open and he sat up quickly and looked around. "Maahh.." he groaned as he felt pain shoot all over his body. He fell down to the ground and smacked his head on a table and laid their for a minute, "Ow..." he murmured. He was weak but he was able to move. Slow. He reached a chair and pulled himself up. He was weak but he could manage to pull himself up to the chair and sat their but gasped as his bare ass sat down on the cold seat. He was naked. He felt different as he looked around. "Hospital..." he said to himself. He couldn't remember why he was in the hospital but he was. He gathered his strength for a bit and got up. He stumbled a little but regained his balance. "I got this.." he said to himself. He sat his hand on this back which felt like something was in it. He opened the bag and found a letter which read "Liam....if you are reading this, then you know we lost the war. We had to save you and put you in a place were they can't find you. In this bag is a suit we took us a long time to make. You are our last hope. Find the others before the Spartans find you and them. We stole the technology for this suit from them. They will come after you. Save our world. Save it! P.S. Give them hell, Liam. The suit is programmed only for you." He sat the letter down and pulled out the suit. It was a full armor..something never seen before. He looked at the back of it and all of a sudden it latched onto him with force. It hurt like a son of a bitch. He screamed and groaned. He dropped to his knees as he tried to fight the pain "MMMMMAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!" he screamed as he stopped and panted. The suit was done. It was his...synced to his body an his alone. He stood up and he could see things no one could. His vital signs were above normal. He wasn't the same man as he was once before. He turned around and looked out the window and saw a female and then....a Spartan. It looked like a man but wasn't. He had a patrol with him. He needed to think and think quick.

    "We need to find this human." a Spartan growled. "He's in this building." another snarled. One stopped and saw the girl. "Look at what we have here. A human!" a Spartan shrieked. It took out a sword and grinned. It was 8 feet tall and began charging at the female. Liam saw it all and knew what would happen..."Shit." Liam whispered. He took a step back and further. "Here goes nothing." Liam said as he charged and dove out the window. The Spartan was getting closer and closer. "You are mine..." he growled as he charged at her. Before he could strike. Liam landed right in front of the girl. The Spartan took several steps back. "Captain!! It's him!" he growled. Liam jumped up and grabbed it's throat and slammed it down as he grabbed its sword and turned it on and one ran after Liam. Liam ducked and sliced the things legs off and then in his head and threw the sword and stuck it on one of the Spartans chest and charged after the other one and pulled it down and snapped its head back and it fell...dead. The other Spartan was still on the ground trying to crawl away. Liam grabbed it's head and slammed it down and whispered in his head "You tell them...this is my world.." he said calmly. He let the thing go and it ran off like a bat out of hell. He stood their and saw the girl who was standing their. She looked thirsty..very thirsty. He stared at her and walked toward her and passed her. He walked toward the hospital and opened it. He looked back at her and waved her to come in. He knew she need water, badly.
  4. (^.^)

    "No, please. I am just looking for water." Kailee said to the Spartan, whom she still didn't know what it was. She looked up at it with a confused expression. When she saw the dazzle of the blade and heard the metallic sound she stepped back, wishing she never went into the city. Why did she go into the city? She knew that she needed the supplies but keeping herself hidden was something she wasn't good at. She always got found, that was why she was better by herself. Nobody to bug her and she could usually care for herself.

    She watched as another person came out of a building. Her eyes widened and her mouth dropped when he began fighting the creature in front of her. She stumbled to her feet and ran away to a small, shattered building. She found a small alley and hid as all of this fighting went on. She fell to the side as she watched the people fight. She had no clue who to root for. She had no clue if they would hurt her or let her be. She slid down the wall and sat down on the warm ground and closed her eyes. The lack of water was ruining her, she felt she would soon die. Her head slowly rolled back and tapped the cool brick wall. She laid there for what seemed like an eternity. She felt the might leave her body, her motivation and even her willingness to live.

    She watched as the man walked back into the building, turning around and waving to her. She looked around, wondering if he was waving at her. She slowly got up and clutched at her stomach, slowly walking over to him. She stopped a few feet from him and gave him a look.

    "Thank you for saving me." She said quietly, her voice hoarse. She rubbed at her elbow, not sure what he wanted or even if he would talk to her. Maybe she should just leave now? Just run away and forget about the supplies. It was growing later in the year and it would rain soon. She would be able to set up a bucket system to catch the water. She would be able to get away from the city and just live as normal as possible. Maybe she would even start a garden...
  5. Liam watched the girl say thank you to him but he just nodded to her and waved at her again. She wouldn't move. Not at all. If she didn't get out of the open and into the house she was going to die out their. Rain may come soon but he knew it wouldn't last long. He stared at her and then looked around and then back at her. He rolled his eyes and then his head and walked over to her. He stopped in front of her and then picked her up over his shoulder and began walking to the door. He knew it scared her but he was doing her a favor. Something he knew she needed.

    Liam walked into the hospital and sat her down on a chair that was near a vending machine. He stood in front of her and grabbed the handle of the vending machine and tore it open and revealed drinks of all kinds. Water, coke, Powerade, Gatorade, anything. He looked at her and grabbed a bottle of water and opened it. He looked at her and how dirty she was and hoped this would feel good to her. He tipped the water on her head and some fell and dripped down her face and handed her the water. "Drink.." is all he said. His suit covered everything, his face, his entire body. Everything. His suit was like nothing anyone has seen before. She looked familiar but he couldn't know who she was. He walked and looked out the window and looked around. Nothing was out but a few Skypods but that's it. Skypods. Unmanned aircrafts, drones. They seek for humans or main objectives. Sneaking little bastards they were. He walked over to her and looked at her and only spoke a few words "Are you okay?" he asked, looking at her.
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  6. She froze in his grip, afraid. She wasn't sure what was about to happen but it had to be better than the guy earlier. She looked around as he brought her in the hospital. A hospital? She hadn't been in one of these in a really long time. The last time she had gotten in she was there for supplies. Water, food and such.
    He handed her a bottle of water and she chugged it eagerly. She hadn't had fresh water in a long time. She had been attempting to filter her own water, make it tasteless so that she could drink it down. She watched the man as he walked away, going toward the window. She turned her head slightly as she looked at his suit. When he turned around her eyes widened and she shrunk back in the chair.
    "Please don't hurt me." She whispered, standing up and running a hand across her face, wiping the water away. The grime lifted and her soft tan skin appeared.
    "My name is Kailee." She said quietly, trying to meet his eyes. She wasn't quite sure where they were under the mask. She looked at the vending machine and took a step toward it, grabbing a powerade and drinking it slowly. "Do you have a name? Do you talk?"
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