The Experiement



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Dana Sol looked at her watch again as she waited for the public transporter. Dammit, I'm late again. she thought. The lines were always so long at this hour, and if she didn't make this meeting, she could kiss her Federation grants goodbye. She needed to give these shareholders something to be satisfied with about the new factories being constructed on Jupiter.

Working fora multiglobal mining corporation for the last five years, Dana was the best at making sure people spent money on projects that needed long as she was there, of course.

Once the line finally moved along and she approached the teleporter and typed in her location and pressed her thumb to the pad to pay. The lights on the display turned green, and the door slid open. She walked in and the monotone voice of the teleporter droned, "...teleport commencing in three...two..."

There was the sound of static over the speaker, and the lights flickered. "What now?" she muttered as she wondered why she kept using these public transporters. The voice resumed, "Teleport commencing." Dana's vision burred as the familiar tingling sensation came over her body as she was picked apart one molecule at a time and transported to her corporation's facility.

When she opened her eyes, she gasped. She was most certainly not in her company's offices. She looked around wildly to see if there was someone, anyone to explain this mistake. There was no one.

Dana found herself in an enormous white room, ceilings twenty feet high, the room was several thousand square feet, and was filled randomly with large shapes: squares, triangles, circles.

"Um...hello??" she said, her voice reverberating off of the walls of the large space. "Is anyone here?! I am supposed to be in a meeting right now!" she shouted, hearing herself echoing. "Where am I...?" she said more softly, a small tremble entering her voice.