The Expedition: Lost Heroes of Tamriell

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Welcome to the simple character sign up for Lost Heroes of Tamriel! For information on this rp, click here.

This sign up is fairly simple! If you wish to review the roles before applying, click here.

Other then that, all you have to do, is fill this out and post! For examples, click the link below!


Your First/Last Name
Your title

Race: (Bosmer, Nord, etc?)
Age: (Self explanatory!)
Height: (In feet!)
Weight: (In lbs!)

Brief Description: (Just about your character!)
Affiliates: (Who do they know?)​


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Aradhelon Malethlhl
The Guilded Tongue

Race: Altmer (Vam......pppire? Naaw )
Age: 25 ... ?
Height: 6'8"
Weight: 210 lbs

Brief Description: Aradhelon is a well-known and pampered Lord within the Third Aldermeri Dominion, his family strong and wide, with all the leading males named the same. With many properties and connections throughout Tamriel, he is well-known for his silver tongue and incredible charisma and eloquency, his outrageous styles of various ethnic clothing and love for enchanted masks, as well as his expertise as a powerful Mage. Unfortunately, rumors of Necromancy and the usage of Dark magics led to him being accused as a criminal, and held in the Anvil Jails during one of his business trips... At least temporarily, for the High Elf is sure they will understand their mistake of judgement and cruel actions quite soon.

Affiliates: Aldrilion, son of Ancano, stationed at the College of Winterhold as a high-ranking representative of the Thalmor, Nazeem of the Cloud District in White Run (Close friend), Ondolemar of the Thalmor Justicars in Markarth (Associate), Jarl Balgruuf of Whiterun (Friend), Malidrith Rayclaw, a prominant politician stationed in Cyrodiil (Friend)​

Lucius Cypher

Original poster

Malakaus Gro-Vorinclex
The Drunken Vagabond

Race: Orc
Age: 27
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 234 lbs

Brief Description: As his title implies, Malakaus is merely a drunken vagabond, an inebriated transient being. What's not often known however, is that Malakaus is quite skilled in many orcish professions. He fought for the title of "Orsimer Paragon", but ultimately lost when he overestimated himself and tried to master all the skills, instead of specializing. Nowadays he's little more than a mercenary for hire, though he likes to think of himself as a homeless hero instead. Despite his ragged outfits, Malakus is a master at the art of fists, showing off a martial prowess never seen in most orcs. He's also skilled enough to work with Ebony materials, and can be quite graceful in heavy armor. He's no slouch in archery and would make for a decent hunter if he ever settled down. He's dabbled in Enchantments and knows a few spells from Alteration magics, and he actually knows the art of scroll inscribing. He's fortunate to have these skills, but anyone who's dedicated themselves to their crafts would likely do much better than he would.

Affiliates: Malakaus knows no one of great importance anymore. Some people may recognize him if he ever sobers up, but he's been traveling too much to make a lasting impression on anyone of importance. He is a wanted criminal in Morrowind however, due to vandalizing (I.e. breaking) a priceless dai-katana of a noble lord.


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Is this still a thing? I might maybe sort of possibly be interested.


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