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Name: Ozwald Ahlgrim

Age: 26

Gender (Can be genderless too): Male

Sexual Orientation: Asexual

Species: Cyborg

World and Universe they are from: ???


Standing at 179 cm, Oz is a well toned, caucasian male. He has short brown hair and bright blue eyes. His body is covered in black lines resembling Lichtenberg figures from the shoulders down, and rooting from a circle on his upper back. He tends to cover them with clothing when not in his armor. Currently, he wears a long sleeve tunic that reaches slightly past his belt, white gloves that reach past the wrist, gray pants and black boots.

Personality: Oz is pretty much a living machine, both figuratively and literally. As cold and calculating as they come. Even though he still has emotions, he has little regard for them. He takes pride in never letting them cloud his judgment, quite the opposite, he uses them as tools to get in the minds of others. His attitude towards the ones in his side is fair, he is cordial and straightforward with his underlings, as he considers himself to be the proper person to lead the rest. As for the ones who oppose him, they are either taken under his command, or else.

History/Bio: Ozwald's story begins with a couple that seemed happy in the surface. Emily, a writer; and her fiancee, Johann, a scientist and secret user of sorcery. Johann manipulated Emily into falling in love with him, and eventually, bear his child. All the while Johann set up a ritual for his son to be a great sorcerer, at the expense of his mother's life upon birth.
His childhood was certainly not enviable. Brutal training consisting of both physical and magical exercises to exhaustion all day, every day. With an occasional torture session consisting on his father testing his favorite project, Nanomachines, on him. By age 19, Ozwald had grown beyond his father's dreams, incredibly strong and skilled... something he realized himself soon enough. Wanting to grow more, Oz left his father, knowing he was dragging him down. Instead, he embarked on a journey to learn from the world. And so he did, amassing a great amount of knowledge on plenty of subjects, while also perfecting his magical and physical prowess, over the course of the years. Later on that period is when he started to believe that anyone in the world was apt for ruling the people, they were too flawed. Oz believed he was the only one who could properly lead the masses to a bright future.

Nanomachines: Ozwald's entire body is riddled with them, and are so intertwined with it that they can be pretty much considered part of his body. Blood, muscles, nerves, all of it. Creations of his father forced into his body, that he upgraded in several aspects throughout the years. They accomplish multiple functions, such as:
-Self-Repair: What it says on the tin. Ozwald can recover from any sort of damage within seconds, even without manual input. This also includes the Nanomachines replenishing themselves if needed.
-Anti-Interference Mechanism: As a part machine, part human being, it's nigh impossible to access or tamper his mind without consent. The biological part can't be hacked as it's not technology, and while his mechanical part can be (barely), it can be adjusted manually and work on eliminating the mental anomaly. Meanwhile, the mechanical part can detect and block incoming psychic interference.
-Energy Replenishment: As a cyborg, Oz doesn't need food, water, or air to survive. He has alternate methods of maintaining himself in case there is a lack of either.
-Super Cyborg: Ozwald's body is far above robotic standards, let alone human's. He can punch through steel, run at supersonic speeds and according reflexes, and endure automatic gunfire, as well as an incredible precision.
-Body Morph: Ozwald can modify the composition of his body to a certain extent, achieving results such as clawed hands or feet, super flexibility, and most notably, hardening his body to various extents. The maximum point that it can resist is attacks that pack kilotons of TNT without a scratch.
-Alexandria: His personal database, that constantly collects knowledge from Ozwald's surroundings, as well as anything within him. It has done so for years. From history to magic knowledge. He can summon up any knowledge he may have not manually acquired at will.

Emily's Blessing: Ozwald's body has an immense mana pool, as well as an immense mana regeneration rate, thanks to the ritual his mother died for. And if that wasn't enough, he can drain it out of other living beings if needed. If he does, he gains the desired memories of those whom he absorbed energy of. Finally, it allows him to track down magic signals and levels.

Magic Mastery: Even though he has some knowledge on almost if not all the types of magic he has come across, there are a few that he specializes on:
-Transmutation: Deconstruct and Reconstruct. With those two principles in mind, Ozwald can modify every aspect of matter on a molecular level at will. Creating weapons, barriers, distractions, you name it. Or just not finishing the process altogether and simply destroy the matter.
-Thermokinesis: Ozwald can manipulate the temperature around him with a variety of purposes. Such as projectiles, barriers, or beams of ice at low temperatures, or flame waves and plasma rays at high temperature.
-Aerokinesis: The main element he is most attuned to. So, even though he hasn't trained it as much, it's still a force to be reckoned with. Capable of creating winds up to three digits in km/h, which can be sudden enough to be considered kinetic blasts. Furthermore, it serves as a rough way of telekinesis.
-Mind Manipulation: He specializes in two particular forms of it. First, and most used, illusionary magic; doubles, fake sensations, making his lies sound like truth, and the like. Secondly, Ozwald is very good in hypnosis as well, making people act however he wants.
-Enchantments: Oz is able to give magical properties to objects, the time it takes to enchant an object depends on how complex or powerful the enchantment is, ranging from seconds, to days, and even weeks.

Technomancy: The meeting point between Ozwald's magic, and his mechanical side. Enhancing his Nanomachines with mana, they can breeze through cyber security and take over all sorts of devices. It also can be used to create devices of his own when combined with his transmutation. Such as bombs or trackers.

Power limitations:
Nanomachines: Despite their efficiency, they still have flaws. For starters, they do need energy, and the best way to have it with the regular methods already implemented by a regular human body, even if they can manage sometime without having the aforementioned vital resources. His other ability to be mentioned here would be the hardening of his body. The more his body hardens (both in extension and durability) the slower he becomes, at maximum resistance output, he can't move at all..

Magic Mastery: As a general rule of thumb, the more ambitious the magic feat, the more time they take to be finished, especially non practiced magic, with the exception of his aerokinesis. As for his hypnosis, apart from working only if consent is given when using it against others' characters It only works on compatible individuals that are weaker willed than him.

Technomancy: The creations can expire if not fed mana for too long, causing them to disintegrate.

Magic knowledge - SS
Unarmed combat - B
Sword combat - B
Scythe combat - A
Negotiation - A
Flight - B
Cooking - S
Mechanics/Technology - SS

Weapon(s)/ Equipment:
A suit of armor, built from a super dense and resistant alloy coated in nanomachines. Has incorporated thrusters for flight and overall speed increase. Connections to the magic circuits of Oz enables enhances mana flow and usage optimization, while direct connections to the nerves and muscles enhance strength. Provides 360 degree sight from micro-cameras in the head fed to Alexandria. Energy outputs are placed in the hands, enhancing beam or wave attacks. Its enchantment? "Absorb the energy of attacks"
A one handed energy sword. Light, and sharp. It has an enchantment on it. "Every hit this sword lands directly on an opponent, their senses become more and more dull". The sword can be switched to a scythe mode, where it changes enchantment. "Every hit landed makes the opponent slowly turn to stone, starting from the wound".
Three oval-shaped gems, where he stores all of the excess mana he has. Sort of a mana battery. He can transfer mana to them from anywhere, but to get mana from them, he needs to summon them
(Just like the one in his appearance)

Strengths: Determined, resilient, practical

Weakness/ Fears: Cynical, manipulative/ Appearing as weak

Other: He only possesses two mana gems at the moment, the other one is being lent.[/Spoiler]


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Name: Valoren Alorathan, Indoril Nerevar, Nerevarine
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Species: Dunmer (Dark Elf)

World and Universe: The Elder Scrolls, Nirn, Morrowind


Valoren is a gaunt individual with ash-dark skin and volcanic-red eyes, a hawkish expression, and long ears. He stands close to six feet in height and has the distinguished look of an adventurer battle-mage; he wears a graven suit of chitin armor with ornamental robes, sometimes accompanied by a hood, and carries the artifacts he'd gathered over his adventures with him.


Valoren changed substantially over the course of his journey - while he used to be a callous misanthrope, his journey of self-discovery as the Nerevarine altered his outlook on the world permanently. He'd gained a degree of piety - or rather, a form of respect for the order of the world - and a sense of duty and altruism, not only towards the Dunmer, but even other races. Valoren's feelings of being a slave to fate near the end of his journey have resulted in him developing a strong distaste for slavery - he aided the Twin Lamps on several occasions.

Valoren is a questing, seeking person - he understands and respects the world, but is unable to find his place in it. Most of his friends are gone or dead, and his would-be friends are dead, missing, or dead by his own blade due to necessity. As a result, he likes to travel and learn.

Despite some of his shortcomings, Valoren is Indoril Nerevar reborn, and embodies some of his virtues. In particular, he is incredibly charismatic and has a striking "force of personality" that has compelled even his worst enemy to act courteous, and for allies to find him to be a living force of inspiration. He is a great leader and manager when necessary, although he believes rulership to be a burden, rather than a privilege, and so avoids such troublesome things in favor of pursuing adventure.


As the prophecy declares, Valoren was born on a certain day, to uncertain parents. He was born on the 12th of Sun's Height, 3E 397, under the Sign of the Apprentice.

Orphaned in the city of Cheydinhal, he utilized an admixture of inborn trickery and sorcery to make a living, offering shows where he conjured gleaming butterflies for travelers passing on their way to mainland Morrowind, then snatching their coin purses when they were distracted.

As Valoren grew older, this pattern of behaviors continued, with his exploits and scams only becoming more audacious. At various points, he became at odds with the local guard - although nothing he'd done was so felonious as to requisition a long stay in prison. This changed upon his twentieth birthday, when he'd unknowingly lifted from a local nobleman's son. He could not avoid punishment and following a brief trial, was imprisoned and later transferred to the Imperial City Prison with a sentence of five years.

Fortunately for Valoren, he only served roughly half of that sentence. After two years, Valoren and another Dunmer prisoner called Jiub were both taken to Morrowind on the Emperor's direct orders. Valoren was there introduced to the local section of the Blades and subsequently, the Nerevarine prophecy, which the Emperor believed he might be the subject of.

Valoren successfully passed the trials of the Nerevarine and acquired the Moon-and-Star Ring of Indoril Nerevar, wearing it and conclusively proving he was the subject of prophecy. Shortly after, Valoren gained the support of the Houses of Morrowind and Vivec of the Tribunal, achieving official recognition as the Nerevarine, becoming Hortator and leading them against Dagoth Ur, whom he successfully slew by severing his connection to the Heart of Lorkhan with Sunder, Keening, and Wraithguard. At the height of his triumph, he also traveled to the northern island of Solstheim where he defeated an incarnated Avatar of Hircine in battle.

The Nerevarine took a break from adventuring for several weeks, enjoying the spoils of victory and a Vvardenfell that was freed from Dagoth's influence, but one night, after a failed assassination by the Dark Brotherhood, he set off for Mournhold where he encountered and later defeated Almalexia and restored his sword, Trueflame. Realizing that all of the important events of his life up to this point had been the cause of prophecy rather than free will, Valoren felt alienated and left Morrowind to sail for Akavir, hoping to find his place in the world.


Magic - Valoren is an accomplished wizard. Although he's dipped his toes in every school of magic there is, he is particularly proficient at the Illusion, and Alteration schools, which he uses to beguile his opponents or summon spectral apparitions and sounds, or control the environment.

Nerevarine Prophecy - Valoren is the Nerevarine, and enjoys some of the benefits of the Nerevarine prophecy as a result of his trials.

He is the only person who can wear the One-Clan-Under-Moon-and-Star without dying. He is also completely free from the depredations of "age and blight," enjoying biological immortality, as well as being immune to disease and highly resistant to most toxins. The Nerevarine is also an incredibly charismatic and inspiring leader, capable of easily uniting warring tribes or finding a common footing with sworn enemies. His willpower can reach immense levels, unbreakable even in the face of a god laughing at him.

Power Limitations:

Despite his prodigious talents at magic, and being under the Sign of the Apprentice, Valoren's power is far from limitless. He can only cast so many spells before his well of magicka runs dry and he requires a break. In addition, his affinity for magic is centered mainly on Illusion and Alteration, with most of his experience in the other schools being comparable to that of an apprentice or journeyman. His spellbook's contents are more focused on trickery and utility, than direct offense or defense.

Also, despite his status as the Nerevarine, since the deeds of prophecy have been finished, so have its threads been woven: he no longer enjoys any protection from Azura's dictates, being nothing more than an exceptional Dark Elf.


Survival - D
Alchemy & Enchanting - C
Stealth - B
Combat - S
Strategy & Tactics - S
Diplomacy - S


One-Clan-Under-Moon-and-Star - Or the Moon-and-Star for short, is the mythical ring of Indoril Nerevar. Anyone who is not the Nerevarine and presumes to wear it dies of a heart attack immediately after. The ring is "cultural proof" of the wearer's status as Nerevar Reborn, and it unlocks the breadth of charisma and inspiration of the original Nerevar in the wearer, conferring upon them the mantle of the one who united all of the Clans of Morrowind, under one Moon and one Star.

Trueflame - The legendary, curved blade of Indoril Nerevar, now reassembled from its scattered pieces and shining once more in glory. Trueflame is a mastercrafted relic longsword. Due to its enchantment, Trueflame can melt through steel and set massive beasts on fire.

Spear of the Hunter - An immense Daedric spear conferred upon the Nerevarine after defeating the Guile Aspect of Hircine. The spear's enchantment imbues the struck target with lethargy, burden, and weakness, even leading to complete full-body paralysis on a well-placed blow.

Wraithguard - Wraithguard is an ancient Dwemer gauntlet. It was given to the Nerevarine by Vivec after he swore to kill Dagoth Ur. The gauntlet is enchanted with a number of protective spells, giving minor resistance to the elements, physical, and magical attacks to the wearer. Using Wraithguard correctly requires training.

Valoren wears a suit of chitin battle-armor enchanted for comfort, with a wizard's robes over it, enchanted to allow him to carry more burdens. He also customarily carries around a Daedric bow and arrow for when a ranged approach is advisable.


Other than most of the traits described above, the Nerevarine is also Dunmer, which confers an impressive resistance to non-magical and magical flame. He is a skilled warrior, with a honed body and the experience of countless battles. He is knowledgeable in Dunmeri theology and religion, and having read Vivec's 36 Lessons, stands to gain some measure of enlightenment with sufficient meditation.


Vulnerable to Magic - An ironic trait for a skilled sorcerer. Due to the Birthsign of the Apprentice, Valoren's magicka pool is considerably larger than most casual mages; at the same time, however, he is far more vulnerable to any attacks charged with magical energy. Where for most Dunmer an evoker's stream of fire would leave only shallow first-degree burns on their skin, Valoren would be at serious risk of flesh-deep burns if he were unable to find cover. He would also be less able to protect himself in the case of direct magical effects, like illusions, someone puppeteering his limbs telekinetically, and similar abilities.

Reliance on Artifacts - A good portion of the Nerevarine's power comes from his possessions. If he can be disarmed of the Spear and Trueflame, he will be forced to fall back on unarmed combat and magic, which are only a stop-gap measure to fighting truly skilled opponents. Wraithguard's shielding is also limited, and a sufficiently powerful blow will kill Nerevar. A man equipped with a simple firearm would be able to end his life. Without the Moon-and-Star on his finger, Valoren also loses a vital portion of his metaphysical link to Nerevar, although not all of it.

Cliff Racers - Terrible creatures. The scourge of all Dunmer. It's a good thing Jiub dealt with them...

Other: His favorite meal is kwama eggs.

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Name: Vivian (aka Vivi) Cain

Age: 34 (stopped aging around mid-twenties)

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: bisexual

Species: human (vampire)

World and Universe they are from: homebrew generic high fantasy world


Personality: A cool-headed and calm individual, Vivi holds a very resigned attitude, being intelligent but content with being told what to do and preferring the guaranteed safety of herself and others over any major ambitions. She is thoughtful and judgmental, spending time mulling over decisions if given the opportunity. Talkative and open about her condition, but tries not to view it as either a positive or a negative. Holds a deep self-pride for surviving so long on her own. Rarely if ever gets angry, but doesn't seem like the type to smile either, seemingly dead both inside and out. Smokes regularly as her own strange way of remembering how to feel 'normal', partially to dull her own sense of smell to help deal with her hunger. Holds a great amount of tales and anecdotes about her time in a bar.

History/Bio: Born into a small village to the east of a great kingdom known as Cailgoown, built on the remnants of a Zalatan (colloquially known as a "world turtle"), Vivi grew up as timid as one could be. Home-schooled and taught the basics of life by her wealthy parents, and not being the greatest of friends with their neighbors, the Cain family enjoy a simple and peaceful life, free of struggles, but as expected of any peaceful life in a land of monsters and creatures both great and unknown, their small village was not to last outside the great city's walls.

It was attacked by vampires under nightfall, and what little defenses they had to protect against lesser creatures did little to fend against the intelligence of the undead.

They ran through the buildings with practiced ease, devouring all they found without even the quietest whisper, the exception being in some twisted sense of morals, the children being left to cultivate into another generation of vampires, expected to seek out the group in order to join their ranks after a few days of their bloodlust

Vivi woke up, her bed covered in her own blood, her parents gone, and screamed, around 16 at the time.

She stayed their for an entire day in terror before coming up with a plan of action as she came to terms with what had happened. She tearfully gathered what little wealth she could find, and began her journey west to the city her parents had told her so much about.

Arriving there, the guard saw a terrified young girl carrying a bag full of coins, begging for entry into the city, and while under any other circumstance they would've told her that entry was free, it was apparent of the illness she bore. They spent hours thinking about what they should do with the girl before feeling pity for the young girl's plight, and allowing her entry under strict supervision by an ex-knight that ran a small-time bar after years of legendary service, Emma.

Vivi stayed there to the current day, sating her thirst through stored blood from animals and the infrequent donation from those that cared or feared her, Emma trying to be the mother that she had lost and doing her best to make her feel alive again after eventually coaxing out the tale of what had happened.

Powers: Vampirism - fangs, enhanced agility and strength, keen senses (smell, sight, hearing) and the ability to detect life nearby (notably things with a heartbeat), the ability to sustain/regenerate themselves through drinking blood, doesn't age, improved stealth, doesn't need to sleep, visually alluring

Power limitations: significantly weaker while in sunlight (losing most vampiric abilities and becoming even weaker than the average person), pale skin and red eyes clearly marks them as a vampire, suffers a great deal of pain by touching running or pure/holy water and fire, has to drink blood regularly.

Fighting: B during the night, F during the day - combat skills are greatly enhanced by vampirism

Stealth: B during the night, E during the day - stealth skills are greatly enhanced by vampirism

Memory: A - almost perfect memory, practiced over around a decade of waiting in a bar

Weapon(s)/ Equipment: None

Strengths: As far as vampires go, Vivi's as approachable as once can get, apparently doing their best to continue a normal life despite the circumstances, showing a Strong-will and determination. Knows how to sum people's basic information at a glance through years of experience as a waitress, and has thick skin along with patience, used to taking abuse from those afraid of her kind. Thanks to her vampiric heritage, she boasts an incredibly high pain tolerance and can live through wounds that would kill most mortals

Weakness/ Fears: Smokes frequently, leaving a strong scent of cigarettes hanging around her, bleak outlook means she lacks much motivation and tends not to take risks. She is a slave to blood lust and must drink every few days, fearing even herself.

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Name: Shakira Magsar

Age: 52

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Species: Argonian

World: Elder Scrolls -- Around Oblivion's time


For a lad who grew up in slavery, you'd think he wouldn't be so sleazy, would he? Shakira is an 'opportunist,' as he calls himself, if there's a chance things can benefit himself, he'll take it, whether or not it'll fuck over someone else in the process. He has the cunning attitude of a manipulative con-man, while having the fighting prowess of an assassin, and combining both makes him a fellow you don't want to enter agreements with. If he wins, you lose a lot. If he loses, you lose your life. He'll say he doesn't have a temper, but the man certainly has a chip on his shoulder. Bitterness to the people who allowed his slavery to happen for so many years, and while he doesn't kill to gain his revenge, if he can swindle a rich Imperial from his money, then at least he'll be happy in taking from the rich and giving it to himself.

He's a con to all, but he isn't completely without a morality or compassion. While he was never familiar with the lands his people came from, he's friendly to fellow argonians, though he's always kept his distance from befriending any. Whether it'd be from shame of his birth, or his feelings of inadequacy to those who were born in Black Marsh. He has some empathy towards homeless and less-privileged, but that only goes so far. A coin or two to help give them a meal for the day, and after that, they're on their own. Doesn't favor the religious either, the idea of fate is stupid in his mind, and the gods that watch over Tamriel are hypocritical. If they are to watch over Nirn and protect Tamriel of the forces of evil, they allow for some evil things to happen in Tamriel itself. If a church was burning, he wouldn't even piss on it to put out the flames. If there is one thing about Shakira that sums him up, it's bitterness. His birth and childhood were unnatural and cruel, both to himself, and those captured by the slavers, and the empire in charge of keeping its lands safe and free allowed it to happen.

The empire is filled with greed, corruption, and parasites. Yet, ironically, he's swindles and cheats to make a profit for himself.

Shakira's childhood was shit.... Oh, you saw that coming, did you? Argonians are mostly born in the homeland of Black Marsh, starting off as eggs laid near 'The Hist.' A tree like race that is believed to have a connection to the Argonian race from how their young are born. The eggs lay near the trees to gain a connection to the tree, and when born, the infants drink sap from the tree to gain its soul. Those born outside of this ritual are rare. Shakira is that exception. He was born in Elsweyr, the home of the Khajiit, to a slave operation. They kidnapped Argonian men and women who are unlucky to visit the lands, and force them to breed children. If they do not, they are killed. Children born are quickly raised until they are able to stand, for which they then are trained to be slaves to be sold to the highest bidder.

In Shakira's sake, he was forced to work in the mines owned by the slavers to uncover gold or silver. His body contains the scars left by mining accidents, or as the one on his face shows, the brunt slash of a whip. For eight years, Shakira was made to mine and work, coming close to death several times over from exhaustion, and even sickness, as his immune system was so weakened from working underground, most sicknesses and diseases that cannot affect Argonians he easily caught. He was one of the few lucky ones, however, as while many children died, he stayed alive. Maybe for the worst. In his ninth year of life, a mining accident caused the whole mine he worked in to completely collapse, killing most of the Argonian slaves, and some of the owners. Needing to find a new place, the slavers began moving their operations towards the ocean borders of Elsweyr, in hopes of selling the children to ships. Unfortunately, they ran into an Imperial caravan traveling through the region. Either the slavers died trying to fight, or gave up and accepted surrender.

Shakira and the other orphans were rescued, but now without anywhere to go. The caravan brought them to the Imperial ports in Elsweyr, though the governments in Black Marsh would not accept them. Because of their weakened immune systems, the children could weaken the genetics of future Argonians, and their religion would look down upon the kids as abominations to their race. In the end, the kids were sent to several orphanages in hopes someone would adopt them. Shakira ended up in an orphanage up in Bruma, the Nord city of Cyrodiil, and was an outcast for being the only Argonian child. No one adopted him in the two years he stayed there. Feeling resentment, he ran away from the orphanage, finding his way across the border between Skryim and Cyrodiil, and ended up in Falkreath. By this point, his story becomes a bit unclear, he joined another caravan as a mercenary for hire, or he was a con-man who swindled out fifty Imperial nobles, or he bravely adventured into tombs to find treasure lost long ago, or he climbed the top of The Throat of the World to sell the Greybeards ancient beads.

His story is inconsistent, cover ups for various identities. He has though did pick up skills of sword, some magic, and how to speak his way through trouble, all while hiding his past from everyone. He told everyone he was born in Black Marsh as a Shadowscale, Argonians born under this sign are taken and raised by the Dark Brotherhood to be assassins. This was bullshit, but no one's ever seen one before, so they just took his word. For the past forty years of his life, he travel across Skryim, Cyrodiil, Morrowind, and even visited Elsweyr again, though not for long, as the memories tainted his feelings towards the country. Now, in his early fifties, he found himself caught in a con, trying to swindle his way into the Imperial archives for a grand heist. Except someone talked, and he was now in a jail cell, spending the rest of his days awaiting a death sentence that might never come. Then the Imperial Emperor himself happened to enter his cell one day....

Powers: Shakira's magical abilities are minor healing and minor fire, something that would do damage, but his skill is novice level at best. He prefers a sword.

Limitations: Can't do it forever, lasts a good half a minute before the magic runs out.

Skills: Speechcraft - A, Blade - B, Destruction & Restoration - C, Light Armor - B

Weapons/Equipment: If he doesn't have an iron sword, Shakira does own a small steel knife he keeps as a hidden backup. That knifes been lodged into plenty of guts over the years. He also wears a fine bit of steel armor, actually impressively well kept armor for a man of his background and profession.

Strengths: Good fitghter, and great talker.

Weaknesses: Prejudice towards Imperials, a small temper, and a general distrust of people.

Other: He's the Hero of Kvatch. Let's see how that happens!
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Name: Masureta “reta”

Age: unknown (died at age 21)

World: Code Vein/God Eater

Gender (Can be genderless too): Female

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Species: Revenant

Height: 5’7’’
Hair color: A dark ginger/red with inky black dyed ends
Eye color: A caramel brown that shines brightly in the sunlight
Build: Smaller and more petite than average
General: Reta is somewhat of a smaller person in terms of shape, and oddly alluring in her anatomy. She is usually seen wearing a white suit that is buttoned up over a dress shirt with a red tie. Several crimson red straps are on Reta’s arms and waist, keeping her clothing from loosely flapping about in the middle of battle. Around her shoulders is her blood veil, the midnight sun fang. It is designed like a large coat that is draped around her, but when used in battle the sleeves can turn into creatures that resemble dogs as they try and bite at the opponent. On her legs she has a pair of black shorts that is held up by another crimson strap. A silver ring wraps itself around her left leg and lightly jingles as she moves. Her left leg also has a grey leather harness that connects her shorts to her snow white tights. Her right leg is devoid of this attachment, but makes up for it with the gun holster on her leg. On her feet she wears blood colored military boots that go up slightly past her ankles, and on her hands she has pristine white gloves.

Personality: Reta is a voluntary mute, choosing to rather not talk because the act of speaking words makes her nervous and almost frozen with an instinctual fear. She can’t exactly recall the object or person that causes that fear, but it still affects her all the same. Reta is rather shy when it comes to talking about her interests or just herself in general. She finds herself to be rather bland in aspects, and puts herself down most of the time. She can tend to disassociate from the situation when under stress, and communication soon ends from there. Reta has a large enjoyment for art and music, but mainly music. Playing the piano or keyboard is like therapy to her as she runs her fingers along the keys. To her friends, she can seem a little clingy. She will try and get gifts that they will enjoy, and granted they are great gifts, but the amount of effort she puts into it is a little concerning. These usually result in her asking for favors. Some of them are a little odd, such as find certain “stickers” in the wasteland that is the Gaol of the mist or acquiring precious metals for upgrading equipment. The eccentricness of her requests is somewhat endearing in a way as she shows her enthusiasm for collecting various objects from the wastes.

Even after rediscovering that she brought down the queen that went berserk, Reta still has a somewhat foggy memory of her past before that event. She can’t even fully remember her name, instead creating a name based off the japanese word for forgotten, Wasureta. There are some basic things she can recall, but nothing particularly concrete. The only things she can dig out of the inner recesses of her mind are that she was adopted and had a bad relationship with her adoptive parents, and that she had a sister that helped her through it. The information gnaws at her, especially the fact that she might’ve died so many times that she nearly has lost all memories of her family terrifies her. When was the death that caused it? How much more would she lose if she continued dying?
As for the stuff beyond what she can remember, she was one of the soldiers used in operation queenslayer. A human that died in the collapse of humanity, and was soon brought back to life. There she died countless times, not many of them did that much damage, but they still left somewhat of a mark on Reta’s memories. There then came the mission to take down the queen, where in a last ditch effort Reta took down the queen by absorbing her blood through the drain mechanic in the blood veil she had on at the time. The queen was now dead, but her blood had infected yet another individual, Reta. Reta was then killed as a sacrifice so that the queen was never revived and Reta was plunged into darkness.
Reta was dead for a long time, but was soon revived thanks to the queen’s blood now coursing through her. Reta actually woke up in the arms of a strange woman, draped in white rags. The two attempted to survive the wastes, but were soon taken as servants to other revenants. They were assigned to hunt for blood beads, the key for the survival of revenants. The two soon became separated from the revenant group. They then met Louis, who helped them defeat Oliver Collins, another revenant with them that had gone insane from thirst. The story continued as Reta met several people in Louis’ group, hunted for bloodsprings, and eventually uncovered the plot as to why revenants existed and what kept them stuck in the Gaol of the mists.
Reta and the group then figured out a way to open the mist, revealing a new world of strange monsters. From here is where our story takes place.

Iron Will: Reduces damage by weaving a barrier into the blood
Precision: makes it easier to stagger enemies with a weapon
Overdrive: increases attack damage by creating a coating of brown ichor on a weapon
Bridge to Glory: Increases damage an even greater amount and weaves ichor that shines a bright red around a weapon
Numbing Mark: applies an electrically stunning effect to a weapon
Blood Sacrifice: Reta sacrifices portions of her own blood to use more ichor
Regeneration: Reta can regenerate wounds to near perfect condition
Red shoes: For a time, Reta can use her own blood as a source of energy if her stamina runs out
Chariot Rush: dash forward in a red mist, unleashing a devastating stab with a polearm. The attack ends with the polearm being pulled out and comboed with a deadly slash.
Purging Thorn: Create 4 giant thorns in the air that hunt down the target to pierce it
Hasten: uses ichor to make a person feel lighter, and therefore makes them more agile
Shadow assault: A dangerous short range slash that cuts a black shadow into the air
Revenant revival: Revenants have the ability to revive, but how long it takes and where they reappear all depends on the individual

ability limitations:
Most of the abilities that apply status effects to others or weapons last around a minute or two, and require ichor to do so
Purging thorn: this is the most taxing ability for Reta in terms of ichor, as it uses the ichor to create a “spell”
Revenant revival: Upon a death, Reta’s body will lifelessly be on the ground for around 2 minutes before disappearing into glowing red ashes. Reta’s body, alive again, will then reappear about an hour later in a random area. There is no specific rule as to where she will reappear, but it usually will be some place that is in safety or around allies.
Regeneration: Up to three times Reta can regenerate her wounds to a non-mortal state but will need 20 minutes of rest to reset the amount

Skills (D=below average E=average C= above average, B= expert, A= beyond expert, S= perfectionist, SS= godlike, two grades means that the expertise is in between the two):
Pianist: A
Halberd battle Arts: BA
Bartending and mixology: E
Cooking: E
Drawing: C

Weapon and Equipment:
The impaler: A large halberd that is primarily used as a spear, but can also make deadly slashes. Its speed compared to most other halberd-type weapons is unmatched

Argent wolf Poleaxe: A heavy poleaxe that creates deep cuts when swung, this weapon is a complete opposite of the impaler, it is slower, but does extreme damage with one hit

(both of these weapons are summoned from ichor when needed)
5 ichor flasks: these flasks can be used to recover ichor in a pinch, but don’t have much of a lasting effect
4 blue glow sticks
4 blood beads: 1 blood bead equals 1 week without an extreme thirst for blood
A purifier mask which filters chemicals out of the air when worn
Even though it is ineffective against the lost, Reta carries an m1911 sidearm on her side for revenants that pose a threat
Masureta is a great combatant even if she isn’t as skilled as her combatants, her usage of her gifts and skills makes her a great ally to have in a fight

She is good at observing and diagnosing the supernatural, as she has dealt with many of the lost and is able to deal with them herself

Weakness/ Fears:
If masureta’s heart is destroyed, she will die permanently

Due to Masureta’s intense fear when speaking, it can sometimes be hard for her to communicate certain concepts

Masureta, like all revenants, survives off of blood and if she suffers a death that thirst will worsen

(may not be relevant) When in the miasma given off by the lost, revenants who have lost themselves to their thirst, it will increase the blood thirst of other revenants in the area

Due to the abilities “red shoes” and “blood sacrifice” Masureta can become weakened in battle and might pass out or possibly die from blood loss

Masureta’s buffs mostly need to be in effect to prepare for a fight, otherwise she will need time in battle to induce these effects

Masureta enjoys relaxation in the spa that is at her home base, so she will always take the time to relax in some sort of sauna or some substitute when given the chance.
Masureta communicates mostly through sign language, but it may be difficult to understand her if the person she is communicating with does not know sign language
Her favorite color is red
Her hair was originally a soft black before becoming a revenant, but turned into a deeper crimson after the transformation
Has a habit of falling asleep in different places when there is no threat
The blood code she uses the most often is the queenslayer code, because it is the most familiar to her


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Villain Sheet

Name: Seth Winters

Age: 31

Gender (Can be genderless too): Male

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Species: Angelic Human


Seth has blonde hair that is faded into a silvery tone. It mostly covers his eyes and their crazed depravity in a style resembling a bowl cut that began to swirl around his head as it grew. The eyes are a dulled green color. His face is oddly angular, almost making him look skeletal from certain perspectives. His build is also skeletal in this way. Without clothes it looks like he has starved himself and he looks decrepit due to his skin being tightly stuck to his bones. He is a height of 6’8’’ and weighs 123 pounds. Most clothes he wears look baggy on him due to the way that he is built. Seth is usually seen wearing black dress pants, tennis shoes that are too big for him, a pocket watch without hands, a plain t-shirt, and a white satchel with the letters MHL on it. He can easily blend into a crowd due to his appearance.

Personality: Seth has quite the unique personality, having a fascination for the divine. He does not have the normal perception of god, instead, he believes god to be a ruthless destroyer that builds up the world to only have it be returned to dust. He makes evidence constantly with the extinction of the dinosaurs and the cruelty of humans. His main goal in life is to acquire the recognition of god and to make him see the mistakes he has made in creating the human race. His proof? Seth does unspeakable things to human beings and turns them into intricate “art” pieces all around the world. The one thing he believes that humanity has created that wasn’t destructive would be music, mostly the classical kind.

Seth is distant from human beings due to his madness. At times people would catch glimpses of his horrific smile in the corner of their eye, only to look at him and see a broken soul. He at some point began to have fun in his endeavors to make god gaze upon the horror that is his work. Seth will tend to crack extremely dark jokes when people meet him, usually in the worst of circumstances. When he is alone, he will occasionally break into giggling fits to fill the emptiness. It is both from enjoyment, and a mental tick of his.

Background: In seth’s world, certain humans come from prestigious bloodlines where they either had human blood mixed with the blood of angels or the blood of demons. No one is quite sure if they are truly angels or devils. Some theorize that the abilities that come from these blood mixes are just heredical mutations, but these are soon proven false by scientifically impossible feats done by these individuals.

Seth came from one of these prestigious families, being the son of a wealthy businessman that could create objects made of gold out of thin air. His father was a very religious man, and would regularly punish Seth in a myriad of ways so that he could become a “true” descendant of their angelic ancestors. Seth soon became bitter towards his father as he became a teenager. With his aging, Seth began to believe that his father was the one that was in the wrong. Why would a god allow such torture? Why would the god not punish this torture? Seth concluded that god was a wrathful being that enjoyed the pain his subjects felt. There were plenty of examples of his lack of intervention, and other times where his intervention ended with pain. The dinosaur extinction, war, plague, Noah's ark. How could someone seen as the almighty being of moral goodness do these things to people? Seth needed to make him see, he needed to prove that God’s will is false.

Seth started his mission by awakening his angelic abilities, and proceeding to torture and eventually murder his father. His rampage continued until he eventually gained a following for his horrific acts. A small cult of sorts had started to follow his teachings, and reciprocated his ideas. Intricate art pieces made of human flesh began to spread throughout the country. Seth soon was given access to the secret circle of his cult, and controls it from the shadows.

Blood clotting: Seth is able to make someone not bleed from their wounds, this is done by him drawing a cross on the person’s forehead in their own blood. With his ability active, he can essentially choose when and where he would want another person to die

Telekinesis: Seth has the ability to pick up objects as large as barrels and throw them at enemies with extreme force

ability limitations:

Blood clotting: Seth cannot use this ability on himself and it only lasts for a duration of 24 hours

Telekinesis: Even though there is no limit to the things that Seth can hold and catch in the air, he cannot move organic beings or the objects they are holding. The only organic being he can pick up with his abilities is himself.

Skills (D=below average E=average C= above average, B= expert, A= beyond expert, S= perfectionist, SS= godlike):

Medical procedures and dissection: SS
Melee combat: E
Acting: B
Parkour and athletics ability: A
Sewing, crocheting and knitting: S

Weapon and Equipment:
100 Railroad spikes inside of his bag
A sewing kit With primarily blue string
A wallet with cash and coins with a fake ID
A polaroid camera
A bible that has had all of its words scribbled over with black ink

At a distance, Seth is an unstoppable force with his telekinesis
His knowledge of how the human body functions allows him to perform first aid on himself easily
Seth is used to making quick getaways, and so he is proficient in athletics and parkour
Seth has an entire cult under his rule, each of them following his orders with terrifying determination

Weakness/ Fears:
Seth is weak in up-close combat, and usually falters when it comes to pure strength vs pure strength
Seth can sometimes let his madness get to him, and will disregard plans all for “the artistic interpretation” of certain events

Seth will sometimes refer to certain things as pain tools, such as a knife being a paintbrush
Seth’s favorite food is apples, particularly the yellow ones

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Name: Ben Forbes

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Pansexual

Species: Human

World: Unknown



Ben's a sociopath from top to bottom. Suave and charismatic to no end, social to all, friendly to many, and flirtatious to everybody. He's calm and collected, with a smooth Received Pronunciation accent voice, and cunning mind who's quick to retort. He can be humorous and self-aware, jokeful about how he acts with others when it's brought up, Ben still and ego about him for sure, with visions of grandeur and a power complex. He thinks himself mighty man who could one day be ruler among men and women. While Ben from the outside seems a friendly, normal man, underneath the skin, he's a ruthless individual. He's quite cold, calculating, and manipulative, whether to control someone important to his own cause, or simply woo someone he finds physical attraction towards into bed with him.

The man has a wandering eye to physical attraction, whether to partners both male and female, with a virile indulgence in kinks and fetishes no matter how strange they may be. His enjoyment of the flesh and dabbling in erotic curiosities can often be quite a handful to those he surrounds himself with, though never one to fully commit himself for relationships with people. For him, they're just objects to use, machines made of flesh and bone that can be used for various needs. He'll treat you nicely, but he doesn't consider you an equal, or even see's you emotionally on a human level. Emotional connections with people for him come from sex, and most of the time they're usually one night stands or partners he can easily manipulate emotionally. There's a cult of personality surrounding Ben, one which he's built to make himself widely loved. While not abusive, Ben can be surprisingly generous to his give romances, offering an environment of luxury, and treating them to whatever they may desire to better his grip around their lives. He has a corrupting nature to him, making those think of thoughts they would otherwise reject, but with him, they're convinced to explore further. The atmosphere with those who follow him feel more like a cult, with Ben as their leader and savior, promising them wealth and power.

His sanity has never been put into question, but he has his own mental demons. Many of his sexual fantasies go from mild kinks and fetishes, to serial killer behavior. The sexual thrill of murder and mangling or corpses, mentally breaking someone down until they are trained to act like mindless husks for his sexual desires, and an obsession with blood and masks that disguise his face into something more hideous. He knows these thoughts are quite alarming, and does whatever it takes to keep them from emerging, but these fantasies stem from his issues of emotional connection, without some sort of attachment, he feels the need to go to the extremes in physical gratification to make up for that lack of emotion towards others, and the more he continues down that road, the more those thoughts creep in.

It's these issues that Ben is trying to find some sort of purpose in life. His birth and childhood are of much mystery, with both his parents murdered when he was just an infant, and being kidnapped and raised by their murderer until he was 8, where he was found again, and placed in the adopted care of a farming couple. While never showing signs of strange behavior beyond his philandering, the 'true' Ben has never been seen, always hidden in the dark recess of his mind. He's an anomaly to this world, he doesn't belong to anyone, because the normal social world is alien to him, so he is constantly trying to find that missing piece of the puzzle. He believes his answer lies in power, a power to control, and a power that leads to admiration, and if he can attain that power, he can fill in what's missing within himself, not through an emotional bond, but total validation of himself as a person. A scumbag without question, but at least he gives a good smile.

From what history is known of Ben, he was born to a farming family. His mother was a farmer's daughter, his father was a soldier, and they were a very happy young couple who married together. When Ben was barely a few months old, someone broke into their home, killed both Ben's parents and kidnapped the infant.

Yet, the child was treated well in the care of his kidnapper. His 'father' was actually quite kind and very loving to the young blonde, raising and teaching Ben. He was taught that the perceptions of good and evil were just made up, limitations given to ourselves because true human feelings are based around selfish intentions. If we don't matter, and the universe will treat us as specks of dusts, then the ambition of man should be limitless. If someone is in your way, and pose a threat, then ensure they don't, because the will of one man can change the future of an entire race.

Somewhere in is life, Ben was forced to be removed from his father, and the rest is kept secret. He was a gun runner, traveled between worlds, found love, or whatever love resembles in his twisted mind, and created a kingdom that follows his vision of a united world. One which he plans to spread across the multiverse.

Powers: Ben has something called a 'Crest.' Crests grant special powers to those who hold them such as high aptitude for magic, enhanced strength, and other boons that give them an edge over others. Crests are inherited by blood and thus recipients of Crests come from an ancestor who likewise had the same Crest. Within his genetic makeup, inherited from his mother or father, his crest increases his reaction time, speed, agility, strength, and stamina, to the point where he becomes almost super-human. In fact, it entire changes Ben, both physically and mentally.

Limitations: The Crest cannot last forever. It can last up to an hour before exhaustion comes over him. In his state, Ben also becomes more animalistic. More psychotic. Like the true, dark-sided nature of himself really comes out. The one that wishes for blood and death, with a sadistic grin and madness in his eyes, which turn from bright blue to blood red. As much as Ben tries, he believes slowly but surely the Crest will change him from a rational and cunning mind, to something he has tried to hide away for years. Or maybe it's already taken over, and he simply hides the persona well.

Skills: Blade combat -- SS, Gun combat -- S, hand to hand -- S, Leadership and strategy - A+,

Weapons/Equipment: His weapon of choice is a Mauser pistol, as the weight balance is perfect for his blade and gun combo, while the blade he wields was crafted from an ancient blacksmith forge, using the blood of a demon to make it stronger, lighter, and easier to cut through anything, if he has the physical strength to do so.

Strengths: Great fighter, smooth talker, and have the leadership skills to run an empire.

Weaknesses: Mental state is questionable, emotionally unable to connect with people, manipulator and gaslighter, issues controlling his emotions when in Crest-state.

Other: Psycho Killer........ Qu'est-ce que c'est​


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Name: Mistress Bex

Age: Chronologically her vessel is twenty six and appears in the prime of life.

Gender (Can be genderless too): Female

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Species:Hellion Daemon

World and Universe they are from: Hellion(OC World)

Appearance:Six feet and six inches tall.

Personality : Sadistic and manipulative. Possesses a deep well of patience that is also deadly tenacity to see through her goals.Trusts no one (with one exception) that she cannot control by force or playing to their desires.

History/Bio: Summoned from Tartarus by a Sorcerer to be the slave of a human nobleman like many Daemons. She endured two decades of sexual abuse by and for her master’s pleasure as he established a roaming brothel of Daemons. Bex broke free of her master by manipulating a human servant to kill him out of jealousy. Bex forged her master’s signature to sign over his property in the Daemon-controlled Roman Empire over to her. The mansion in Paris formed the foundation for what became the premier brothel in all of Gaul, and for Bex the eventual basis of her controlling the entirety of Gaul itself.

Until a Hellion named Morgan came into town, and met one of her girls and brought her carefully crafted world down. Only the intervention of a partner from another universe spared her from a life of destitution, and put her on the path to becoming a truly free being by transforming her into a Hellion. With all the potential to achieve all of her desires, Bex sets her sights first on revenge against Morgan.

Regeneration: Her Daemon Core will repair any damage done to her body up to limbs being lost over time depending on severity. This also grants her enhanced durability and endurance.
Immunity to Earth-borne diseases
Immortality: Her body does not age as a result of the constant regeneration.
Absorption: Can absorb the Core of other Daemons and grow more powerful as a result, including able to integrate part of their body into her own, though she has not utilized this power yet.
High Agility: She can run faster and longer than most trained human athletes.
Keen Sense of Hearing
Keen Sense of Smell
Magic: She has learned several spells in her time on Earth and elsewhere.
Rune of Flames: Allows her to store ambient heat to be released in various forms and intensities as she pleases. Her usual application is to heat her nails and horns to increase their damage.

Rune of The Beast: Transforms her into a large (10 feet at shoulder, 24 feet nose to tail) Chimera-like form that is a Ram with reptilian claws, bat wings, and a Scorpion tail. All covered with black fur.

Gliding: In her humanoid form the bat wings allow her a very limited means to glide.

Rune of Ruin: Breaks down inorganic matter such as metals, stone with her touch.

Glamour: An illusion cast over her appearance. Limited to beings she has seen.

Power Limitations

While immortal, she still needs nourishment to function and will go into an immobile stasis if deprived of basic needs(food, water, oxygen) for too long.

Complete disintegration of her body is possible and will result in her Core being sent back to Tartarus.

Using her magic outside her home universe expends her Core power. Overuse can render her mortal for a time until it replenishes.

Skills (Any skill your OC is particularly adept at, from swordsmanship, to piloting, to knitting should be mentioned here. Should also state their skill level D-Slightly Above Average, C-Above Average, B-Excellent, A-Master, S-Above Master, SS-Grandmaster):

Diplomacy - S
Leadership - B
Martial Arts - S

Weapon(s)/ Equipment

The Punisher
A macuahuitl enchanted to launch it's obsidian blades when swung at a distant targetand regrow them instantly.

Interdimensional Transporter
Allows her to travel the multiverse.

Strengths: Magic, intimidation

Weakness/ Fears: She fears being rendered mortal by overusing her magic, and being sent back to Tartarus should her vessel be destroyed.