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  1. Madara has been apart of the Blackrock community the whole time of his life. He never left the town as he had no reason. He was at the highschool when everything happened. The last day ever he was marked as a human. Not only that today was the day that it happened, The humans called it "The Revolutionary Era" it was already declared in the morning although none knew what it meant.

    He was sitting in class listening to his teacher talk about this New era they speak of and he was bored. That was until two Swat members entered the room. "No one move anyone that try's to run will be shot!" He shouted as everyone stood still one walked past everyone one by one and he soon pointed at a few people in the room, he was one of them.

    After everyone that was chosen was in the gym they lined everyone up as there was a total of 24 people in a line he was excluded. Before anything happened they spoke "if any of you resist you will be killed" he said to them. Soon he placed bands on a person one by one and everyone with the band had burned. two men came from left and right so to get things done faster. After a few moments he knew what was going to happen. "Please don't" he said his eyes widened as the grabbed his wrist. Right as the band was going to be placed on him the lights in the room broke and electricity went everywhere shocking every guard in there paralyzing a lot of them for life and others killed. Soon after he knew what he'd done and he ran. He ran out of the school and into the forest at the school. They didn't even announce that they were mutants until now and he's afraid of himself.

    He sat down behind a tree being in sudden shock. He wasn't able to control his powers. He just wasn't sure what he was able to do as he is a wanted criminal. He saved 5 out the 25 of his kind so he thought of it as it's worth it.
  2. Kinsley had been in the gym that day, the last of her row. She would be the last to get banded, the last to be shut down for being different. She had known through a small number of accidents that she was not a normal human. Normal people couldn't punch with enough force to blow out ear drums or dent a cement wall. She was almost like a brick wall. But it was terrifying at the same time. The constant buzz in her ears, the perpetual feeling of electricity running through your veins. It was mind boggling.

    So when the lights went out with a snap, Kinsley took her change. Screaming in frustration and rage, she socked the nearest guy in the stomach, a loud bang ringing out as she connected her fist with his stomach. And then with a flash, she was out the door. She wasn't going to stay any longer. By the time she had reached the outside world everything had changed. She knew it had. She would have to run, and hide, and do everything all over again. She could hear heavy breathing from a nearby tree.

    Peeking around it from afar, Kinsley walked over to him and sat down beside him. "Well today has to be the shittiest day in the entire world." She grumbled, chuckling softly.
  3. He heard someone running towards his way and his fists clenched. He was about to punch the person who was about to turn. Soon he realized it was a girl and he released his fists. He soon heard her speak and he laughed. "Shittiest? That's an understatement, they just did a mass murder right before our eyes..." He looked down as he wondered if she was a survivor.

    "Are you one of the remaining five that lived?" He asked her. For all he knew she could be a spy but he wasn't able to think about that. He's unstable as he couldn't control his lightning. He just got up and looked around "I need to get going, I'm going to find a group that I knew about. I hope they are still there..." He sad simply. He started up for a jog among the forest when he ran where he stepped has slight bit of blue lightning zapping out of the grass.

    Not long after he arrived at a tunnel. He looked around it seeing if there was any evidence of someone entering it. It was clear of course so he simply entered. This used to be an underground bunker so he knew where to go in here.
  4. Kinsley watched the man look at her. She nodded. "Kinsley." She said simply, looking at him. "And that's why I'm here dummy. When the lights went out, which assuming by the tingling feeling that I am getting here was you, I punched the nearest guard and bolted." She said, closing her eyes.

    As soon as she opened them, he was gone. It wasn't hard to follow him. He couldn't control his powers obviously. He smelled like fried chicken and a little bit of burnt hair. Walking after the man, Kinsley looked around herself. They were walking towards the bunker, and she sighed. "This place looks dark, and damp. But it will work." she said, looking at him.
  5. While he was searching though the bunker he was putting the info together. Her name was Kinsley, she was a survivor of the same mess and she figured it out it was him who saved them. Soon he looked around looking for something. Soon he found the hidden ladder and he climbed down and suddenly there were lights all among the bunker and you could see everything.

    Soon a group of people in hazmat suits found them and the clearly noticed they were mutants. "Name age and power" one said holding down clip board. Madara look at the person an spoke "Madara, I'm 18, and I believe lightning" he said simply and then the other person waited to hear from Kinsley.
  6. Kinsley followed the man down to the bunker, looking around at the place. This was not the ideal situation, but it had to be done. She was now on the run. She hated this whole thing, the drama, the running, the fighting, the everything. Seeing the lights turn on, Kinsley squinted at the sudden change in light. "Ouch." she mumbled, still squinting.

    When the people in hazmat suits came down, Kinsley swallowed. Apparently the man's name was Madara. Stepping forwards as well, she stood next to him. "Kinsley, 19, sonokenisis." she said clearly, looking at him. "I have known about my powers for a little longer then you have apparently." She said with a shrug.
  7. Once they registered everything down on the paper they guided them to a room "Kinsley go in there and a person will be there soon" they told her and basically pushed her in and locked the door after she entered. The room was basically a rubber room and was sound proofed so her ability wouldn't work. Soon after they found a pod and put him in it and they smiled "Well help you control your powers no worries" they said. Soon after he felt his lightning go out of control and he was yelling in agonizing pain as the place was getting more power.

    After about an hour Kinsley was trapped in a room and she probably realized there was no way out. Not long after that hour two people randomly appeared in her room. One was a man in a hood that was black and another was a kid. "Nitro, where are we" he said looking around. Suddenly he saw Kinsley and he spoke "Well, if it isn't Kinsley, still quite young but it's better than not seeing you" he said outloud not realizing she doesn't know who he is.
  8. Kinsley yelled as she was being pushed back into the room. She growled and slammed her fist against the door. It did nothing against the rubber. Growling again she smashed it again. It was useless. Rubber room, she couldn't hear anyone. Just that faint little buzzing in her ears. At the least in here it felt a bit better. Sighing, she let her body flop onto the floor, and laid down. She wasn't going to get out of here any time soon.

    Considering they asked for a power, they already knew what kind of person she would be. Looking up at two people appeared, Kinsley got to her feet in a ready position. "How do you know my name? Why are you?" She demanded sharply, looking at them. "I may not have powers in here but I can still fight." She added, her lips pulling back in a snarl.
  9. He looked at her for a second the moment she spoke he knew she didn't know who he is. He soon removed his hood, he had white hair and a scar on his left eye that looked like a knife went from the top of his check and up to his eye brow but he could see perfectly fine. He soon had tears in his eyes and he smiled. "That damned witch knew. She said when you doesn't remember me then I'm going to die soon" he looked at her with pity as he raised her left arms sleeve and he saw she had no tattoo. "This is when it all began, day one of this living hell. Back when time actually meant something" he said and soon he just lifted his hand and the rubber iron door soon smashed into nothing. He soon grabbed her hand and ran her down a hall "Save Madara there, also try closing your eyes when you use your screech" he told her letting her know about how it increases the strength of her screech. He soon looked at nitro. "Take me back to the present" he said and soon the two of them disappeared while he disappeared there was an a gold bracelet that had her name on it.

    Meanwhile Madara was in pain unable to do anything as he was basically powering the facility. He was basically their power generator. His powers were being drained from him.
  10. Kingsly looked at the man in front of her, raising an eyebrow. He was certainly not a forgettable face. "I have a feeling I will at some point." she said, watching his every move. When he moved towards her arm she flinched back a bit, before letting him putt it up. Looking at the door, she yelped, the buzzing returning to her ears as the door blasted into nothing. Nodding Kingsly walked out the door and looked back at him. "Thanks." She called back, closing her eyes and concentrating on her feet. Shoving herself forwards, she listened to wherever Madara was.

    She found him in the generator room. Walking inside, she made sure to be very careful. One by one, she shut down the reactor and walked over to it, popping open the door to let Madara out.
  11. Madara soon was saved by Kinsley and he smiled. "Thank you, you saved me... Let's get the hell out of here" he said and soon he ran out of the place and he looked down "is there anywhere safe that we can stay for the night" he whined as he looked around.

    He realized he had his powers controlled now since what happened stabilized him.
  12. Kinsley nodded, racing out of the bunker with him. She could hear yelling behind him. "I don't know but if we don't hurry we are going to end up back there even if we don't want to." She said firmly, staring at him. "Anywhere will do as long as they cant find us. My first bet, the forest." She mumbled, grasping his hand and tugging him along with her. Kingley weaved through building after building. They needed to get out of there. She could worry about other things later.
  13. He looked at her and frowned at her "How did you escape anyways?" He asked her as Madara started to run back into the forest. He looked to see if there is anything where he can relaxed.
  14. Kinsley shook her head. "Someone from the future who we apparently know. Anyway, we have to keep moving. If they find us, were toast. Well, they will be seeing as you aren't zapping every tree we stand next to." She stated bluntly. "Also this time I can actually see and use my powers better so it should be fun."
  15. He looked at her and he wasn't really liking her comments. "Time travel doesn't exist I would've prevented this time from happening" he simply said. Soon she spoke about her powers, "do you want to fight me I can paralyze you" he told her and frowned. He didn't like her being like that sure he wasn't in control of his powers but he saved her life. It's still the worst although he'll get better at things like this. He wanted to get stronger than her too so she won't say things about him.
  16. Kinsley rolled her eyes, and smacked her forehead. "If you had changed this we wouldn't be together and would have gone separate ways and ended ourselves in an alternate timeline. There is a reason people from the future do things. And no I don't want to fight you, are you sick or something? The last thing we need is you or me hurt. And that's exactly what would happen. Hate to break it too you but it's hard to hit someone with lightning when you either cant see them, or your head is imploding from the sheer volume and pressure of noise.
  17. "We probably would meet anyways even if this new era wasn't made. Meeting eachother was probably meant to happen anyways as we go to the same school" he told her and sighed. He just looked around trying to find anything to relax in. He soon just brought her into the forest as they got away from the people in the bunker.

    Soon he just followed around looking for a hidden place as he wasn't exactly sure if either of them were willing to run away for too long. "Hey, Kinsley do you think your able to create a pit for us to sleep in for the night we should be safe if we are there as many Won't look for us there" he told her
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