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  1. The Eternal War has lasted since the first humans walked the Earth, when the world was ripe with mana and aether. Humans weren't the only intelligent beings roaming the planet. Vampires, and werewolves have lived since homo-sapiens began to expand their domain.

    Vampires are partially what the legend foretells them to be. They drink blood, they are tough, they are fast, they are strong, and they can turn a human into a vampire, if the human survives the pain. They aren't, however, going to burst into flames in sunlight. A number of them are capable of supernatural abilities, beyond what they are all capable of.
    Werewolves, are far from myth as well, capable of turning into a wolf at will, and not only at the full moon. In fact, werewolves can resist their urge to turn into a werewolf during the full moon, but it takes experience and even then for them it feels unnatural. They are large in wolf form and tall in their human form, often over six feet tall, even the female werewolves. Their wolf form often stands over five feet tall, and are as fast, if not faster than vampires. They are strong enough to tear a vampire apart if they are healthy.

    Hunters, The third faction of the Eternal War. They are human in all senses, but their capabilities are supernatural compared to an average human. While they are not as fast as a vampire or a werewolf, they are fast, and have a fast reaction time, faster than vampires and werewolves in fact . They can have the same abilities as vampire, though weaker in strength. They have global presence and numbers that vampires and werewolves often don't have. Their organization is the puppeteer of many governments, which has wars to cover up their operations to eliminate vampires and werewolves that are discovered.

    The Eternal War has been futile and Three Thousand years ago, a prophecy made the factions aware of this, and how they could win. The Truce of the Three Prophets arose from the prophecy. 'The Prophecy spoke of a child, a boy, which would be born to a great hunter. He shall become an adult before being dragged into the war against his will. His best friend shall be a werewolf, who hides his true nature and protects this boy. He shall fall in love with the "daughter" of the Vampire King. The boy shall have a life forced upon him and he shall decide the victor of the Eternal War, though fighting shall erupt from his decision.' These were the key points in the prophecy. This is the year that the boy becomes a man.
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