The Escape?

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  1. I got the idea from watching Sucker Punch but it's not completely like the movie I gave it my own twist. (It will be more fantasy type of story example characters.)

    Idea based from Sucker Punch but there is a twist there are also mystical creatures instead of just humans for example half demons, demons, vampires, werewolf’s, elves, Lorexian (like Khajiit) etc. Which means the Asylum is an Asylum for more than just humans. Also the bar is welcome for all types of species and people.

    There are some who wish to stay at The Happy Puppy but others who want out. The only way to escape is make a plan and fight their way out. Who wishes to stay? Who wishes to leave? Well it’s time we find out.

    Were it all takes place:
    Some have been working for Dale Teasdale for years others just started. He doesn’t share to his clients what his employs are given for he owns them. Many that he takes in are those who were supposed to go into an asylum. He says that here in The Happy Puppy is better. Although he still gives them meds that do many things, but there are some who do not need them for they cooperate with him to where he may not feel the need to give them some.

    Any Questions just ask, and if you want PM me.
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  2. Okay that is basically an explanation of where the RP will mainly take place and who the owner of the Bar is.

    As stated above any questions please PM me or just ask. If this needs more detail please let me know and give me an idea of what you have in mind for everyone may have a different definition when it comes to such things.
  3. Anyone??????????
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