The Enterprise or The Millennium Falcon

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Which would you rather be aboard or be Captain of:

  1. The Enterprise

  2. The Millennium Falcon

  3. Neither (Why?!)

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  1. So, which would you choose? And why? Did Doctor Black Science Guy's explanation suit your needs?
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  2. Couldn't watch the video at the moment and I am a Star Wars fan to the core; but I voted Enterprise. It is a larger ship under good repair with a military-trained and disciplined crew and a competent engineering section. It is larger and has a much more diverse weapons suite and shielding the Falcon simply doesn't have.

    A better question would be a Star Destroyer vs. Enterprise, although the Star Destroyer is a much better off ship.
  3. Yeah, this really isn't a fair contest. Dervish is right on point with this. A more fair battle would be Enterprise against any other capital ship, be it a Star Destroyer, Mon Calamari Cruiser, or something to that effect.
  4. Rephrased the initial post. This is not a combat question (necessarily).

    Which would you rather have, if given a choice? Which ship do you think is just flat-out cooler, or better, and for what reasons might you think that?
  5. Enterprise. Holodecks, replicators--infinite number of things to do on the various Enterprises.
  6. Enterprise. Holodecks alone beat everything the Millennium Falcon has to offer.
  7. I would rather have the Enterprise because it's a lot nicer to live, work and play in :)
  8. I'm going to break the mold and say Falcon. It would be much more suited to my ideal life among the stars and can be crewed by just a few of my close companions. I wouldn't want to enlist in Star Fleet just to find out only officers get to use the holodeck or something and I personally want to fly, not get stuck working on a deck with no windows.
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  9. I'm a huge Star Wars fan, but Enterprise.

    The Falcon is a very nice ship that I'd love to be on.
    But the Enterprise just has so much more going for it, included technology, living space, fully staffed etc.
  10. Enterprise by crew, make, and tech alone. As much as I'd like to explore space in a small ship commandeered by myself and a friend, the Enterprise is still superior. Then again, we're talking about two different classes of ships. It wasn't much of a competition.
  11. The Millennium Enterprise. :3
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  12. [​IMG]
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  13. I choose neither because the Pillar of Autumn is the only ship for me. The Millenium Falcon isn't spacious while the Enterprise has a sucky look to it. If you want to wreck my ship for saying that then go ahead; the Pillar of Autumn looks pretty badass in flames and plus I get Cortana, the Chief, Sergeant Johnson and over a ton of UNSC soldiers that would gladly kick the asses of those scrawny ass explorers xD

    The Enterprise would win if it was only between them(Which it is obviously not) because of many things. The Enterprise is enormous first of all, gaining my pick already since I have claustrophobic problems. Secondly, you have a ton of crew members, provided that they are mostly nerdy and can probably respond with any question that you chuck their way with a logical answer(Except for the captain). Lastly, they have a ton of guns sooooo yeah xD

    The Millennium Falcon is not big in comparison but the designs look way better than the opposition. Next, they don't have nearly as many crew members as the Enterprise. In fact, the Millennium Falcon has like three to four members on average so if one of them gets killed then well game over I suppose...nope just joking. Unlike the Enterprise, the Millennium Falcon can be operated by just one(Or two) person if I'm not mistaken, so if you aren't a people person, then the Falcon would be right for you. The Millennium Falcon has its share of guns but it doesn't come close to the amount that the Enterprise has in its possession. However, its small size and speed make it a ship worthy of recognition even though one could argue about which of the two ships are faster. With that, I'm out people.
  14. I volunteer as your Jayne.
  15. Okay guys, if you haven't guessed it, my response is:


    First, I can fly the thing on my own if need be. Second, I can reach .5 past lightspeed, so there's no corner of space beyond my reach. Third, if I want to hang out with people, I got more than enough space to comfortably accommodate several buddies, and their robots! Finally, the Falcon is like a car. A space car. Constantly working on it, tweaking it; parking it in a public garage to use their tools to make my shit faster, stronger, lighter, more durable.

    Most importantly, the Falcon is mine. No Starfleet regulations, no crew of hundreds, no engineering deck, no keeping things up to minimum specs or standards... I deal with her the way I want to deal with. She's my baby, my prize. My second-wife. She runs how I want, purrs when I hit the gas just the right way...

    Car guys, I think you know what I mean.
  16. Ok, a jokes aside, I actually have to seriously choose a third option here.

    The Enterprise really is in a league of it's own, no matter what version of it you choose. The tech levels in Star Trek simply don't sync up with the average tech in most other sci-fi franchises. Let's also remember that the Enterprise in TNG (the only series I really watched) was pretty much a capitol ship. The Enterprise also offers some of the better crew, my personal choice would be a match up with old members like Scotty and Spock combined with Worf, Data, and Sulu from the 2009 reboot. However, because I didn't grow up with Star Trek, and because of the general atmosphere, I feel no real connection to the Enterprise.

    The Millenium Falcon is another story; while Star Wars is one of my favorite series of all time, I simply don't care much for the old bucket 'o bolts. It's a smuggler craft, it's tiny, and it's shoved in my face whenever I get into Star Wars cannon. The only "crew" it has is Chewy, who's cool and all, but that's about it. Other ships in the franchise draw me more so, like the various vessels in the Imperial Navy, but that's just because I'm an Empire Fanboy and nothing would please me more than oppressing terrorist rebels in a Imperial II-class Star Destroyer.

    Then Yes, while I posted a picture of the Serenity up there, It would hardly be my first choice. It's aesthetically unpleasing, it's unarmed, and it's outdated as fuck. Even if it has more charm than the rest of the ships here combined, it's still in the junior leagues compared to these giants.

    So what would be my choice for the greatest of the Iconic Sci-Fi ships?

    Easy! (open)

    High-Tech: Check!
    Durability and weaponry: Check!
    Iconic Crew: Check!
    Cool Design: Check!

    This ship literally has it all, and unlike every other ship mentioned, I've spent serious amounts of my time aboard this girl. It's state of the art, it's comfy to live in, and it's got some of the greatest personalities in the universe on her. And while I'm more of a Capitol ship guy (ask me about the flagship I use in most roleplays), I will never turn down the Normandy.

    She wins, hands down.
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  17. The Enterprise! Better weapons. Shields. Lots of room. And good ole Scotty to beam me down to whatever planet I want to visit. :)
  18. He'll also beam ya up, ifyouknowwhatI'msayin'.

    Good ol' Snotty Scotty!
  19. The Enterprise other, unknown perk: Better to make a porno in. o.O
  20. Enterprise: Mission of galactic peace, all the cool shit people already mentioned, and a community of intellectuals who have renounced silly things like money and prejudices based on age, sex, and race.

    Millennium Falcon: Cramped, Wookie hair on everything, and some guy manhandling you, insulting your capabilities and whose idea of seduction is to constantly remind you how awesome he is and how horny for him you are.

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