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    An Rp loosely based on The Endless Characters of Neil Gaiman is something I have wanted to do for a while. I created my own backstory for how they came to be, written below, introduced my own original character, Judgment, as moderator and to keep the RP in line. the Rp should hopefully shape into a story of these endless picking sides, waging war on each other through the humans, and end In a style to be determined by the people playing these roles. I have also created links to the original Endless Character
    Bios Here:

    Dream - Taken



    the official RP thread can be found here

    the Rp will officialy Begin when at least 4 of the endless spots are taken, and spots are giving out on a first come first serve basis. If you're interested please leave a reply in this thread.

    Some guidelines:

    Judgment is not part of the endless, he is a character made for plot direction and will guide, but not interfere with, the affairs of the endless, unless directly requested to by one of the endless.

    Each of the main Characters (endless} can only be controlled a single roleplayer.

    any role player can control any number of humans for their own uses, and while the endless cannot directly meddle in the affairs of eachother, their human followers can.

    If a role player is inactive for more than 7 days, their endless will be "Killed Off" by Judgment, and will Be able to be "Reborn" if another roleplayer wants to take that spot.


    "I've been known by many names, but for the sake of time, call me judgment. I created them in my image, I allowed them their own minds, then one day, they started to think. And with those thoughts came ideas, and with those ideas actions. So it shouldn't have surprised me when the endless appeared."

    First came Death- sweet, swift, and peaceful. She did her job with ease and enjoyment, and had a graceful spirit and mind. But she brought with her someone much colder. Someone with milk eyes and a stone face. He brought with him a book, and he called himself Destiny. Destiny was much more fickle than Death. perhaps

    And for along time they ruled as a duo. but humans have a funny way of mixing things up. and one day, there came the self proclaimed 'emotions' straight from the minds of the humans. Dream showed up first, shortly followed by a duo known as Desire and Despair. And while Destiny and Death seemed to oversee the humans, these 'emotions' seemed to take control of the humans, to guide them from within. and for a long time there was peace, or so it seemed, for each of the humans dreamt different dreams, and despair and desire waged war in each of their hearts. Eventually all of these conflictions festered up, and they boiled over. this Boiling over led to the sixth, and by far most harmful of the endless, Destruction, who took over the mind of a single individual."

    But when it rains it pours, for as soon has Destruction took over that first mind, we spread like wildfire within the humans. Violence, war, rape and tyranny. There seemed to be no end to the reign of Destruction that seemed to be consuming the human populace, but Judgment is not one to let his efforts to go in vain, and so, for the first time since his creation of the humans, Judgment intervened.

    Judgment looked upon the earth, watching discerningly as the humans tore each other to pieces. Knowing not how to handle the situation himself, he created the youngest of the endless by hand, and he called her Delight. She was young, strong, beautiful, the embodiment of happiness. And just as quickly as she was made, she entered the hearts of the mortals. with this new found happiness in their hearts, it wasn't long before Destruction was quelled. But the battle took its toll on delight, and though she quelled Destruction, she lost herself in the process, for though he tried to convince herself that She was still delight, she could not ignore everything she had experienced. The trauma caused Delight to fall into a downward spiral, and when she came out she was no longer delight, but Delirium."

    And that is how the Endless came to be, and for a while their was peace. But before long the Endless started to fight again, as sibling often do, and through these fights, the earth started to fall again...
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