The Empty City

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    The man had gone to bed the previous night as he would any other weekday. He came home from his rather nondescript job, cooked a simple meal, and went straight to sleep. He was exhausted from his day, and he had another two days exactly the same to go before he got a proper rest. At least, that's what he expected. On the other hand, no one expects the apocalypse.

    It was a bright morning. The sun filtered through the blinds on the window, illuminating a thin cloud of dust that hung over the room. The screeching of cicadas obscured even his own thoughts. He currently sat on a bar stool in a pub, sipping from a mug of tea he hadn't bothered paying for. Nothing had seemed out of the ordinary for a while. Until he stepped out of the apartment block and saw the usually busy streets completely empty. Not only were there no cars, but no pedestrians either. The cars that did remain had been parked since at least the evening before. The same trend he noticed all along his route to his job at the radio station. When he got there he found the door locked, even when the early morning broadcasters should have been there for a while already.

    In the end, he had climbed in an open window. Here, he set about recording a message. It was a short message, something that could be played on repeat for a few days. It was barely a minute long, a simple broadcast to tell anyone who was out there to meet up at a certain pub, the one he was in now. It was only a city station, so he would have no idea what remained of the outside world. He sat there now, the empty mug in his hand, waiting anxiously for someone, anyone to show up.

    What would you do if you woke up one Thursday morning to find that everyone you know has mysteriously disappeared? This RP will explore this idea, and I hope the story I have in mind will entertain y'all.

    I'll be accepting no more than 5 people excluding my own character, and those maximum 6 characters will be the only living souls in the city. As for what disappeared and what didn't - anything that could be considered self aware disappeared, meaning 99.9% of humans, dogs, cats etc, as well as anything they were directly interacting with at the time - cars, books, the like. If in doubt, ask and I'll answer specific to that creature/item.


    Appearance: (Any format will do, although I'd prefer that you avoided real life photos)
    Occupation: (Will be useful for what skills they likely possess)
    Backstory: (keep it short. Anything dramatic should be revealed IC for character development)