The Empress Of Death

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  1. The Empress of Death

    In a place called underground (not literally) is where you find the gangsters. Either fighting for fun, drinking, flirting and doing some 'things' or just looking around. Though not all gangsters are bad, not all gangsters are just doing it for fun because they hate their parents or stuff. They are gangsters because they have something to fight for. They are gangsters because they want to fight those bad ones. They are gangsters for a reasonable reason.

    One of them is Empress of Death, the most infamous and powerful gangster of the history. No one ever knows her except those 4 other girls that is always behind and beside her. Aside from being infamous and the powerful gangster, she is also the rich heir from the most notorious and richest mafia which causes her a lot of enemies in line.

    But one day, she just disappeared. No messages, announcements or what. She even left the mafia’s mansion. The 4 girls are also gone thus, leaving them without clues where to find her. This made everyone get crazy. Everyone is starting to make assumptions, everyone is faking her just to get the fame and attention, everyone is preparing their plan to find and kill her and everyone is finding her to save her.

    But what if… the girl they are finding is already in front of them?


    This has limited characters. Five girls (including me) and five boys are in a secret government organization where they will be given different missions to find Empress of Death and other illegal things. There will also be romance so you need to choose partners or get entangled with another (love triangle, square or star (jk lol)) but no explicit things.

    **they are also gangsters
    **They have gangster names and it is also used as their code name when going to a mission.
    **They are all rich and from a rich family whose business is (state) which is (what class? First class /5 star hotel/etc)
    **They have an own weapon (no large weapon) or tattoos to identify that that person is (gangster name)


    ** Casual
  2. I suppose Pinkie Pie qualifies as a gangster name and so does Finn, as well as Barney.
  3. ^ LOL no.
  4. You have my interest... I just have to think of a gangster name.
  5. It's funny because I would think that everyone has names they perceive to be 'gangster style' hence why I made that joke. Of course, I would never use those names as a "gangster" name, but only being told we all have "gangster" names and no information being provided further such as examples on what you think and/or believe gangster names to be, I found myself contradicting what a genuine "gangster" name would be perceived as. xD
  6. This looks like fun, so i'm totally in.
  7. Would playing a concerned citizen who takes the law into his own hands be a thing i could do
  8. My gosh I would love to be a female gangster! I'd have to think of a name, though,.. tthis idea looks so awesome!
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