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    Fukuwa's awakening (open)

    Slowly he woke up, everything was blurry at the moment but he then saw where he was. He heard the computer start with a buzzing, seemed like it was time. The liquid was emptied and for the first time, he felt his feet touches the ground but actually he felt nothing like that. It was his brain that embraced the signals and made him think that it felt cold and a little slimy. But the truth was, it was not that he felt, he was just fooled by the brain. The thick and grimy glass opened up and he walked out of the cylinder, the liquid dripping from his hair and face as he saw himself reflected from the glass, his eyes shining red and he had not aged one bit in the last 15 years, but what he had been expecting? He walked over to the computer and asked for information about the last minute but the computer responded anchored written and crashed, the computer had given up for the moment, but it was still his turn to collect information. Now it's the computers time to take a small nap from this world. He went to a closet in the room and took out his new clothes he got from his father.

    Fukuwa's clothes (open)

    He put on the gloves and made sure the equipment was that it would, now he was ready. Now it was his time to explore the new world. He looked at the rusty black door that was made of metal, he started walking towards it and clicked the button that would soon fall off. The door opened slowly while bright white light embraced him, he saw it, he saw the world. The world was gray, black and dirty and buildings had collapsed, while the black clouds hid the sun's light, this ... was the future.
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    Fuck! Zuki mentally screamed to herself. Running fast to no particular direction she looked down at the bag in her hands. The world as she known all her life was just gray. Hearing stories generations through her family she heard that the world used to be full or colors. Seeing a building up a head she ran towards it. If she went inside and the men followed her she would lose them through out the building and go to her small town that the surrounding area had created. Looking behind her she notice that the men wear slowing down. Stopping he walked to the building itself and pressed herself against the wall. Crouching down, her chest would hit her legs and come back down as she breathed in deeply.

    Zuki rested her head against the wall behind her as he clutched the nag close to her. Opening it she notice she dropped some of the food. Closing her eyes she moved her hair behind her ear. What was life like besides the world I live now? she thought sadly. Was all the people like me? Like the people form the town? Or different? Getting up slowly she didn't see the men who were after her in sight. Walking around the build she notice something in the front of the place. Placing a hand on her gun she walk towards the thing. Raising her gun in front of her she yelled out, "Hey! What are you doing here?"
    She hoped it wasn't a cyborg. Zuki didn't want to deal with them.

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  3. He typed in a control while the screen was blue and flew around in the air along with the other three. He looked at the object, and locked it in a file and searched for information on what it was. Multiple numbers came up in the screens in a high speed while a data took up everything.
    -"Seems like a mechanical flight mechanism, used to humans who would be able to get to other places through the air, missing parts: fin and stabilizer, ailerons, rudder and swirlers, around 380.5 screws and 47% metal, windshield and the engine seems to be gone as well. A lamp work but get little shorts every hundred fiftieth of a second." He said very calmly while collecting the data.

    He proceeded to key in each coordinate of the aircraft and when he was done after just four minutes, he turned off the display while data was saved in his controlpanel. Part of his brain was a "mechanical brain" and could also pick up data if needed. He looked around at other objects and life but did not see much, it was very empty in this city that once was New York and is now a burnt soot city with metal parts. He found a weapon that has been recently used by the others cyborgs that he has coordinated and taken data from. They seem to be sort of alien-like cyborgs who have now taken their place on this planet. He took the gun and looked around once more. His red eyes were changed from red to blue. They tend to change color depending on the situation, if it's quiet and no one is on the way to attack, his eyes turn blue and more concentrated, if they are red, he is more dangerous and wary. He turned around and saw something, he changed his eyes into heat radiation-mode and saw something. It seemed to be a human of some sort. The human shouted and probably have seen him but he didn't move, just waited.

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  4. Zuki took a step back unsure what was going on right now. "Wha...?" Staring down at her, now, empty hands and back to the thing in front of her she wanted to run and hide in fear. But curiosity overpowered that, causing herself to be just standing there.Was this thing a cyborg? she thought to herself. It's a bit different from the rest really...if it is one at least. Taking another shaky step back she looked upon the...thing in front of her and asked very slowing hoping to get some answers, "Um hi? Er, how are you?" trying to be pleasant.
    Gulping slightly she was unsure what to do. Zuki wasn't much for facing these situations like this really.

    Have you ever had those moments where your brain is just plain empty? Well that's is what Zuki is experiencing right now. She had never came face to face with a cyborg like thing in her life. With others? Yeah. Far away? Yeah. "And what are you doing here?" she asked slowly not wanting to provoke the slightly human looking like thing. From the corner of her eye Zuki saw noting in one corner and the building in the other. Breathing in and out slightly in a almost panicky like way. She may or may not been over exaggerating the situation currently....but still. You freaking idiot! Zuki yelled at herself. Why are you being afraid of such a stupid thing!?[/i} But one question still remained.

    "What the hell are you?"
  5. Fukuwa looked at the human and scanned her body. She seemed to be a female of the homo erectus kind that has lived the longest on earth unlike the others. Her heat started to go up but she was also cold in some parts, her body was tense and she was sweating a little, was she what they called "nervous" or perhaps "fear"? When she asked him a question he would simply answer it the way he had learned.
    -"Hello, I'm fine. My body is in normal condition, nothing is broken and my brain works perfectly with the computer." His voice wasn't as cracky as the other cyborgs, he sounded and could very well be a human although he wasn't. She asked him another question and he would answer as always.
    -"I'm collecting data from several things you humans, the cyborgs and the aliens have left behinde in order to gain more information." He took forward a control-like thing out of his pocket and showed it her, he opened the screen and then files upon files of data showed.
    -"See." He then took his finger and pocket on a file and then dragged his finger so fast it was hard to see where he pointed and then took up a file about her, about her lenght, about her possibly weight, body, organs, everything.
    -"I've also collected things from you in order to gain information." His face was cold as every, no emotion shown but his eyes, shone a bit of life on them.

    He looked at her while she was in thinking mode of herself and then started to shout out questions and her temper rised, she was both angry and afraid and at the same time confused. If Fukuwa have had that much emotion inside him, he would probably shut down by the congestion, since he doesn't even know how everything of those feelings even feels like.
    -"You're not stupid, you're just unused to be around us. And with the mix of your feelings, of course you would be like this. As every human, many people are afraid of the new things and has always been." He took away his control and putted it in his pocket again and looked at her with the same face expression.
    -"I'm a cyborg, built for information and a strong body and brain. But I could say that I'm more of an android since I look more like a human although I don't have much humans parts in me."

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