The Elder Scrolls : Rise Of Natoth

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  1. This role play is based on the "original" Daedric Prince, "Na'Toth", an aspect of Namira. . . While Namira is the goddess of things that skitter in the dark, Na'Toth is a goddess of somewhat more benign and pleasant things attached to the gross and unpleasant. A goddess of child birth, the hearth, healing, but most of all, she focuses on powers and magical presences that acquire blessing and enchantments that come from pain and the unpleasantness of life. For example, lovers who have lost a fiance or husband, wife or such a person can invoke Na'Toth for a new lover, wisdom from love lost, or how to best honor their lost love.

    Those who have lost a fortune can invoke Na'Toth for something replacing the old, or perhaps beseech her for a magical equilavent to what they lost. . .

    Na'Toth is still a Daedric Prince however, consumed by her own sphere. She has not been spoken of en masse on the Tamrielic Continent for hundreds of years, some say even a hundred years or two before the time that the Nerevarine walked the lands of Morrowind. A new religion arriving from the ancient lands of Atmora has come that claims to believe Namira herself is Aedra, not Daedric, and that they even have priests with powers that rival that of the greatest known established High Priests of the Nine Divines.

    Na'Toth's cult has done many good things in northern Tamriel. In High Rock, they helped to mend familial relations and heal old wounds of the past between warring factions. In Orsinium, they have helped the Orcs rebuild their mighty city-state and resume their own customs. In Skyrim, they have rebuilt the old city of Winterhold and improved relations between the common people and the Mage's College.

    Dawnstar has seen the Na'Tothites lift an evil curse from Vaermina, the same that was laid down from her more than a hundred years ago and taken off by Erandur the Dark Elf and the Dovahkiin. Even in Solitude, the Nat'othites take the prostitutes and orphans from the streets and press, but don't insist on converting those they help, which also include the widows and the elderly without home.

    Yet with all the benevolent things that Nat'othite religion has brought to Tamriel in the past one hundred years, all religion has at least some corruption. The Nat'othite High Priestess is willing pay a VERY handsome price for the routing out of renegade priests who claim to possess the will and the way to bring Namira into Mundus. Not even the Nat'othites want this, because they realize that if Na'Toth's prominent aspect, Namira, enters Tamriel, no one will have the power to stop her.

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    Since it takes years to learn Shouts, no character may have more than three shouts at the start of the game. They can have them all at the third word, but no more than three shouts.
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