The Elder Invasion: CHAPTER 7 - Iwaku Mall

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    A place of wonders! The Mall contains the most exotic and awe-inspiring treasures of Iwaku. It was at the heart of the restoration after the Admin War, and now represents a fusion of cultures, a labyrinth of shops and supermarkets sheltered beneath the sparkling dome.

    You can find almost anything you're after in this place, as well as some long-buried secrets and mysterious characters. There are bizarre bakeries, adventuring shops, treasure galleries, weapon shops, exotic restaurants and many other things in the maze-like chambers.

    The center of the Mall is a food-court built around a huge War Memorial - a great plaque bearing the names of all those who perished in the Admin War.

    [Power Hierarchy: D, S, C, R]
  2. Name- Luna Adler
    Age- 15
    Gender- Female
    Height- 5' 8" or 12' 6"
    Weight- 120 lbs or 870 lbs
    Sexual Orientation- Straight
    Occupation- Homeless, jobless, and petty thief.

    Alias(Optional)- N/A

    Pros (5 good traits)- Walking entity of sass/ loyal/ strong willed/ quick witted/ protective
    Cons (5 negative traits)- Overemotional/ easily angered/ too stubborn at times/ can be overbearing/ doesn't take to authority well

    human form (open)


    Dragon form (open)


    Powers & Abilities / Skills-
    Shifting to dragon form
    • Flight
    • Firebreathing
    • Super strength
    • Fireproof scales
    • Almost impenetrable chest scales
    • Her wings, if damaged, make it impossible to fly.
    • Like the Hulk, too many emotions can make her lose control of her dragon side and shift against her will.
    • Her chest and underbelly scales can be penetrated with enough force, and they are her vital organs' last line of defense.
    • If her jaws are held shut, she cannot breathe fire.
    • She has an enormous appetite and must eat more than the average human.
    • Cold makes her sluggish.
    • After she shifts to human form, she is weak and often dizzy or disoriented for a few minutes.
    • Being caught and imprisoned or killed for what she is
    • Being seen as the monster she thinks she is
    • Losing control and killing a lot of people
    • Making friends only to lose them
    • Any wounds taken in either form will show up on the other. (I.e. If her left hind leg is injured while in dragon form, when she shifts, her human form's left leg will be injured as well.)
    • She loves pancakes.
    • Her fire she breathes is silver. It has no magical properties, it's just a different color flame.
    • Like the Hulk, she ends up naked (or almost naked) after shifting back to human form. She tries to shift back near clothing or blankets.
    • She doesn't have much in the way of a real education.
    • Her dragon form has a mind of its own, and it's a constant metal battle between the two of them. If she's in dragon form, her dragon mind is stronger than usual and thus it is easier for her to lose control.


    Luna was raised neglected by her family. They lived in the slums of a large city west of Mecca. Her father was an alcoholic and her mother was a drug addict. Luna would often have to steal money from her parents to buy food and clothing for herself and them.

    She didn't know about her ability growing up, though the girl noticed that she seemed to eat more than her peers, as well as seeming more emotional overall. She thought she was just....strange.

    But at age 13, she shifted for the first time in a back alley after being beaten up after school. Her dragon form had decided to take the wheel and carried her far away from the city and her home.

    Luna woke up in a strange city alleyway with no idea where she was, no idea why she didn't have clothes on, and only a vague idea of what had happened.

    The next two years were spent by coming to terms (kind of) with what she was, accidentally killing a few people, staying alive, and trying to stay under the radar. She hopes to figure out a permanent solution soon and get a real home for herself, though she is afraid and hesitant to do so lest she get caught.
  3. Re: Iwaku Mall

    The Grand Re-opening was short... very short.

    The dome of the Iwaku Mall shattered apart as a stone sphere, easily 100ft across, dropped from the sky.


    Orochi gripped the controls of his jetpack, thrusting out the way of the falling projectile. But when the sphere struck the plaza below, the shockwave sent him crashing through shop windows and plyboard walls. He landed in the changing room of a tattered cloak shop, which shook around him as a great slurping noise filled the mall.

    From the crater in the foodcourt, the sphere lifted up again, hovering as it spun. And those shoppers who had not already fled could only stare in horror at what happened next...

    The upper part of the sphere broke apart into 8 pillars, resembling the tips of a crown. And in the centre, a web began to be spun, amber light forming into solid crystal. The eight legs curved inwards, picking up each crystal and deploying it around the mall. And as each capsule was placed down it shattered to reveal a great breach in time and space.

    The shoppers screamed and scattered as invaders started pouring through the breaches - Noob barbarians, trolls, spam-gunners, flamers. They rampaged through the mall, looting and pillaging, slaughtering any they could find.

    And as the hordes attacked, the stone sphere lifted up again, the 8 tips of the crown inverting to become legs.


    The Stone Spider slurped again and unleashed a lazer beam, 20ft wide, which tore a path of destruction through the shops, vapourizing anything that got in the way.

    The Invasion had begun...

    [SUMMARY: A Stone Spider crashes into Iwaku Mall and opens portals through which Noobs, Trolls, Flamers and all manner of Outsiders begin their invasion.]
  4. Re: Iwaku Mall - CHAPTER 7

    A faint beep.

    A faint, repeating beep, still audible in the breeze.

    Iwaku Mall, which was just recently reopened, was struck by the Outsiders, leaving behind a tragic sight. Turbines and all manner of electronic appliances croaked as they powered down, and air vents echoed with miniscule hints of exhaust. In all this silence, only one sound prevailed.

    A faint beep.

    Upon the roof of the Mall, near the dome, rested a prism-like object, partially resembling the generators that lay across. Atop its metallic body, a red light flashed and blinked, in sync with the repeated beeping. In the center of its chassis was a holo-panel, which displayed numbers too miniscule for the naked eye to easily discern.

    It was a countdown, and it just reached zero.

    The machine stopped beeping, and it turned off its signal light. The top of its frame opened up, unfolding, revealing a dome of dark, tinted glass, which rose and rotated from side to side - presumably the machine's eye. The lower chassis glowed with life, and there were small, consecutive combustions - the entire machine ascended off the ground and started hovering about, with its dome head still spinning, as if it were in a panic searching for lost property.

    The prism-shaped machine emitted radio crackles as it passed, and soon enough, the sound of music set in.

    [ame=""]YouTube- Chamillionaire - Ridin' ft. Krayzie Bone[/ame]

    Imprinted upon the frame of the machine was a gray crest that resembled a fusion of a Roman capital letter T and an Arabic numeral seven, with a semicircular arc crowning it - the insignia of the Teknikan Empire.

    [SUMMARY: There's an Imperial probe in Iwaku Mall! Sound the air raid sirens!]
  5. Re: Iwaku Mall - CHAPTER 7

    There was raucous applause as the War Memorial came crashing down, shaking the entire mall. It had been lashed with Pimprat chains and a team of Trolls had ripped it from its foundations. Up above, the Deviants were repainting the dome in garish blue, and they stopped to cheer, swinging with delight in their harnesses.

    Spammers and Flamers leapt over the fallen monolith, whooping excitedly before going back to vandalising the shops and defacing the walls with graffiti. With Rory and the ambassadors negotiating a truce, an order had gone out for the killing to stop. So now the Noobs busied themselves by desecrating the shopping complex.

    At the head of the trolls and pimprats, a single Hijacker surveyed the fallen War Memorial and nodded. "Now break it apart," he ordered from behind his veil. "Let no trace be left."

    The trolls and flamers moved in, smashing the memorial with clubs and roasting it with fire. Piece by piece the relic fell apart, adding to the field of debris in the central foodcourt.

    But even as the memorial disintegrated, it spoke a message. Some of the letters of the names stood out more than others, still shining with a golden light. In their frenzy, the Noobs didn't notice... but the letters were spelling out a message... a last prophecy to the Iwakuan people.

    Th E t RU e h E ro sh al L sa ve U s t hi S ni G h T
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