The Eight Guardians of Innocence

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  1. It was a dark night. Smog filled the air as the moon shone in blank darkness. In some places, sirens could be heard as a few gangs got busted. The yellow light of streetlights filled the concrete with a lonely scene. Nobody was up at this time of night. Well, nobody except the riff raff of town and the eight people looking up at the sky. These eight people couldn't sleep for one reason or another. Whether it be stress or just a strange curiosity, they were awake.

    For once, a star brighter than the few faint ones that city goers could see appeared in the sky. It almost seemed unnatural as it slowly got bigger and bigger. The star grew until it enveloped those eight watching it. The people fell, the world around them quickly disappearing. They turned round and round until suddenly...


    They slammed onto the floor of a dark metallic place. A faint blue light lit up the strange room, full of crystals. A faint static filled the air before a woman appeared in front of the eight. She was clearly made of holograms as she occasionally would start fuzzing out. She was blue over all with black hair and a dark blue skin tight suit. She gave everyone a cold look and was definitely a no funny business type of person.

    "Welcome to the Crystal Chamber. You are the 1,678th group to visit this chamber. You eight have been chosen to fight against the darkness that is enveloping the world of Disney, effectively destroying the innocence of children and the happiness of the memories of adults. You all will be fighting these enemies with your choice of weapons." The woman's monotone voice toned down as a light showed a wall full of weapons aplenty. Anything you could imagine was placed there. From bows to staffs to swords to even a large hammer.

    "After you have chosen your first weapon, I will give you your first task." The woman said, moving to let the group look over the different weapons.
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  2. Leanne couldn't sleep. The night of her family's death continuously haunted her at night. She couldn't stand it, the horror it brought her. She went out to clear her head when the a star above her suddenly shined brighter. She looked up, bringing her right hand to shade her eyes.

    With a squeak, light suddenly illuminating her and the the street around her was gone! She was getting dizzy, swirling around and around and around and then, loosing her balance, she found herself on the floor. Well, she certainly somewhere. A woman suddenly appeared and she moved away slightly. Leanne realized that there were other people with her.

    Where was she? What was going on? It was all so confusing.

    When she heard that they were going to defend the land of Disney, she perked up. Her sister's had loved Disney. She looked wistfully at the hologram. This was as close as she could get with her departed siblings. Her mind made up, she calmly stepped forward before anyone else could.

    She was going to help this...holographic woman who kidnapped her to save the world of make believe. But Lily couldn't be bothered with such details. She had a world to save!

    "What weapon to take..." she whispered to herself. She could take a sword and be bad ass with it, but no. It looked heavy. What about the bow and arrow? Nah, she didn't have her brother's accuracy. Her brother... she thought wistfully but she broke herself out of that train of thought. Where was she again? Oh, right! Weapon.

    She walked towards the staff's and stopped in front of a dark wood staff with a fairly sharp tip with three sharp points on the tip with a bright ice-blue crystals in between. It looked fairly dark and not at all nice looking but she felt entranced at the darkness the staff eluded.

    It was certainly beautiful in her eyes.

    With a determined nod, she reached her hand towards it. This was her weapon.
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  3. Hit with a bout of midnight insomnia, Terra found herself in her PJs staring up at the stars in the middle of her favorite meadow. There was a bunny sleeping by her feet as her topaz eye scanned the great blue above her for constellations. It wasn't as smoggy out here, but for some reason there was one star trying to outshine the others tonight. Terra blinked, trying to fix the big bright spot in her vision, but it only got larger. Her eyes widened even though only one of them had the ability to see. It got so bad that she had to wince and she could still see some of it filtering through her eyelid as the bunny scampered away. Terra gasped and felt herself float away as if by magic to a sudden---

    "Oomph!" Terra landed on her shoulder and rolled to a stop on cold metal beneath her. What? She puffed her hair out of her face and sat up as confusion overwhelmed her. There were other here with her. Is this a dream? The room then slowly filled with a comforting blue light provided by clusters of beautiful crystals all around, though what caught Terra's attention was the fact that no matter which way she looked at it, there was no apparent way out. And then a hologram appeared, announcing to the motley group that they were guardians somehow, meant to save the innocence and happiness form being consumed in darkness. Yep. It was definitely a dream. Only in her wildest dreams would Terra be chosen to go o such an epic quest to save Disney! So she stood and smiled. Then joined the other girl who decided to go along with it all. She chose her weapon wisely. A simple weapon for a simple girl who usually doesn't like the idea of hurting people in the first place. "Okay blue Lady. I shall choose my weapon in this awesome crystal chamber created by my subconscious. Haha. Guess I did fall asleep." Her left hand reached out to the dagger calling her name. She didn't mind that all of these people saw her Disney Castle Pajamas and mismatched eyes. This is a dream after all. Nothing to worry about.
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  4. Safiya was sitting on her window seal looking up at the night sky as she listened to her mp3, it was late but she felt to hyped up to sleep for some reason. Though she was a natural night owl so late nights wernt that uncommon for the bluenett. She was gazing at a particularly bright star, there was always usually one that shined brighter than the rest. But this one seemed to be growing bigger and bigger, unable to take the brightness Saffie shields her eyes with her hand. What the was that some kind of helicopter? Before she could contemplate what it could be more she as suddenly falling, soon enough she landed right on her butt on some kind of metal floor. "Ow! What the?!" Looking around Saffie blinks her azure eyes in surprise, seeing she was now in some kind of crystal cave.

    She stands up rubbing her bottom slightly, stupid floor was not nice to fall on. At the introduction of the holographic fairy looking girl and the choice of a array of weapons. Safiya was even more confused, she was somehow in a...Disney place? Man she had to stop watching Disney movies...They were now invading her dreams it seemed, and quite vividly at that. Shrugging she decides to play along, if she was in a dream at least make the most out of it right? At least it wasnt some kind of zombie chasing after her like her usual dreams. Saffie was wearing a long loose black t-shirt that had a multi-colored heart on the chest and royal blue pj pants that had white crescent moons on them.

    Walking over to the weapons lining the walls a short sword caught her eye that held a almost glowing aura, beside it was a intimidating large shield. They seemed to compliment each other, hoping it was okay to take them both she picks them up. Sliding the shield onto her left arm and testing the weight of the sword with her right hand. She had always had a fascination with sword, or bladed weapons for that matter. It didnt help that she was a fantasy fiend usually reading some kind of fantasy book or watching a fiction/fantasy movie. Turning back to the holographic girl Saffie smiles hesitantly.
    "I pick these...Is that okay?" Her voice is shy but friendly.
  5. After another busy day, Alex was again glad when his shift in the office was over. Being an engineer may pay not that bad when you work for the military, but it was very tiring, and mistakes were unacceptable. His superiors wanted results, but these were not that easily achieved. On his way home he watched the stars and lost himself in his thoughts as he sat on the bench and waited for a bus. Was it always this complicated? He couldn't tell.
    He let out a sigh and lowered his head while closing his eyes, and when he opened them again, there was only light.

    A few moments later, he fell on something hard. Alex needed a few moments to gather his thoughts, and when he was up on his feet again, he took a look around. A woman appeared, which looked like a hologram like one of those seen in Sci-Fi shows. He listened to her but instead of doing as instructed, he talked to the strange woman while ignoring the others.
    "Hey! What's this all about? Where are we? And more importantly: Why should we listen to you?"
    All of these questions were rational. One couldn't just give orders to random people and think they would follow them without a reason. This woman was a stranger, and there was not even a little bit of trust in the air. It felt more like they would be forced to be soldiers.
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  6. The bass was pumping and nearly everybody was swaying or vigorously dancing along. Some were drunkenly singing, and some where even hanging off of each other and making out. If you could call making out 'gaping at the air like a fish with drool trickling out of your mouth'. It was safe to say that the party was nearing its end and getting a tad nasty.

    Danny sighed pleasantly, and leaned against the glass door on the balcony. He had gone out for some air but decided to stay after seeing how beautiful it was outside. His friend, Harley had called at him to come back inside repeatedly but after quite a few 'Just a second' and 'Coming!' shouted back at her, she gave up. Danny was actually kind of glad. Sure he was happy to be at the party with all of his friends but after awhile it had just gotten overwhelming...

    Danny stared up at the sky trying to spot any constellations, but he only really knew the big and little dipper--
    "Hey the big dipper only has seven stars not eight!" He exclaimed, and then let out a little 'eek!' of terror when it seemed like that star was heading straight for him. "Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!" He yelped as he scrabbled at the balcony door and tugged, but someone had thought it would be funny to lock him in there. "HA-RLEYYY!" was the last thing he screamed before he found himself in smacking into a hard surface.

    He stared, dazed at the woman--er hologram, speaking. What in the world...Innocence of children? Fight the darkness? Weapons? What in the world was she talking about? Then Danny released a huff of laughter.

    This was totally a dream. He had probably fallen asleep on the balcony or something. Well...As long as it was a dream he might as well go along with it! He thought, as he got up and sauntered over to where the weapons were located. It was then that he noticed the other people, but shrugged that off to. There were always people that he didn't know in his dreams, it was no biggie.

    "Oooh," He gasped when he saw the boomerang. A bladed one at that. He grasped it firmly, careful no to touch the bladed edge, and admired it.
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  7. The ding of the microwave had Frankie feeling giddy with joy. Okay, so maybe it was a little strange that he still took warm milk as his cure of choice for insomnia, but... it tasted a heck of a lot better than Nyquil and was much more satisfying. "Hm, hmm, hm..." he hummed softly, pulling the heated mug from the nukebox and heading out onto the porch for a bit of stargazing. The night was young, and his neighborhood was a, thankfully, quiet one. If he didn't get sleepy from the slightly muggy night air and the gently heated cream, then nothing would do it.

    "Starlight, star bright..." They were so pretty tonight. One in particular twinkled like a diamond quite literally. Maybe it was Neverland, heh. But wasn't it supposed to be closer to the moon than that. Also, why was it getting closer? His eyes grew wide. A meteor?! "AH!"

    A shout and the hard thunk of ceramic on his back porch was the last of his consciousness. He was falling and falling. No it had to be a UFO. Why else would he suddenly feel like he was floating. "Unf!" The connection of his butt with cold metal and the appearance of a holographic woman did not help with his confusion either. He felt distinctly like he had fallen into a video game. He smiled goofilly, obviously slightly dazed as he spoke, "Cortana, where are we?"

    Disney? Okay, so not Halo, but that was good. He could deal with Heartless much better than he could deal with Grunts any day. But as he stood and dusted off his robe and pajama pants, he wondered. What weapon? He sure as heck didn't see any keyblades lying around anywhere. However, he did spot something interesting. Was that a gauntlet? Grinning from ear to ear he ran up to the reinforced glove and slipped it on. "I got dibs on the might fist!"
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  8. The hologram shook her head at the humans. "Always wanting explanations. Very well. This is not the land of dreams. This is the Cave of Beginnings. This is where people with heart like yours come to save the dying land of Disney. Disney is dying, children's innocence along with it. You must either help or let the world fall to darkness." She looked over at the weapons of various people. "Those are what you chose. They are yours forever more."

    A small tilt of her head and the woman turned to the man who was questioning her. "Ask me a question only you know. If I get the answer right, you can believe me. If not, I will send you all back."
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