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  1. In the year 2762 the world and the citizens in it are slowly dying off. As a result to keep our kind alive we have created clones from the hundreds of people we have left and stored them each in their own glass tube until ready to awaken as an adult and preform a job that is given to them to help rebuild society, the working society was called The City of Light. These clones will awaken at the age of 18 and begin to learn how to do the job that was assigned for them.
    As years have gone by more and more clones have decided that they want to live their own lives and thus ran away and made their own society called The Valence City. Now as their population grows their land has become smaller and smaller, so they have decided to go to war with their civilization that they were created at. In an attempt to win scientists used some clones and experimented on them, testing different superhuman genes on them. Alot of them have died but some clones made it, giving them powers to freeze things, set something on fire with a snap of their fingers or even give them telekinetic abilities. The human body can only withstand one superhuman ability, and with that ability have to live with it for the rest of their lives. Each successful experiment was kept in a top-secret facility called Warehouse 17 and the project to turn clones into super humans-"The Eden Project."

    A young Japanese scientist named Akiko Mautsumoto was rapidly typing on her computer. Many of the clones were sleeping in their tanks but some had awoken, wondering what was going on. It wasn't time for them to awaken yet and it was hard to keep them asleep. After she had to put the clones to sleep, she had to make sure all the super human experiments were put to sleep as well. First she would give them a warning to go to bed, if they refused she had to fill the room with sleeping gas to make them sleep.
  2. His eyes opened.
    Must not...let..them..wake...
    He scanned his surroundings,his glass tubes were shut tightly,and the tubes on his arms and legs were doubled.
    Who was speaking so loudly?
    His Golden eyes glanced around him,ah,so it was the japanese scientist.he was curious,why wont they let them wake up? Sleeping is such a pain. being cooped up in this tube was an another story.
    How very...Peculiar.
    a smirk came into his lips,very well then. He will be patient,Good things happen to those who waits.
    His stare lingered a bit longer to the woman's back,before he decided to just sleep.
    Good things happen to those who waits. he thought,falling asleep once again.
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  3. Warehouse 17 was built for each experiment to be stored in and have their regular exercises. In each room there's a bed, lamp and one toy that the experiment loved. If you were good then you get to sleep in a regular bed and do regular fun activities in between work. If you misbehave then your braced up and sent into the glass chamber for shock therapy and sleep.
    However the warehouse was a nightmare, everyday screams of pain echoed across the facility. More and more experiments were failing and clones were rapidly changing into monsters, not because of the superhuman genes they usually use, its because they are experimenting with other types of genes. In one corner you see a man slamming his fists on the unbreakable window, half of his face was bubbled up and disoriented. All that man did was scream and cry. In another corner there was a little girl with her eyes gouged out. All she did was stand there and smile, occasionally trying to get out. She had long sharp claws.
    In the midst of the horrifyingly experiments was a beautiful woman with long snowy white hair and dark blue eyes. She sat there on her bed and stared into space. She was experiment 203, the name that she was given? Mimzy.
  4. Obedient wasn't a word to describe Tyler and troublesome was an understatement, but perhaps the only reason he wasn't canned was because of his large amount of potential to become a massive weapon for his creators, or so he heard them say once. He liked the idea of war, the idea of burning everything around him, watching people scream and screech in pain as their flesh melted off of their bones. But alas, he couldn't do any of that. He was confined in a glass tube with some sort of mask over his mouth and bindings on both his hands and legs, and outside his little "room" two guards stood with their guns casually trained at the floor.

    Tyler looked around, his red eyes trying to find anything to keep his mind from going blank and falling asleep. Bad things happened when he went to sleep, he had nightmares and those nightmares caused physical actions. He supposed that was the reason he was isolated from everyone else. He hadn't seen anyone except for the same two guards for months and it bugged him a little at first, but now all he wanted was an opportunity to watch them turn into a puddle of boiling blood and ashen bones.

    In order for that to happen, he'd need to be freed first, and if he tried anything those two guns would shoot out bullets that would drop him in seconds. Faster than he could do anything to protect himself. He sighed internally and allowed his mind to let go of the thought of killing his two "personal" guards and wander, distant screams were heard in the distance, but he was all too used to them by now. In fact, it would be highly unusual if they stopped, and he hated unusual. It got him agitated and wild. But the fact that they were present put him in a sort of ease and he felt himself slowly drifting off.
  5. One guard looked at the dangerous experiment and turned on the intercom the Japanese woman started talking.
    "Hello Tyler, are you ready to behave today?" she said

    Mimsy raised her hand and the teddy bear on her dresser floated in the air. Her telekinetic powers were enhancing tenfold
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  6. Tyler's eyes snapped open at the voice and his eyes began glowing as he felt the rage bubbling inside of him. That voice. It took nearly everything within him to keep himself from trying to burn his way out - he'd tried before and failed utterly. Instead, he looked towards the camera, trying to pass on his hate to the inhumane woman. Another person on his target list that he would love to see scream and cry in pain.
  7. The angry distorted man slammed on what the scientists thought was unbreakable glass and shattered it. An alarm went off. The creature stepped out and looked around, he was completely free...for now.
    He noticed the young Mimsy and with an angry growl slammed on her glass.
    Mimsy backed away terrified. The glass gave in and broke, the thing charged at her and she screamed. With a wave of her hand she sent a sharp piece of glass hurtling towards him. With a loud roar he raised his arm to strike, then...the glass pierced through his body and with a huge thunk he fell to the floor motionless. Blood was splattered all over Minsy and she just stood there in shock. Scientists saw and called guards to come and get her, she made a break for it but they grabbed her and escorted her to the top floor where Tyler was. They put her in one of the rooms and walked away, leaving the two guards to watch over.
  8. A young girl, nicknamed 'Calypso', was dragged through the hallways of the upper level, a guard dragging her along by each arm as she was limp in their hold. She was one of the newly transformed experiments, her hair white and her closed eyes a silver. She was dragged into a room and set down, though the minute the two guards turned their backs, the girl awoke, taking in a gasp of air. Her eyes went wide as she awoke and she shakily stood up, leaning against a window and looking around before her eyes went to the window, her reflection scaring her. Her shadow was against the wall, shifting around without her, and with the reflection of the window, she could see a darker form of herself. She put her hand to the reflection, the girl in the window having a sort of delay before pressing her hand to Calypso's. When she'd come into the labs, she'd had brown hair, hazel eyes, and no shadow abilities. Now she was left with new shadow abilities and the inability to see herself in a reflection, seeing only the darkness.

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  9. Calypso saw the no eyes girl staring at her with a huge smile slicing slowly at the glass
  10. Calypso's eyes grew even wider when she saw the eyeless girl staring at her somehow and she shakily took a few steps away, putting her hands to her lips and shaking her head, her shadow retreating with her and acting as a normal shadow for the moment.
  11. The girl stared at her for the longest time then turned away rocking in a corner
  12. Calypso was glad to have the glass between her and the seeing girl, letting out a breath and slowly lowering her hands. She would then look around the room she was placed in, sitting on the simple bed and feeling it lightly before raising her head, looking to the door that led out of the room. She took in a deep breath and then stood, walking over to the door as quickly as she could.

    The girl began shaking the handle, pulling and pushing and trying to get the door open, grimacing a bit and struggling with it. She didn't know if it had been locked or was just stuck, though, and so she continued to try and open the door, starting to violently do so, her breaths getting shorter and quicker.
  13. Calypso heard the speakers turn on and through the intercom was a woman speaking.
    "Time for bed everyone!"
    The creatures walked to their beds and slept, even the scary girl who stared at you went to bed as told.
  14. The girl froze up a bit when she heard the announcement on the intercom and she looked up, her shadow moving on its own and pulling her towards the bed by her legs, as if knowing what would happen if Calypso didn't get into bed. She shivered a bit and then batted away her shadow, walking over to the bed and laying down on it. She shivered a bit and curled up, her shadow stretching out to the door and then continuing what Calypso had been doing, tugging and pulling, somehow having a physical grip despite merely being a two-dimensional figure, while Calypso tried to fall asleep.
  15. Mimsy stared at Tyler for a while, she has never seen another normal looking guy before. She lifted her hand and pressed it against the glass, wishing she could talk to the handsome guy. The intercom spoke up and mimsy cocked her head to the side as Tyler stared at the intercom. She waved her hand and chalk that was left in your room lifted up and started writing on the wall.

    Hello boy

    Mimsy yanked her hand back and the chalk fell to the ground. She heard how everyone's bedtime was soon and she quickly got into bed, with one final look at Tyler she layed down and went to sleep.
  16. This male was named 'Vect' he was physically larger than the others as well. He was dragged into this place do to his physical stature as well, his jaw looked as if it were metal, his body was massive. Feeling the drugs within his body take action. He didn't have anything but to rely on his strength and his own intelligence. Vect's maw was opened as well exposing a long slender pink tongue. His white hair draped at the left side of his face. Vect didn't have anything brought to memory as well. Four guards are around this gigantic monster of a man. His body was dragged by four men, two at his massive arms. Vect in time was going to take his revenge when he was taken at the labs.

    (Excuse me, are the power's only limited to those? )
  17. His name was Ron. He had a very unique ability that he found to be more than useful. Ron was left in one of the rooms that were farther down the way. Not too many people knew or even saw him. But he saw them. He knew everyone's name, abilty, etc. He sat and observed. He gathered all the knowledge and info he could get for the perfect escape plan. He's been planning this for quite a while.

    "What if I don't want to go to bed?" he said to himself as he sat on the ceiling with his legs crossed. Soon enough we'll all be out of here he said before pushing himself off the ceiling and onto his bed where he decided to lay. "There's so much work to do.... "
  18. "It is time for you to wake they will not let you though you are old enough now let them wake you for they will notice the age of your awakening has come and then when you awaken rebuild your world that you awake in for that world shall be the one you defend when it happens go now sleep for a while longer and wait to be awakened." A strange voice rang out in his mind as he was in his test tube his eyes began to flutter open and he calmly watched the scientists hoping one would notice him.
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