The Eclipse

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    The Eclipse

    Regular people all over the world have suddenly noticed an...ability. Ranging from telekinesis to traveling through time. Although people have had abilities before them, there is a large group of the already ability wielding people who have formed better use of the term. They collect the dangerous people with abilities and keep them locked up to protect humanity from them. While they 'bag and tag' the other ability users, they make sure they chip them to know where they are, to keep track of them all. They're still trying to track everyone now, and now that there's a whole new wave of people agents are scrambling to find everyone. Are you part of the company or running from them?

    "Based off of Hereoes"

    So basically yeah, I really want RP this. There are some powers I'm taking off the availability, such as taking other peoples powers, controlling the flow of life, just powers like that, if you have a question about the power you want and it's availability just ask.

    Character Sheet

    {If you want to fill out a character sheet to reserve your power you may}

    Name :
    Age :
    Gender :
    Appearance : (No Anime)
    Bio :
    Power :
    Personality :
    Occupation :
    Skills :
    Other :

    If you're interested please post below because if enough people are I'll make an OOC.
  2. oooo this sounds neat, i'm interested :3
    and if i might offer if anyone is interested, Click here for a random power
    That'll give you a completely random page for any power you can imagine from the completely useless to beyond godlike (you'll probably have to hit it quite a few times to find something that peaks your interest if you don't already have a power in mind)

    I already know what power I want cus I've had a wip i haven't gotten around to finishing that'll be easily adjusted for this :3
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  3. This does sound very interesting~ c:
  4. Yay interest!! :D
  5. @Dramma
    I'm interested just let me know if you start it and do we post characters on here
  6. Okay will do! I mean if you want to you can but you can also just post which power you're reserving
  7. I'd like to reserve the power Lie Inducement c:

    I'd also like to reserve the face claim of Cody Christian.
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  8. would a power like the faceless man from Games of Thrones be okay?
  9. Name :
    Selene Chopra
    Age :
    Gender :
    Appearance :

    Bio : Selene has always been a screw up in life she grew up in an orthodox and abusive household, she was mainly looked down upon because of her family. She comes from a family of scholars but was not as intelligent as her brother and mother and father. She dropped out of school which earned her more abuse but the years of abuse gave her thick skin. She took ballet and self defense classes as an outlet growing up but that lasted till she was kicked out of her family's home. So alone, destitute, and struggling she turned to her looks to earn money until the ECLIPSE changed everything. She has used her power for personal gain, as she was kicked out at a young age and now is anxious to show her family what she has accomplished.

    Power :
    Intelligence Theft/Memory siphoning
    By making Physical contact with a person she can steal their knowledge/skill but specific knowledge an example is someone is an accomplished computer hacker they will lose all knowledge they have gained in regards of computer hacking. When making physical contact with the person they are in a trance while she scans their mind for the knowledge she needs if she steals all of the victims intelligence they go comatose but she doesn't do this because it causes her pain. When using this ability her mind is linked to her victims, the only way to break the link is for her to willingly break it (there's a second way but I don't want to spoil how its done)
    There is a limit to how many people she can be linked to and it severs the link to the previous victim.
    IF she creates a link with someone with powers she gains a 1/3 of their ability but since they are evolved humans they don't forget how to use their power she can just use it also to a lesser degree.
    Memory siphoning is another aspect of her power but doesn't require physical contact she does no steal memories she can just see a persons memories.

    Personality :
    She is selfish, and a master manipulator, she is no stranger to using her sex appeal or lust to her advantage. She is an opportunist and only looks out for herself but dreams of being a better person but feels like her back is against a wall
    Occupation :
    Corporate Lawyer
    Skills :
    Boxing, Muay Thai, Ballet, skilled manipulator and negotiator, moderately skilled in the use of firearms, Athletic and the skills she steals until she relinquishes them.

    Other : She is a corporate lawyer but really is into corporate espionage as she uses her skills to steal intelligence of great importance or for blackmail.


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    sorry i'm cheesey i know.

    Although um what I was thinking, is maybe start with, if you saw heroes the way Peter went from taking everyones powers to only one at a time, you could start off with taking knowledge from only one person. Although when you take it from another you lose the previous one, this would be to start out though because later on you could grow the power to multiple people?

    Andd the Sylar type idea, maybe later on once everyone's powers evolve...OR...if you cap it at one person she can use their ability, not as well as them but she can use them and they wouldn't forget their powers like the a computer hacker would lose his hacking? If that makes sense?

    So overall cap it at one person for now, but she can take powers and later on she'd cap it larger as she controls her power more?

    I have no idea what that power is? I'm sorry I'm no GoT fan..

    but from looking it up it seems to be the ability to change his face? Which would be fine perfectly fine!

    Andddd you could evolve that into later on shapeshifting if you'd please.

    I love this power, I'm just trying to think of different ways for it to get stronger, but I'm drawing a blank.

    Sooo how about if you're good with that ability just take it and we can find out how to make it evolve later on! :)

    OR you don't have to evolve it, we can do whatever you like!
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  11. that works and Le gasp I am dying for next season
  12. Name :
    Aiden Phillips

    Age :

    Gender :
    Appearance :

    Bio :
    Aiden comes from a broken home and lives with a single mom, his father was never in his life. Aiden fell into gang life at a young age but decided for his mothers sake who was diagnosed with leukemia to turn his life around. He decided to truly focus and do his best in school. He is now in his first year of college after and wants to major in biology ...although he was affected by the eclipse his powers recently began to manifest to a great capacity. He is currently attending a Community College because he can't afford a traditional university

    Power :
    Intuitive Omnicompetence
    Aiden possesses incredibly advanced intuitive knowledge and understanding of all fields of math, science, technology, engineering, etc. He is a super genius intellect. He is capable of performing highly complex geometric and trigonomic calculations instantly. He handle ALMOST all situations and matters, regardless of the problem, situation or conflict, and have the needed skill, knowledge, experience, etc., for any purpose, and will know what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. He is able to see a way to win and/or escape situation. ​

    *His power is stress activated once he gains knowledge it stays with him for approximately 6 hours. Naturally he already has increased intelligence stress/danger activates the full extent of his power (HE DOESN'T KNOW EVERYTHING IMMEDIATELY SOMETIMES HE HAS TO STUDY AND LEARN)He can actually see probability and permutations right before his eyes as if he's staring at a computer screen.

    *He possesses perfect muscle control, allowing him to perform very precise muscle movements such as complex billiards shots and perform dexterous surgery with virtually no practice beforehand and he understand mathematics at the most complex level including biological maths, chemical equations ,probability and permutation.

    Personality :
    Humble and Kind, streetwise, he use to be very pessimistic but is now and optimist
    Occupation :
    College Student
    Skills :
    Genius Level Intellect, formerly a brawler, athletic
    Other :
    Currently looking for a way to cure his mother's illness or someone with the ability to
  13. I made the changes to her powers and I created a second character also but I won't make anymore unless a character of mine dies.
  14. wow you guys are really into this lol
    so much so you're really jumping the gun lol, this is still the interest check guys you're supposed to post the characters in the ooc xD

    since powers are already coming up too i was gonna go with cryo-pyrokinesis (ability to create and manipulate freezing flames) that ok?
    if not I was also thinking osteokinesis (ability to manipulate one's own bones in various ways)
    last thing though, I don't do face claims, really don't care if others do but i personally don't like it because i get rather specific in how i imagine my characters and face claims of any kind just don't work for me
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  15. I did tell them you could post characters if you like,

    Maybe just flames not freezing flames? Never heard of freezing flames and it could split up into too much stuff.

    I mean I like pictures, but you can just describe it.
  16. well its not exactly something that comes up a lot lol but its something cool i liked that i've seen in a few places but if you don't like it that's fine, osteokinesis it is
    may as well get going on the cs then :3
  17. I'm kind of thinking about actually having him have Lie Detection first, via Enhanced Vision (able to see twitching of the body/increased blinking). Then, it goes to Lie Inducement/Manipulation, and he's able to control the lies now, while still detecting them. Then, it goes to...I forget the name. But it's basically a power where he gains strength from lies. I'm a little iffy on the last one because I don't see him as a fighter, so strength won't really be needed >.>
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  18. EDIT: removed character due to rescinded interest
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  19. Placebo Empowerment is what they (Superpower wiki) called it. But basically Lie Empowerment, yeah c:
  20. OH, I AM SO IN!

    *runs off to find pictures and write a cs*
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