The Dwindling Flowers

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    It all started with what sounded like a young woman screaming in horror.

    Katyusha had just come back from her nightly tour around the city of Provere in southern France. The commotion had come from within the flats provided by the Organization to the Flowers. Her heart raced for this was unexpected, never before had their home been attacked by demons. The red haired girl couldn't be sure but it sounded a lot like Chiaki, her roommate.

    Dark thoughts formed in her mind, was her friend in trouble? She picked up speed. There could be no time to waste.

    Tah-dump. Tah-dump. Tah-dump.
    Tah-dump. Tah-dump. Tah-dump.
    Tah-dump. Tah-dump. Tah-dump.
    Tah-dump. Tah-dump. Tah-dump.

    The wails in French continued.

    Did the demons finally find where the Flowers lived? The Russian woman pushed herself to go faster. Sure, Chiaki could be annoying but she was her partner and what amounted to her closest friend.

    Katyusha drew out her blade and quickly opened the door to find, Chiaki wearing little more than a towel and drying her hair. She had apparently just come out of the shower.

    " ATTTTTENTIIIIIIIIIION " Chaiki didn't really seem aware that Katyusha was there or that her friend’s katana drawn.

    “Chiaki explain yourself, now.”

    Katyusha rubbed her temples.She had let her emotion get the better of her. Chiaki blinked while Katyusha's katana remained only a few inches from her neck. Chiaki always had a hard time singing the highest notes of the French cover of the Rolling Stone’s Paint it Black.

    "Hi there Kats, whatcha doing?" She asked turning her head to see the naked blade. "Oh, silly Kat," Chiaki chuckled, "Always on edge, I see... "

    The blonde haired girl grinned with a gleefully.

    "You sounded like you were in pain." The red head said, while adjusting her glasses. "Make that, you sounded like you were getting mauled to death by a werewolf.”

    "Ehhhh? No I didn't!" Chiaki squeaked back in French. "I'm a good singer! In my past life before coming here I was a world famous singer...."

    Katyusha rubbed her eyes and she took her glasses, "And when did you get this epiphany?"

    She then plopped herself on the sofa that was in the living room. Their quarters weren't very big but it didn't seem to bother either of the young women. Most of their items were neatly packed away on the shelves or behind glass cupboards. There were some articles of clothing scattered here and there; mostly because Chiaki had the habit of choosing many different articles to wear. Katyusha believed that Chiaki had more changes of clothing than anyone else on the team did.


    "About a hour ago!" She said with a large smile. "Oh! Where did you go? You didn't tell me, again."

    Chiaki then pointed to her heart.

    "You hurt me, right here. Right here in my little pink heart. You keep leaving me behind...Sure I might not be as fast as you are nor can I naturally jump as high, but I'm trying..."

    "Enough with the theatrics," Katyusha said. "I went on my normal scouting mission. It's been more than a month since the last murder in this city. You know I've been wanting to solve what's going on. It is my duty as a soldier after all."

    "But I'm supposed to be the forward scout! I find the demons for you and then you slay them." Chiaki pretended to protest. "Oh! I see. So any interesting finds?"

    "None. It's like the demons are on to me and are purposely avoiding any movements or attacks. How dull." Katyusha said.

    "And for God's sake would you go put some clothes on!"