The DVD Dilemma

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How do you like to store your DVDs?

  1. All proudy displayed in their boxes on the shelves!

  2. In a DVD case nice and compact to save space.

  3. Some other interesting storage option I will explain in my post.


Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. So, I am a movie/show collector. >:/ Over the past 15+ years I have collected at leeeeaaast a thousand DVDs. (I stopped mass buying them a few years ago cause SPACE THOUGH. c__c)

    Anyways space saving vs pretty collection is my current dilemma that I come back to every cleaning season. O___O I LIKE being able to see my full collection up on the shelves and get to browse the box art and stuff like that. People also regularly borrow my DVDs.

    But space wise I am officially OUT. I have two big shelves and no more space. D: Not just for the dvds but other stuff like Gibs games, the few music CDs I actually have, WEAPONS LYING AROUND, owls, etc. And I can't build my floor to ceiling wall-to-wall shelves anytime soon cause fershluggingbills.

    Not to mention the cleaning and dusting. @____@ SO I almost want to just get really pretty dvd storage folders and get rid of all these bulky cases. But then... my pretty cases. ;___;


    I will then proceed to waffle back and forth and then inevitably choose to do absolutely nothing one way or the other. 8D
  2. I like to keep my DVDs on a shelf, and I spent a few hours putting them up nicely on a shelf in a new apartment. Then while I was gone the boys tried to move the shelf and it broke. Now the DVDs are stored in two large containers until we have to money to buy a new (and hopefully better) shelf.

    Although my issue is not with DVDs, it is with books. I can't stop buying them and in order to keep them all on display I am going to need a large house with a wall bookshelf. I refuse to store my beauties any other way.

  3. I just discovered dvd cases that allow you to save the cover art in your folders. O___O

  4. My big ancient bookshelf of sturdy and hideous construction houses a shelf and a half of DVDs along with the majority of my books. All the video games and other DVDs are in wood ammo crates for floor storage.
  5. Was just going to suggest this. It's what my wife uses because, like the wine, she's exactly the same. I quit buying her shelves for movies and books with the ultimatum she needed to begin cleaning up.
  6. I actually alphabetize all my DVDs and Movies, and display them proudly on my second bookshelf :D
  7. I also like to keep my DVD's neatly organized and shelved. Same for books, and vinyl records, and... all forms of media that I own, really.

    I understand your pain about not having enough shelf space. @_@
  8. Full collection is on display. Even the many VHS tapes that we don't use anymore. I have a 6 shelf bookcase for the VHS and a 4 shelf bookcase of DVD/Blurays. Oh and a couple shelves in my room of like Godzilla and anime. >8D
  9. I ripped everything and put it on a hard drive. When I can afford it later in life, I'll have a pair of hard drives raided to mimic each other to avoid hard drive failure death and then just store everything there. That way, I can have a media server in the living room that can access films or music or whatever I want.
  10. I rip the contents of the DVD to my hard drive, then shred the disk and burn the cover (after scanning, of course). FFS we live in the age of terabyte hard drives, get with the times. ಠ_ಠ
  11. The few DVDs I own are in a cupboard about 5 feet away from my computer desk.

    Though I got into streaming things rather early because of a combination of convenience and lack of spending money.
    As a result I don't really buy any DVDs any more.

    The day I move out and have my own place I'll probably start ordering a bunch of DVDs for movies and shows I really liked, assuming DVDs are still a thing by then.
  12. I store my movies on an external hard drive because minimal space use is best.

    Also because I don't ever buy movies. Yarr.
  13. We store them wherever they fit o_o DVDs that I own stands a bit hidden away in my room, cause I have nowhere to display them. Not cause I would display them even if I could, I just place them where they fit. They could even stand in the bookcase if that wasn't filled with books already xp As for my family's DVDs, we have a bookcase specific for our favorite films (or it was meant to be for those, but we have lots of shit films there cause we don't actually organize stuff except for when we organize stuff... Just roll with it :D ) and the rest are laying a bit more hidden away under the TV. We also have a 500-700 recorded from TV video tapes, some are still out on the shelves in a book case and hidden beneath our second TV, but most of them are in the attic or in boxes somewhere cause we have tried to get all those movies onto DVDs instead. :9
  14. Those soft plastic pockets or cases for me~

    Got an entire drawer full of them.
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