The Duck face epidemic

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  1. Duck Face
    What the hell is wrong with these people?
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    You've seen the look. It's frightening, It's terrible, It makes people look like they belong on the short bus....and yet THEY STILL DO IT!? Why is this. What do you think about the duck face, have you ever made this face when taking a picture?

  2. I've been forced to make that face.

    But I enjoy laughing my ass off at people I know who seriously do it all the time. Ahhhhh, good times.
  3. I know 3 people who do that all the time! It's so annoying!
  4. I don't know. It seems to be in conjunction with that bizarre hand sign. I think we should also bar people from making that sign. Coorelation isn't necessarily causation, but do you want to take any chances?
  5. I think it looks stupid, though photos of me doing it exists. After all, it's an epidemic.
  6. I will only do it when I want to look funny. And even then I don't want myself photographed that way.
  7. Yea, I think it started off as a joke...but then it changed and people started taking it seriously.
  8. ORLY? About the only time I do that thing is when I have a runny nose. :cow:
  9. All I can think of when I see those pictures is "MYSPACE~" Seriously though, those people are doing it wrong, the guys have to be shirtless in front of a mirror doing it and the girls have to be in their bikinis and the camera for them should be tilted up so it is at a roughly fourty-five degree angle facing down at them.

    My sister is a repeat offender of the "Myspace Photo"
  10. ...You have a sister?
  11. I finally clicked on this to see what you mean by "Duck Face" and as soon as I saw, I thought of this:

  12. This. . . This is why I don't get along with other white girls.
  13. It dates back to Anglo-Saxon England, when we were at war with the French. If an English archer was captured in battle the French soldiers would chop off his first two fingers so that he couldn't hold a bowstring. As such, Englishmen started used the "V" sign as a way to insult the French, by showing them that they still had their archery fingers and could fuck them up, like we did at Agincourt.

    Then later it was used by Churchill as a Religious Symbol to show Adolf Hitler that his own occult practices would be opposed by British sorcery - a kind of warding gesture to keep out Nazi witchcraft. This, of course, was misinterpreted as the "V for victory" sign, which Americans then adopted as their own brand of "fuck-you-gesture".

    The rest is history.

    *holds his nerve* :|
  14. No wonder I'm so pissed when I see it.
  15. QFT.
  16. I hate that face. I'm so lucky I've never found anybody making that face when I have a stapler handy.
  17. Douchebags and toolboxes use this.

    My hand gesture of choice is a gently flapping of fingers when saying goodbye to children, or a more vigorous waving of the forearm and hand when hailing or saying goodbye to adults. Never duck face.

    I'm fond of facepalm.
  18. No one called my bullshit.

    You all lose.
  19. That was interesting.
  20. It's not that we lost Asmo which just didn't care enough verify. XD