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  1. Just an interest check on anyone who might be interested in one of the two options. Both will take place in the Fast and Furious movie universe but will not directly be influenced by them. The two plot choices I was thinking about was the following:

    • The DSS: The Diplomatic Security Service and a specific unit of highly skilled and specialized agents from around the globe working together to catch highly dangerous and potent adversaries. Skills and expertise can be up to you, but together the unit will work around the world to hunt to baddest of bad. Action-Adventure premise.
    • The Crew: This will be the opposite of the first premise. Our characters will be on the opposite side of the law, though not necessarily criminal or bad by any means (unless we take that route). This will be a quasi-similar group to Toretto's and his team, but with a different set of expertise (again skills and specialty up to your character. This too will be action packed and more of the underground route.

    Comment if interested, and then more details can be discussed.
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  2. Interested I like the crew
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  3. I'd like to be a part of the Crew

    Race In Paradise Paul Walker <3
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  4. Mmm , I think I would be able to get into this.^^
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  5. The Crew seems right up my alley, I can make my character be one of (or the only) mechanic.
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  6. I miss rping with you lol, I remember when you had Toretto as your charrie on the other site :]
  7. It seems The Crew is the way to go lol
  8. I am beyond in to do the crew. ^^

    @Justinaholic , @Pasi , and maybe , @Akashi ? Not sure if this is something you all would like.
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  9. Oh hell yeah. the second option is the best. Fast and Furious vibe all over.. :P

    I'm in XD
  10. Yes! Scored Akashi! :D
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  11. You were right to tag me for this.. XD
  12. Well , you know I will always tag you :) I hardly get a chance to write with you.
  13. I just used him as a face claim xD and I have a large amount of characters set up for an RP like this one. Oh which one to use...Because I also created entire clans lol
  14. Hmm I don't know if it's my cup of tea but I'm curious on the crew plot
  15. I would soo be down to do this as the Crew XD.
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  16. Hey peeps, I'm interested in this Fast and Furious concept. I been planning a character for a while for this kind of stuff. Anyways, I would like to get this piece of action. :)
  17. Interesting. Both look good.

    I'd want to bring my car into this as well, just got new tires after all.

  18. I'm interested in the crew as well if you're still accepting.
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