The Dream Drifter

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  1. So here's the skinny;

    Ever have a dream that's really similar to someone else's?

    Well, maybe because they were in the same one as you. You might not remember them, however. Dreams are often not remembered so well once waking up.

    Yet, perhaps there's an infinite universe out there dedicated to dreaming, in which, these subconscious messages are so paper thin that we can travel through them and into someone else's dream.


    1) Anyone who jumps into a character's dream cannot jump into another character's dream out of nowhere. Only the dreamer can direct whether we get out of his/her dream or not.

    Also, all players WILL BE IN THE SAME DREAM TOGETHER. Wherever one player goes, the others follow.

    Ex: Jake is tired of walking around in Tom's dream and wants everyone to go to either his dream or Gabby's. He cannot because he's not the dreamer. On the other hand, since Tom is the dreamer, he can force everyone to go into Gabby or Jake's dream.

    2) If we are in a character's dream, that dreamer control everything but the players'. The players, on the other hand, will not be able to manipulate the character's dream, but can interact with the dreamer.

    Ex 1: We are in John's dream, in which we are in his room. Mary, who is only a star in John's dream, decides to turn his bed into a bowl of jelly. She cannot do this because she is not the dreamer.

    Ex 2: John doesn't like Mary running around recklessly in his dream and wants to stop her from doing so, but he cannot control Mary's free will, nor can he turn her into a shoe. Mary, however, can turn herself into a shoe.

    3) If you wish to drop out of the dream, all your character has to do is wake up.

    4) If you have dropped out of the dream, but want to reenter, you must make a new character.

    5) Character profiles are required and MUST go in this thread. Also, if you wish to have some form of relationship with another character, please discuss that in PM.

    6) You cannot reenter the same dream more than once.

    7) The dreamer will be chosen at random once the previous dreamer decides to move on.

    8) A dream setting must be explained in full detail at the start of every new dream. (Please see: "How to create a dream" for more details)

    How to create a Dream:

    1) Choose a setting of any kind.

    2) Create mini characters of any sort. (Walkbys, parents, teachers, etc) Only the dreamer can make these characters interact.

    3) Establish an opening storyline with the dream.

    Ex: We jump into Jimmy's dream, in which he is in detention at school for not handing in his homework.
  2. Interesting concept. I'm quite intrigued with the idea. I constantly have vivid dreams so I may just use those with my character. The dream could be about anything like a nightmare or such right?

    Also do you have a set character sheet for those to fill out or is it just the basics?
  3. It's really the basics.

    History (Optional):

    Stuff like that. Feel free to add what you want to it if you think you'll need to refer to it, though