FANFICTION The Dragonborn Comes

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  1. Anja woke up on the wagon, still a bit dazed from the blow to her head, she groaned as she noticed her bonds on her wrists. She looked to her fellow prisoners, a Stormcloak soldier, a man in rags, and a man dressed rather well. She was returning from her training as an enchanter in Cyrodiil, she was just getting through customs and coming out when she got mixed up in the ambush from the imperials.

    It was suddenly clear what was happening. She was considered to be an unknown stormcloak, to be a prisoner of war with the others. This matter would be sorted out soon enough.

    "Hey, you. You're finally awake. You were trying to cross the border, right? Walked right into that imperial ambush, same as us, and that thief over there." Ralof said, motioning to the thief.

    "Damn you Stormcloaks. Skyrim was fine till you came along, Empire was nice and lazy. If they hadn't been looking for you, I could have stolen that horse and been halfway to Hammerfell by now." The thief looked to Anja, "You there, you and me, we shouldn't be here. It's these Stormcloaks the Empire wants."

    "We're all Brothers and Sisters in binds now, Thief." Ralof replied.

    "Shut up back there." The soldier driving their wagon said.

    "What's wrong with him?" The thief said, motioning to Ulfric.

    "Watch your tongue!" Ralof yelled, "You're speaking to Ulfric Stormcloak, the true high king of Skyrim!" Anja then realized what was really happening. They weren't on their way to a POW camp, they were on their way to a beheading. This was the end of the rebellion and they wouldn't try to make sure she belonged before it ended.

    Anja saw only one chance for her salvation, and it was going to have to be with the people who got her into this mess and caused this confusion. She jumped from her seat onto Ulfric, her size becoming apparent to him immediately as she dragged him from his spot in the carriage out to the ground, "You Stormcloak bastard!" She screamed. Her red-blonde hair fell around them, obscuring the imperial's view of them.

    "Whoa!" the carriage driver behind them shouted, bringing them to a halt just inches from the two of them struggling.

    "Get us out of this." Anja whispered into Ulfric's ear, grabbing his gag with her teeth and pulling it loose.

    He chuckled as he pretended to continue to struggle with her. The carriage driver jumped down with his sword drawn, "Break it up you two, you have an appointment to keep wi-" Anja rolled off Ulfric and he turned to face the Imperial soldier, "Fus!" He shouted, sending the man flying. Anja felt she recognized the word, but had no time to dwell on that. He rolled over and helped himself up while Anja rolled into the forest behind the trees. Ulfric turned to the carriage they had been on only moments before, Ralof now jumping off, scrambling to get out of the way. The Horse thief sprinted into the woods, taking this opportunity to escape. The soldier on their carriage was drawing his bow and nocking an arrow, "Fus Ro Dah!" Ulfric shouted, blasting the entirety of the carriage away, the horse being bowled over.

    The other rebels had hopped off of their carriages respectively and had ran into the woods, hanging out behind the trees. They were waiting for their orders from Ulfric. Ulfric picked up the fallen sword and sawed off his own bonds with it. He wielded it lightly in his hand and ran into the woods to join his soldiers, "All right men! They had the element of surprise before when they captured us, but we have that over them this time! Our numbers are greater! Our spirits are wilder, and they will not keep us down! They will try to press their advantage, but we will not yield!" He shouted, the power of the Thu'um carrying his voice. The Imperials had taken to hiding in the opposite side of the forest.

    "They will try to hold us here till reinforcements arrive, but we will not suffer them to live that long!" He looked over to Anja and hopped next to her, cutting her bonds, "Care to join us?" Ulfric asked with a chuckle and a wink, "We could use a strong nord woman like yourself."

    "It's your fault I'm in this mess, Stormcloak, after this, we go our seperate ways." Anja said rubbing her freed wrists. She was only wearing her clothes, a set of college robes enchanted to protect her from the cold, gloves and boots with identical effects, and a hood to increase her magicka and destruction abiities in case any thieves decided attacking her carriage was a wise idea. All of her armor and enchanting equipment was probably taken by the imperials, and would no doubt be used to feed the war effort. She grimaced and poured her hatred and anger into the spell she would be casting, flames sprung up in her hands. She would make the forest burn, damn the Stormcloaks and the Imperials.

    Her thoughts were interrupted by a roar overhead. Dragon. Dragon? She looked up to the creature flying in the sky, confused. It screamed at her, knocking her over and she tumbled, her spell forgotten and petering out. It circled around and landed before breathing fire and Anja took this chance she was given, running off into the woods and letting them sort things out, never looking back. Soon there was much shouting from Ulfric and the dragon, and Anja could swear, though they had different voices, they were speaking the same language, and she knew the words.
  2. She had been heading to Whiterun, to work with Eorlund Greymane, and now she was huddled, in a ditch, trying to figure out what to do in this situation. She clasped her hands together and closed her eyes, hoping the gods would help her come to a decision. She knew what had to be done within an instant, she had to warn them. They were so close to Whiterun, it was Jarl Balgruuf's hold, that was where she had to go. She ran, past Helgen and to the White River. She cast ice magic onto the river to create a floating ice block and hopped on, lying down and digging her hands in for the bumpy ride. She closed her eyes as she began to count the rapids and waterfalls, knowing when it was about time for her stop.

    She blasted flame out her hands, destroying her ice block and jumping free of it as she did, landing on the muddy shore. She heard a commotion nearby and noticed the Companions fighting a giant and she jumped up from where she was and rushed over, casting ebonyflesh as she did. She hopped between the Giant and the Companions, grunting as she caught the Farkas' sword and the Giant's club. It would have broken her hand if not for the Alteration spell, and she winced from the pain. she turned to the companions first, "I'll handle this." She said, shoving aside the sword and glaring at them before looking up to the Giant.

    She pulled back her hood and waved up to the Giant, pushing his club aside, and she began speaking slowly and ponderously in Giantish, "This farm was not set up yesterday, why are you here?"

    The Giant looked down at her with an eyebrow raised, surprised that someone in their area knew the language. He chuckled, "Well, men are being paid to attack me. I came to prevent further attacks."

    "You're only drawing attention to yourself. Men will be men, mer will be mer, you can only hope that they will develop themselves." She said waggling a finger at him.

    The giant smiled at her, "Well, maybe that's what I want if it brings such beauties like you." He said.

    She laughed at the compliment and waved him off, "I may have a bit of giant in me, but I don't have any intention to add any more." she said with a chuckle, "Go move on, I'll talk to these men."

    The giant nodded and walked off.

    Anja turned on the companions, "Giants are peaceable creatures, much more peaceable than men. If they fought and fucked like nords did, we'd all be dead, yeah?" She said to a very confused looking Farkas.

    Vilkas stepped between them and pushed her hand away, "Listen here, we were contracted to get rid of this giant-"

    "Do you see a giant here?" Anja asked, motioning to the area the giant was.

    Vilkas sighed as he saw where she was going, "No."

    "Are you being contracted to hunt the thing down after it has left?" Anja asked.

    "They won't pay unless the giant is dead." Vilkas said with a glare.

    Anja shoved him over, "That's not my problem." She said, "It's not the contractor's problem either. The giant is gone." Aela drew her sword, "Sister, if you draw that, you better be ready to use it." She said, staring dead into Aela's eyes.

    Aela laughed, "Ha, a strong spirit, like mine." She looked at the two men that Anja had confronted, "Get up you milk drinkers. She's too much woman for you to handle. If you like, come join the companions." She said with a wink.

    Anja smiled, "I actually came back here from Cyrodiil, and I hoped to work with Eorlund."

    "That's good. It takes all kinds to keep the companions going." She waved for the boys to follow her, Farkas complied and Vilkas stood with a scowl before following. Anja walked with them, heading towards the city.
  3. Anja walked into the city, the guards letting her in with the companions, and she looked around at the breathtaking beauty in wonderment. She paused with a sigh as she remembered the little hiccup on her way here, "I definitely want to join Eorlun Greymane, but I have to speak to the Jarl, surely you saw the dragon?" She asked.

    The three of them turned to face her, "Dragon? Is that what that was?" Aela asked.

    "Yes, it attacked..." She paused as she remembered what she got caught up in and decided to omit the details, "Carriage, the only reason I got out was because there was an imperial escort with me, and I ran..." She said ashamed.

    Aela shrugged, "Go, tell the Jarl, Eorlund can wait, this is more urgent." She waved her off and began to walk away.

    Anja nodded and headed up to Dragonsreach, going through the large oak doors that were the entrance of the large palace and she made her way to the Jarl who was talking with his advisors, one military, the other political. They were hotly debating whether or not the dragon sightings were real or not and Anja raised her hand in a form of greeting and spoke up, "Umm, I was there, it attacked... My carriage, I managed to escape because there was an Imperial soldier escort nearby. We were heading towards Helgen when it happened."

    Balgruuf perked up and looked to the advisor, "See Proventus, I will not stand idly by while a dragon attacks my hold and slaughters my people! We will move more guards to Riverwood."

    Anja nodded and turned to walk away, "Wait." Balgruuf said, "My court wizard has been looking into something to do with these dragon attacks. Go speak to him."

    Anja ground her teeth as she walked to the room where the court wizard was, she was going to have to do business with this man in this hold, so she might as well get acquianted.