The Dragon Sage

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  1. A temple in the mountains of China is the home of an order of monks known as the Order of the Lotus Blossom. Every one hundred years, a monk of this order is selected to become the "Dragon Sage", a mortal granted the rare opportunity to consult the Divine Dragon, which bridges the gap between the Earth and the Heavens. Each monk, upon beginning the journey to achieve this great honor, is allowed to ask the dragon one question before being given the title, and the great responsibility that comes with it.

    This year is the year of the Dragon, the time that the selection of the Dragon Sage will begin again from a small group of monks, who must go on various journeys in order to achieve the mastery and enlightenment in order to be chosen. In the midst of this, the order has become aware of a great many troubles throughout the land, including foreigners coming into the land, attempting to usurp the land and it's riches while ridiculing the people and even blatantly taking over territory while killing the people.

    Our story begins at the temple, where two monks, rivals, are beginning the next portion of their training. They must journey to a nearby village to discover the reason for their recent distress message. The monks will meet people, face trials and combat, and even meet a few unexpected creatures during their journey.

    Profile Template:

    Role: (Monk, Villager, Westerner, Kitsune, Demon, Samurai)
    Abilities: (For Monks, Kitsune, and Demons)
    Question: (For monks only. What is their question for the Dragon Sage?)
    Motives: (Not for Monks. What are their motivations towards the monks? Do they want to help or not? Why?)

    Note: If you want to play a Kitsune (fox spirit) or a Demon, bear in mind their personalities. Demons are often malevolent, and aim only to further their own agendas. Kitsune are mischievous and cunning. While not necessarily bad, it is in their nature to tempt monks into straying from their paths of good. For villagers, you can choose to be a random villager or a member of the rebel force (explained more later), or as a foreigner or even a samurai in that regard.

    Any questions, feel free to ask! I will post up a profile for my monk character if anyone shows interest.
  2. Name: Akikio
    Age: equivalent of 20
    Gender: female
    Role: Kitsune
    Abilities: Illusionary magics, four legged form, two legged form, some basic 'divine' magics from her mothers family, and minimal foxfire from her father's family.
    Motives: Sometime she wants to help, others she just wants to play.
    Personality: Akiko isn't necessarily out to hurt anyone, unless they try to hurt her first. She just very mischievous and likes to have fun and silly humans just aren't sturdy enough sometimes. However, if she does hurt someone who doesn't deserve it, guilt will eat at her until she, in her own way, atones for the accident. Sometimes she'll leave a hare on the familys doorstep, or if she's up to it, she'll leave a blessing on their home or crops. She isn't evil, and on the contrary, if you catch her in the right mood, she can be just downright sweet, for a kitsune. She's also, however, very possessive and protective of her favorite "toys". Akikio is a halfing between a wild red kitsune (fathers side) and one of Inaris kitsunes(mothers side), it kind of lets her have a taste of both sides of kitsune lifestyles, but at the same time it makes her an outcast among her own race

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  3. Wow, someone actually showed interest. Thank you. ^_^

    I'll go ahead and post up a character for myself. Hopefully we can get another player or two.

    Name: Jiang Wu
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Role: Monk
    Abilities: Strength and Speed Enhancing Chi, Basic Deceptive Magics
    Question: What was the first question?
    Personality: Wu is the type who prefers non-violent solutions. He fights for peace, and enjoys learning as much as possible. He is always polite, but often comes across as arrogant, always seeking to prove himself in just about any way possible. Although he enjoys fighting as a sport, he dislikes fighting to the death, and tries his hardest to ensure that all combatants in a fight are left alive at the end. This does not mean he will not kill, but he prefers not to.
  4. Name: Zei Fu
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Role: Villager
    Motives: Fu is just a young man trying to get ahead in life and he thinks the monks are able to help in some way.
    Personality: Fu was hardened by a life of crime and poverty. He's learned to be distrusting of all men including monks. He is tired of living this kind of life and strives to rise above his situation. So he has become calculating and sneaky. He only sees others as a means to something else and he will do almost anything to achieve it. Long days of being beaten has made him wary yet he will always takes risks if there is even a small chance for payoff.