The Dragon Princess

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  1. [​IMG] The realm of the dragons was once high and mighty. Set in a different real from the mortals, dragons lived alongside other creatures in peace and prosperity. Their ruler, Aiya of the Deep, kept the peace for many centuries. Because her body shared the same soul of the dragon lord Siivaan, she was deemed the ruler of this realm, loved by all. Feared by only the dark things that lurked in the shadows.
    For centuries, and many centuries more, she watched over the realm. But her rule would soon come to an end. The darkness would overthrow her. One night, as she slept soundly in her bed, she found herself caught in a dream. A dream she could not escape. The dark lord Izla, had set a curse upon her and her souls, casting her off into the realm of the mortals.
    Now, Izla rules over the dragon’s realm, planning to wage a war against the mortal realm.
    One night, you find Aiya, passed out in the cold snowy plains with nothing but the clothes on her back and the scepter she seems to hold so very dear.
    This is where our story starts.

    Go ahead and post your character.
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    Rodrig was always a talented warrior, he started practicing at a young age as his father died in a war and his only goal was to avenge him, he got his revenge with the age of 21, but as the kingdom that killed his father was owning his village by that time he was sent away, he won in a fair duel, yet it was never recognized and he was sent into the world all alone.
    In the past two years he kept his practice up and survived alone by traveling through the world, he now made hiw way from the sunny lands he used to live in to the cold north to finally see what he somehow desired, snow. Rodrig had now found what he was always told of from his father and he was happy, but on his way back to maybe regain entry to his village he found someone in the snow, someone with an old looking scepter, he was sure it was worth much, but his honor didn't allow him to steal and so he brought the girl to the cave he was staying in for that night, he didn't try to wake her up, that was until now.

    "Hey, girl...are you here?" He placed her on his blanket and looked at her with a concerned look. "Hey, hey wake up!" Rodrig placed his arm on her shoulder trying to wake her up.
  3. As Aiya was being carried to safety, dreams filled her head. Dreams of her home, dreams of Siivaan.
    It is true, Siivaan is just a dragon soul in her body, but through dreams is how they communicate.
    As her dream progressed, something just didn't feel right. The great dragon Siivaan that flapped it's wings beneath her began to writhe in pain. He tossed and turned in the air, clutching his cheat with his ivory claws.
    Aiya gasped. "Siivaan?" she shouted over the blowing air. Siivaan thrashed, and flipped in the air, causing Aiya to fall through the sky. As she fell, she watched her beloved friend be consumed by shadows, and soon, nothing was left.
    "Siivaan!" Aiya woke with a jolt as her shoulder was touched. She looked around. She was confused, this wasn't her bed, the cave floor was too cold. This wasn't her castle, definitely not.
    She looked to the man that had carried her far to get to this cave. Her eyes were still hazy.
  4. He pulled back from her and got some distance before speaking up again, "Hey, are you okay? You were laying in the snow just like that, why would you do that?" Rodrig got the blanket out and threw it at her. "You better don't freeze to death now." he said in a teasing voice before getting up and looking outside. "So, who are you? I never saw someone wearing this sort of clothes.." he looked at her "..not in the north or at this age at least.." he thought to himself, the scepter also seemed like nothing anyone would craft anymore, if anyone could even craft something like that.
    "You look rather young too, for you to have something as valuable as this and being out alone, really who are you?"
  5. Aiya stared at Rodrig with wide eyes. She had no idea what he was talking about. Everyone in her realm knew who she was. And the what was wrong with her clothing? Aiya stood up, and brushed the cave dirt off of her clothes and allowed the blanket to fall to the ground. "I am Aiya Of The Deep, from the realm beyond, leader of the dragons." she crossed her arms, a slight glare falling across her face. "Princess, if you will. Now I would appreciate it if you didn't touch my things, man."
    A bit of disdain was added to her voice.
    Aiya shivered a bit. It was true, she was cold, she refused to show weakness in front of anyone, and she never accepted gifts.
    "And I am not young. I am nearly 300." she let out a laugh.
  6. Rodrig looked at her statements with confusion, did she go crazy from the cold? "H-hey...girl..." he put the blanket over her again and made her sit down. "..You don't need to make a show, just calm down, you just have a cold or fever, it will get better soon, everyone knows there are no dragons in this age, I even doubt they ever existed...also look at you, you wouldn't be older than don't worry, you will be getting better soon enough!" he smiled at her and chuckled softly before getting back at her with a serious tone. "So,....princess....? I guess I owe you an introduction too, right? I'm Rodrig, not title or fancy things here." He made himself fall on his back. "So what is with this scepter? You held it really tightly to yourself when I found you."
  7. Aiya scoffed at the man's comments. She should have know he would not believe her. Mortals were so naive. Holding the blanket around herself, she stared at the cave ground. "My scepter..." she said quietly, almost as though she were dazed. "It was given to me... It connects the physical world to the spiritual world."
    She sighed and placed her hands on her head, frustrated. Now she knew she sounded crazy, but she continued to speak anyways. "Something has happened... Siivaan... I can't reach him." She looked to the scepter, then to Rodrig. "Siivaan... My dragon soul. He is in trouble."
  8. He sighed, she probably wouldn't ever give up on her weird story, she probably lost it or something.
    "Hey, okay..lets say there are crazy things like that...what would you want to do now?"
    Rodrig looked at her scepter and yawned softly. "I mean, you can't actually tell me to go to another dimension, right?"
    At least she kept the blanket, he hoped she also realized that she was not making any sense.
  9. Aiya continued to stare at the floor. "The north mountain..." she whispered, seemingly to herself. Reaching for her scepter, she grabbed it firmly and used it to stand. The blanket fell off of her back once again. "Please, I will prove to you what I say is true!" she said firmly, standing with her back straight. "Then you can help me save this world. And my own."
    Aiya walked to the mouth of the cave. Her determination seemed to block the cold bite of the winter wind.
  10. When she once again left he got up and sighed. "Okay, so here is the deal, I go with you and 'save' the world, but in exchange you rest for now and get some rest." Rodrig put the blanket over her back again. "Seems good to you Aiya?" He tried to make her rest, he was sure she would calm down and stop with this nonsense.
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