The Dragon Lord

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  1. There is a city, lying at the base of a grand mountain. It is a city that has been safe from invading armies and empires for hundreds of years, which has allowed it to grow truly prosperous. And every day, the people thank the resident of the mountain for this safety. And he keeps them safe, like a god protecting his followers, protecting them with fiery breath, claws like swords, teeth like spears, and scales like steel.

    So, to summarize: It's a city, protected by a dragon, who also rules over them.

    I'll admit, I have no idea how to use this idea. But it sounds like a potential gold-mine, and I like the idea of playing a dragon like that, so if anyone of you have any ideas you want to try with me, then go ahead! :)

    I might update this later, if I get some revelations. If not, I hope someone else can manage to lay the egg of a potential plot :P
  2. It sounds like a neat idea at first. But the idea of the dragon being a major character in it doesn't do much for me.

    Another idea might be that the city/town isn't rules by the dragon but rely on it for protection. A mineral rich mountain fuels the towns, making many jealous. But who's going to mess with a town that has a dragon watching it. Perhaps he gets a tithe, a portion of everything that's created from his mountain.

    Or you could change it up. Make the dragon a plot device. How does the town fare when suddenly it doesn't return from a flight? What about its gold? Who will protect their towns livelihood?
  3. It's a decent concept, but lacks... Reason. If one guy is this all-powerful dragon then what does that leave other players to do? Political positions? The concept presented doesn't really provide and incentive for others to join. I like Windsong's ideas, Instead have the dragon be a plot device. Perhaps it goes rogue and the previously helpless townfolk have to find a way to stop their former protector?

    Alternatively, if you are dead set on playing a dragon (and for some reason, I think you are) we could go for the reverse. The town is protecting the dragon. For what reason? Could be the dragon is injured, or young or even old. Whatever the reason, this sorta of plot would at least give others something to do, rather than relying on a single character.
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  4. I'll admit that I'm quite set on playing the dragon, yes. But I never said I wasn't going to play other characters as well. I'll also admit that this idea came to me in the middle of the night, when I had a bit of trouble sleeping, so it probably wasn't the best thought out one.

    And yeah, it'll probably make for a better set piece in a rp with a completely unrelated plot. I will admit that @Snakey 's idea of the dragon being injured from... Some dragon hunter or questing hero of some kind.
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