The Dragon and the Star

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    In an alternate future where less people populate the world and magic is real, big cities are non existent and humans roam beautiful lands.

    And a dragon lives among them, trapped in a human form.

    He has been that way, cursed to remain in such a state forever until he finds the one to unlock his heart. He has wandered through centuries, passing by those who would never know his true form.

    When the dragon witnesses a meteor shower, he feels a strange sense of hope. He watches one of the meteors crash into the earth, and he is the only witness to what emerges: a beautiful, winged star.


    This is intended to be a lighthearted story between the dragon and the star. I also intend to have darker twists and possibly character death.

    The only specific rules I have for this are as follows:

    17+ partners only. There isn't any explicit sexual content, but it's a preference for me.

    This is a male/female pairing only, and I'm looking for someone to play the Star, who is female. I'm only interested in playing the Dragon.

    I'll take at most two partners for this.


    Open for the time being. Post here or send a message. :D
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  2. Officially open since I put this request in the wrong thread originally.
  3. So, the star is like an angel?
  4. In appearance, essentially. I didn't really have any plans as to what she might be, only that she fell out of the night sky. What she is and/or what she can do is sort of up to my partner.
  5. Still looking for one more person.
  6. Still looking for another person.
  7. Interested! But I'm not 17 yet would that be okay? >.<"
  8. I turn 17 in june.

    Bummer, this was really interesting