The Downfall of Euphoria

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  1. Euphoria, Savera Springs

    The small spring clearing surrounded by lush rainforests was just the right temperature. Palm leaves protected it from the scorching afternoon sun, giving it just enough coolness. The tall, tender stalks of grass gently swayed in the cool breeze at their usual place surrounding the clearing, granting it privacy.

    The stream itself was crystal clear, with nothing diluting it, giving it a feel of pureness. Shiny pebbles dotted the area around it, sinking into the moist soil. This place, like everywhere else on Euphoria, was pristine clear and untouched by any sorts of corruption.

    In the middle of the small clearing sat four people. Just from a look, one could tell that they were different. Being the only "humans" or so they called themselves on Euphoria, they were the ones who carefully nurtured it into this state. For Euphoria was once a barren wasteland devoid of any sort of intelligent lifeform.

    As if by some miracle, they had changed it. Oceans spouted up where there once were sandy holes, lush rainforests were carefully tended from only several trees, and life flourished. The trees know of them as "Gods".

    They sat on rocks, forming a circle. Chattering amongst themselves, they prepare for the changing of seasons. The day was merry and filled with good cheer. Today, it shall be Spring.