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    Dear Student,


    We are delighted to offer you admission to Garland University's Undergraduate Program and are excited to welcome you as a member of the class of 2018.

    Gina Wolczech
    Gina Wolczech
    Dean of Admissions

    Poplar Hall (open)

    Enrollment Application (open)

    Room Number:

    Distinguishing Features:

    Self-defining quote:
    Favorite way to spend a free day:
    Most recent tweet, Facebook status, or Instagram post, if any:

    Level of social competency*:
    Level of romantic competency*:

    *Outstanding – Accomplished – Passable – Inept – Embarrassing

    All righty! Here's the ad I had partially finished when I first drafted the college RP. I thought I'd include it to get us in the mindset of university life. :)

    My intention for the map is to update it as we go so we know who lives in which room, who is neighbors with whom, whether someone lives near the stairs or the common room, etc.

    The character profile sheet is just a suggestion - slightly tweaked from your run-of-the-mill "name, age, gender, personality, appearance, bio" profile. I never remember the information people write in the generic profiles, so I created this one to hopefully get a better feel for the character's personality. We can use this to map out our characters or we can bypass it completely and jump right in! Your call!

    Please let me know if I've left out something! Thanks!
  2. Here are a few skeleton profiles for some faces on the floor.

    Name: Mia Kane
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Major: Art History
    Hometown: San Francisco, California
    Room number: 305

    Ethnicity: ¼ Japanese, ¼ Chinese, ½ English
    Distinguishing Features: Short stature, chubby figure, dark-framed glasses, cheerful outlook

    Self-defining quote: “A hopeless romantic is one who loses faith in love. An incurable romantic is one who cannot.”
    Favorite way to spend a free day: Painting, relaxing on the quad
    Most recent tweet, Facebook status update, or Instagram post, if any: N/A

    Level of social competency: Accomplished
    Level of romantic competency: Inept

    Name: Linus Ogilvy, pronounced “OH-gull-vee”
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Major: Theatre Design
    Hometown: Guildford, England
    Room number: 329

    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Distinguishing Features: Pale skin, blue eyes, untidy hair, sharp cheek bones

    Self-defining quote: “Efficiency is intelligent laziness.”
    Favorite way to spend a free day: Indoors, with tea
    Most recent tweet, Facebook status, or Instagram post, if any: --------->

    Level of social competency: Embarrassing
    Level of romantic competency: N/A

    Name: Theodore Buchanan
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Major: Landscape Architecture
    Hometown: Cambridge, Massachusetts
    Room number: 307

    Ethnicity: ¼ English, ¼ Irish, ¼ Norwegian, ¼ Costa Rican
    Distinguishing Features: Floppy curls, goofy but sarcastic attitude, horrible posture

    Self-defining quote: “You are only young once, but you can stay immature indefinitely.”
    Favorite way to spend a free day: Doing outdoorsy things, playing pranks, instruments, and games
    Most recent tweet, Facebook status, or Instagram post, if any: @TeddyBeast, A day without Pop-Tarts is a day without happiness #igiveuponlife

    Level of social competency: Outstanding

    Level of romantic competency: Passable
  3. Name: Alecsander Abbot
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Major: English
    Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan
    Room Number: 303

    Ethnicity: ¼ Native American, ¼ German, ½ English
    Distinguishing Features: Mop of dark brown curly hair, faded scar starting from the left corner of the left eyebrow going straight up for about two inches.

    Self-defining quote: "You can read a good story, or you can experience it."
    Favorite way to spend a free day: Sleeping, reading
    Most recent tweet, Facebook status, or Instagram post, if any: N/A

    Level of social competency*: Passable
    Level of romantic competncy: Inept
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  4. Hey Jozu, this looks great! I'm sorry I didn't get back to you sooner - I saw it and thought I responded (but must have done so just in my head). I won't have much time for the rest of this week to really sit down to write, so would you mind if we started early next week? If that's too long and you think you might not be very interested, then maybe we can pick this up at a later time. Just wanted to give you a heads up on my activity level! Thanks!​
  5. No worries! I'm in it for the long haul now, so you can take as long as you'd like.
  6. Thanks! I just got my work schedule and it looks like I'm pretty booked until the end of next week. I check the site a couple times a day though so I'll definitely be in touch with any updates!
  7. Thanks so much for your patience! Today, I'll edit the floor map to show where everyone lives. Then... I suppose we're ready to start? Did you want to put up some more character profiles first? It's totally cool if you don't want to, I just thought I'd ask! It's good to have some secondary characters handy sometimes, but for this type of lighthearted, easy-going rp they're pretty easy to add in when the time comes.

    Would you like to start us off or shall I? If you'd like me to begin, it just might be a few days. :/ The goal of course would be to get the post up within the next two days, but my schedule is all over the place. Having enough energy to compose a decent post has been hard to come by lately. Anyway, let me know what you think!