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    "What will it take to save what remains?"
    In 2001, an operation known as "Dark Winter" was launched which was a real-world exercise that tested the emergency response to a bioterror attack on the United States. The simulation spiraled out of control within a few days, and predicted that a "breakdown in essential institutions," civil disorder, and massive civilian casualties. It revealed how vulnerable the United States become. Their lifestyle, security, and safety depend on a delicate and unstable economy. In 2007, a new Presidential directive was secretly signed that was put into law.

    This executive order, known as Directive 51, was created to respond to a national crisis such as "Dark Winter." Rumors such as sleeper cells, shadow agencies, and covert operations relating to the directive was spread. Seven years later, on November 23rd, the day known as "Black Friday," a virus began spreading through banknotes that started to spread through human skin, food and toys, causing millions of people to become infected. Some said the virus started as a bioterror attack by the terrorisms or by an enemy country.

    Within five days, the virus causes the United States to break down and fall apart. The first day: Hospitals reached full capacity panic had struck. Second day: Quarantine zones had been established all over America, resources became rationed, transports had gone into lockdown. Third day: international trade stopped, the oil dried up and gas stations became wastelands, and the stock market collapsed. Fourth day: The power failed, shelves became empty, and taps ran dry.

    By the fifth day, hunger and despair took hold, people will do anything for survival and everyone will be a potential threat. The president activated Directive 51 and the classified unit of highly trained, self-supported tactical agents known as "The Division" were in New York City to prevent society from falling and restore hope.

    TL'DR Summary
    In 2001, an operation was to test out how America can handle a virus but it failed. And it's proven how vulnerable America is. So, the president signed an executive called Directive 51 in case of a virus outbreak. But seven years later, another virus was hit on "Black Friday" and caused New York City to fall in five days.

    The first day is when hospitals are full and the panic began. The second day is when quarantine zones were made, resources became rationed and transports are on lockdown. The third day is when trade around the world stopped, oil disappeared, and the market was gone. The fourth day is that power is gone, shelves of supplies and water is gone. And the fifth day is when hunger and despair took place and drove everyone into apeshit crazy and everyone was a threat.

    The president activated Directive 51 and the group of agents were called "The Division" and they are here to save New York City and save society from falling.
    "We've created a house of cards. Remove just one, and everything falls apart. And what's fueling this system? Money."
    Quarantine Zones/Safe Zones
    Quarantine Zones was established by the Mayor of New York City on the second day of the outbreak. They house anyone from citizens to soldiers within a famous landmark or a park. Soldiers will warm citizens with weapons to turn it in to them or they'll be fired on, they'll give your weapons back once you leave the zone. But they'll not fire on "The Division" agent and let them in with their weapons (if they don't cause any problems). The agents will have to speak to the commander of a Quarantine Zone for anything that they can do to help around the zone (I'll be the commander(s) of the zones).

    Safe Zones are like safe houses, but they don't have a lot of room for tons of people and supplies. They are rooms within an abandoned hotel, or a room within an apartment, but the Safe Zones are all over New York City. Gangs usually makes Safe Zones their base, so watch out before entering one. But, Safe Zones have supplies useful to survival or to Quarantine Zones. Safe Zones are abandoned thought New York, they are mostly abandoned with no supplies at all. You can make a base out of a Safe Zone, if you're a "The Division" agent.

    Police Stations/Hospitals/Fire Departments
    Police Stations are hubs for police officers, it houses resupplies, amour, magazines, and weapons. Stations can be also raided by gangs and taken by them. In order to restore a station to the police, you must kill all of the gangs within the area of the station and must free the remaining officers. The station also contains a board with the map of New York City, warrants, missing people, quarantine zones, and important locations. You can get supplies and one weapon from the police station once you help them. Citizens can also go to the police station to ask the officers for any help, report something, or have questions. The main police hub for all police officers is 1 Police Plaza, it houses the commissioner (I'll play as the commissioner). Officers can report to him/her for anything within New York City and the commissioner will update the status of New York City. "The Division" agents can also meet with him/her for anything that they can do to help out. The 1 Police Plaza serves as a Quarantine Zone for the citizens. Police Stations can be abandoned for many reasons.

    Most of the hospitals were full on the first day of the outbreak and now the hospitals are abandoned. Hospitals houses supplies and medicine that can be useful to Quarantine Zones. They also house flies on people that other hospitals need, so giving the files to them can be helpful. The one of the remain hospitals were hotels and large stores, the main important one is The W Hotel. They house the sick, nurses, doctors, soldiers, and scientists. The scientists are there to research a cure for the virus, "The Division" agents can ask the head scientist for anything that they can help (I'll play him/her as well). Their more hospitals, but they are mostly in the downtown area due to there being larger buildings.

    Fire Departments are mostly abandoned due to having no running water, but they have supplies. The Fire Department's main HQ is at the Nine MetroTech Center and it has been turned into a Quarantine Zone. They can become Safe Zones and gangs can live there.

    Dark Zones
    They're areas where the virus took a lot of people's lives and the sick people live there took until they drop dead. You should wear a mask before entering this area, but it has the most supplies than in the Safe Zones. You can get the virus if you got shot, bleeding, or wearing no mask near a dead/infected person. The zones will house abandoned buildings, that could house supplies and even weapons. This is where you will most likely die at and gang activity is the highest within these areas.

    "By day five, everyone will be a potential threat."
    © A TheGreyWarden & ShatteredSkies 1x1 Roleplay
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  2. Mike November Yankee Charlie (MNYC; Mid New York City)
    Squad Leader - Javier Cranford; New Castle (Played by TheGreyWarden).
    Sharpshooter - Max Winstead; Spirit (Played by TheGreyWarden).
    Medic - Michael Foulke; Angel (Played by ShatteredSkies).
    Support - Chloe Foulke; Princess (Played by ShatteredSkies).

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  3. Safe Zones
    St. Patrick's Cathedral
    Union Square

    Quarantine Zones
    Madison Square Garden

    Police Stations
    One Police Plaza

    Dark Zones
    Central Park
    Yankee Stadium
  4. Name: Michael Foulke
    Nickname: Angel
    Age: 30
    6', 200 pounds of wiry muscle. He has brown hair and ocean-blue eyes. He wears black rubber-soled combat boots, gray cargo pants, a black Dragon Skin bullet-resistant vest and carrier over a grey, black and white urban camoflauge-patterned shirt, standard issue helmet and a rebreather mask, also wears a white thermal balaclava. He has scars on his right side and right arm from an explosion years ago. He also has a set of angel wings tattooed on his back, between them is a sword wreathed in flame, and initials cover that sword.
    Primary Weapon: Kriss Super V. Suppressed, equipped with a holographic sight-
    View image: Screenshot 2015 07 07 10 44 15

    -120 .45 rounds
    Secondary Weapon: SigSauer 1911 Nightmare-
    -32 .45 Black Talon rounds
    Blackhawk Nightedge combat knife-
    Flare Gun-
    Small bundle of Composition 4 with detonators
    Small thermos
    Bag of O'Boy Oberto Beef Jerky
    Special Equipment: A small drone he can throw out to scout buildings and ahead of him.
    Biography: A former Army Ranger, he was dishonorbly discharged in 2009 after failing to testify against his commanding officer after he led them on an unsanctioned hit. This caught the attention of Irving Lambert, who recruited him into a secret NSA cell called Third Echelon. Though Michael washed out of training, he was still very much ingrained in black operations of his nation. He worked with the Private Military Company Academi (Formerly known as Blackwater), when he was approached again by Lambert. This time, he was recruited into the Division. Michael left Blackwater, and took up residence outside of New York City. When the outbreak began, he was out on a hunting trip with a group of friends. Once Directive 51 was put into place, he gathered his Division weapons and headed to the city.

    Name: Chloe Foulke
    Nickname: Princess
    Age: 28
    About 5'10, with long blonde hair that has been kept up as of recently. She has dark brown eyes, that turn to gold in the light, and wears about the same outfit. She also carries a thin trail backpack for extra gear and ammunition.
    Colt M4 with beta magazine, holographic sight, foregrip, and flashlight
    -2 spare beta mags, 200 rounds
    Colt 1911
    Photo by Jennifer Andrade
    32 Black Talon rounds
    1 MRE
    Small thermos
    Special Equiptment-
    Bio-Foam: Liquid anticoagulant numbing agent that accelerates repair of damaged skin, not a cure all, but it certainly takes the edge off a gunshot wound.
    Biography: She grew up having a respect for survival and weaponry, and also for art. Ally worked as a police officer in a sleepy New York town, and painted in her off time. Her brother recruited her into the Division shortly after the outbreak. She is still stuck in the cop mentality, but is willing to break it if the life of her brother is on the line.
  5. Show Spoiler

    Javier Cranford.

    Call Sign
    New Castle.



    Personnel Description
    He is focused and listens to other team mates, since he is the leader of the group. He is also knowledgeable of New York City since he was born and rise in it. Javier is a outgoing and humorous guy, but he is also a team player (when it's necessary). His honesty and honour is dependable on the person, if he likes the person he would tell the truth and be honour to him; but if he hates the person, he would lie and dishonour him. Even known he is a outgoing and humorous guy, he cares about people's emotion even if the person was trying to kill him; he knows that we all were human once before the virus came.

    Backstory Description
    Born and rise in New York City to a second-class family living in the Bronx, Javier always had a hard life with the gangs and drug dealers living in the Bronx. His mother and father wanted to moved somewhere safer but they couldn't found a place. The family was surviving the job losses in the seventies but then at the age of three, his family found an apartment within East Village and moved away from the Bronx. They knew that East Village was where that Stonewall riots happened and the gay community lived, but they didn't care about as it was a lot safer than living in the Bronx again. But then in two thousand one, the September 11, 2001 attacks and he saw the World Trade Center on fire and couldn't think about his mother. Thankfully, she worked on the thirty floor and got out safely hours before the town collapsed. After the attacks, his father and oldest son decided to join the army to fight those who dare to attack America.

    At the age of eighteen, he decided to join the army as well, due to her wanting to protect his hometown and follow in his father and oldest brother's steps. He trained for four years until he sent to the Middle East, to join the others in the war against terrorism. He fought within the hot deserts for eight years until one day, his captain and the others were in a small town and they were ambushed. His captain laid dead on the ground and the others were too afraid to take the role of captain, so Javier decided to take the place. He told his men to get out of the town, by going in each building, that would lead to the hills nearby. The men followed Javier as if he was the captain and they got out of the town with only two dead, it was good for someone that didn't train to become a captain. After his actions, the higher ranks took notice of Javier's action and trained him to become a captain and for three years, he was trained to become a captain. But then, he was put in the Strategic Homeland Division (or The Division) as a leader of a group.

    - Extra rounds for his MP5 and M9.
    - Two flashbang grenades.
    - Rations and a water supply.
    - Standard military equipment.

    - MP5 with suppressor.
    - Beretta M9.

    Javier has the ability to be a leader, with his speeches and his experience in strategy.

    Addition Information
    His mother, father, oldest brother, and youngest brother were still in New York City, when the virus began to spread.

    Show Spoiler


    Name: Max Winstead

    Age: 32

    Gender: Male

    Call Sign: Ghost

    Personnel Description:
    (Fragment taken from the personal records of Max's shrink, which is also his aunt.)
    "...I don't know what happened to Max. He used to be such a good and respectful man. However after his wife Angela died in that horrible car accident together with their 2 year old daughter Maria, Max has changed 180 degrees. Now he spends alot of time alone, barely talks to anyone, he has become very impulsive and quick to anger and I even remember seeing him drunk a couple of times. I tried in many different ways to make him the person he once was, but it was just a waste of time. Normally I try to keep it strictly professional between me and my patients, but since I am Max's aunt I think I've become a little too involved then the usual. I express my hope that time and hopefully another woman, will make Max the wonderful person he used to be. From a professional standpoint Max is still a hard working person and I saw him doing a very good job at that car shop. He also seemed to collaborate very well with his colleagues..."

    Backstory Description: Max Winstead was born in Brooklyn, New York. He comes from a long line of people that served in the US military. His grandfather fought in France against the Nazi's in WW2, while his father served in Vietnam. However this was not the path that Max wanted to follow in life. Although he wasn't exactly sure what he wants to be, he certanly didn't want to become a soldier. But despite that, Max ended up in the Army anyway, because his father forced him to. Because of that Max started to hate his father and still hates him up to this day. Max did well in the Army, passing all the training and all the tests and becoming a very good sniper. He served some time in Afganisthan and after his tour was over he came back to spend some time with his wife and 2 year old daughter.

    Two weeks after he came back however, his wife and daughter were killed in an ugly car accident. This event totally screwed up Max who became a totally different person then what his friends and family were used to. He was also discharged from the Army at his own request, despite many attempts to make him reconsider. He agreed to get professional help from his aunt who was a shrink in order to get past his wife and daughter's death, but not even that couldn't put him on the right track. Despite the fact that he slowly became a wreck, Max managed to find a job as a mechanic at a car shop. The owner was impressed with his passion for cars and the fact that he liked working with them so he decided to give him a chance.

    As time passed, Max's life slowly started to improve, but his personality and attitude still didn't change as he remained the same lonely, unfriendly and quiet person that he became after his wife and daughter's death. After eight months of working at the car shop, Max became increasingly bored and realised that his life needs some action. He heard about the Division and about the fact that they needed people so he decided to join in, not just because of the need for action but also because he loved the USA and didn't want it to become a wreck.

    Role: Scout

    1x Contact Lens;
    1x Go-Bag;
    1x Respirator;
    1x Smart Watch;
    1x Computer;
    1x Signal Flare;
    1x Flashlight w/ spare batteries;
    6x magazines for his weapons(4 for primary, 2 for secondary);
    1x Water Bottle;
    2x Snickers bars.

    Primary: M14 DMR w/ suppressor;
    Secondary: Springfield 1911;
    Melee: KA-BAR knife(all black version w/ serrated blade).

    Talents: Max is an expert in stealth tactics and dealing with enemies from a distance. He can dispose of somebody without him ever knowing he was there. He is also a very good spotter and observer, although back in his army days he had someone that did that job for him.
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