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  1. Opening Scene (open)
    Colder than the breath of any winter the three had ever felt, the wind swept across and through their bodies and cut deep within the bone. Deep in Germany past the borders, past the armies and among the enemies they'd grown to know after the short lived autumn of 1943. They're accents toned and hand picked by the most elite of the American special forces; forged to operate independent of central leadership deep within enemy territory and be part of the enemy. These were spies and assassins of fine caliber trained to seen but never known, trained to weather the harshest tortures, grimmest battlefields and deadliest tacticians.
    But this God damned cold cut to the fucking soul.

    It was here at a simple door, like any other in this abandoned little village in Northern Germany, only but a few dozen houses resided in the frozen valley nestled between hills and mountains; hidden away from the world and removed from knowledge. It was one of a handful of towns that had been removed from maps recorded by the three operatives found during their time among the Third Reich. Among other information reviewed and extracted from expendable personnel, they knew the secret weapon was located here.
    Unguarded and out of sight, out of mind.

    They were looking to find a bunker located in the basement of the town hall. That is where'd they find it, the objective they looked to find for so long; objective Zeta Black. Even the three's superiors knew little, if anything at all, about this secret weapon. All but one guaranteed scrap of information that probably caused a firestorm in some general or agents office a few years back. It was a message from a high ranking Nazi scientist that had somehow managed to have a bottle of wine with a message engraved on the inside of the bottle to the desk of William J. Donovan, director of the OSS, forerunner to the CIA.

    The message, cryptic in nature, only spoke of something dark in the earth being produced by the deepest reaches of the Third Reich and Himmler. But it was more so what was contained in the supposed bottle of wine. It was a chemical never seen by nor recorded by science. It was believed at first to be a fuel, but its true use has yet to be known.

    The Dive starts in the northern hills of Germany during winter in 1943. Three special operatives are finally about to reach their objective, an unknown super weapon believed to be being produced by secret Nazi scientific divisions, a group known as HYDRA was believed to be involved. Though hardly any information has been uncovered by the specialists, they have narrowed their targets and found information pointing to the location of this project. A small unnamed, non-existent town tucked away in the hills away from the world.

    All three are male in character. Armed with basic German foot soldier weaponry, heavy coats, snowshoes, camping supplies and two weeks worth of rations each. They have been trekking through the hills for two days and have finally arrived at the snowed in town. The snow only about two feet deep but the cold piercing gusts of wind cutting to the bone. Only but a few more minutes and they'd arrive at the town hall. This is where your journey begins...

    -Decent grammar and punctuation and legible writing.
    -At least two plus paragraphs unless one-liners are required for the post.
    -An "R" like rating may be applied.
    -Dedicated role players are appreciated. At least one post every two to three days.
    -If you're going to leave the role play, please drop both a message in the OOC and PM me as well.

    Otherwise, have fun with this.

    Please PM me your CS and questions pertaining to the role play here in the OOC.
    I will put the IC up once there are three participants, other than myself.
  2. I've got this feeling this has failed or is plain and simply, not interesting. Hmmm, but I'd rather not give away just where we're going with this story, but it seems a bit bland as to just what is going to happen.
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