The Disaster on Draconis: A Doom/Quake-style Character RP

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    It is the year 2357, and mankind has taken to the stars. Branching out from Earth, humanity colonised first the Moon, and then moved on to Mars and the Martian moons, before extending colonies further out into the Solar System; first Europa and then all of the Jovian satellites, and even Saturn's moons. All of this was achieved by the forefathers of interstellar travel in what is known as the Dawn of the Space Age. This was achieved by 2200, which was when mankind first stepped towards the stars beyond. The formation of a large technological corporation, backed by all of the richest countries on Earth, was the catalyst for groundbreaking research into new technology. The International Technological Conglomerate, or ITC, is a non-profit organisation formed by the governments of Earth to support development of ambitious projects such as teleportation, advanced weaponry and space flight. ITC has been able to pioneer the way into primitive FTL and sleeper ships, hence human activity outside Sol, and as a result has a mandate granted by the governments of Earth to research technology with methods outside normal boundaries... ITC has also been provided with a form of peace-keeper military force by the governments of Earth drawn from all walks of life - the Conglomerate Defence Force or CDF. The CDF is essentially a private military corporation within the ITC, though it answers to the ITC's board of executives, and as such is completely under the control of the company, and nobody else. The CDF, thought by many to be ITC's private army, is equipped and trained to a decent standard, perhaps analogous to the United Nations peacekeeper forces of the 20th and 21st centuries - though they are ill-equipped to fight a war, they are more than capable of stopping one before it begins. The CDF also employs numerous mercenary contractors to bolster their ranks, as the CDF themselves are too few in number to properly secure all of ITC's far-flung research stations, colonies and other resources: though mercenaries are often frowned upon by CDF troops, they are seen as a necessary evil by most, admittedly with no small amount of distaste. The ITC does not truly care for the backgrounds of their mercenary corps, so long as they get the job done - there are rumours flying about that ITC often employs known murderers to protect them from prosecution, as their 'skills' can be put to use in a military outfit. Whether or not those are true, few will likely know, but ITC is the face of human expansion into the great unknown.

    One such ITC research station is located on the planet of Draconis, some 34 light-years from Earth. Draconis Station is a desolate, windswept sort of place. Draconis' main settlement is clustered about the CDF barracks and ITC research facility, close by what is called 'Geryon Gorge', which is spanned by the Hades Dam. The atmosphere on Draconis is breathable. Ish. Wouldn't recommend staying out there for extended periods of time at high exertion, the oxygen is lower than on Earth and the level of trace gases is a little higher... One more notable thing about Draconis Station - it has a nearby iron mine, which is refined into steels and then shipped off world. But the centrepiece of the colony is Draconis Station itself. Built just above the Hades Dam, the station is a testbed for ITC's latest baby: teleportation of large quantities of matter. Achieved through the usage of dimensional rift generators developed in 2355, teleportation has been an obsession of ITC's CEO, John Thorrocks, ever since the subject was broached to him in a boardroom meeting, and CEO Thorrocks has ordered the development of teleporters to be undertaken at the highest pace, regardless of danger. In his words, it would be 'a giant leap forward in our understanding about the universe'.

    But surely there are some things best kept under wraps? Surely there are places humanity isn't meant to go? Or are we truly destined to achieve ever greater marvels?


    So, with that rambling out of the way, welcome to the Disaster on Draconis. As already stated, this is an RPG that draws heavily from themes present in such games as DOOM and Quake. There will be blood. There will be death. There will be gore, and there will be a lot of hacking, slashing, shooting and whatever else you need to do to survive an invasion.

    However, before we begin, I have a couple of rules to lay down:

    1. Godmodding, or powerplaying, or anything of that sort is a no-no. This isn't a power-fantasy, folks, so let's keep it that way. Please? Any offenders will be thrown out of the window.
    2. Humans only. Not sure if that was obvious, but I'd best underline it here. Humanity has not had First Contact with other species, so humans and only humans, if you'd be so kind.
    3. Please, don't be the best at everything. You're soldiers, not superhumans. You're not Doomguy, as much as we all wish we were.
    4. CDF troops are limited to one Sergeant and two Corporals. Recruits are of course welcome.
    OK, now that's sorted, here's the part you've all been waiting for. The Character Sheet/Template/whatever you want to call it. Players may have more than one character, but no more than 2 or 3. You're survivors, not a small army.





    Allegiance: (CDF or Mercenaries)

    Rank: (if applicable)

    Physical Description:

    Equipment: (armour, weapons and supplies)

    Psychological Description: (what is your character like as a person? What drives them, motivates them? What do they fear, hate, like?)

    Short Biography: (give us some background that would be easily accessible to the other characters)


    CDF and mercenary factions will have access to different equipment. Cybernetics and augmentations are a thing, but only mercenaries and freebooters are likely able to afford the more hi-tech of them - CDF troops are very much bulk-buy equipment. This is not to say that CDF equipment is in some way inferior to that of the mercs, only that it's more intrusive, for example bionic limbs and robotic appendages instead of, for example, artificial muscle tissue. In addition, CDF troops are often given ITC technology that mercs are not allowed to use, for example stimulant injectors which numb the user to injury and apply healing salves and gels to the wound to allow it to heal rapidly. You can be creative with these, but not over-the-top. If I find something that I feel does not fit in with the setting particularly, or is too powerful for the confines of this RPG, I will ask you to reconsider it.

    The following posts will be used for armouries and whatnot. CDF players have an armoury to select from, mercenaries may use whatever equipment they desire, so long as it isn't too powerful.

    Enjoy, folks.
  2. CDF troops are somewhat limited in their armament to those weapons found in the Armoury. Be reasonable with loadouts.

    As for the manufacturers:

    Stechmann Armouries - Stechmann Armouries was formed after the collapse of the popular arms manufacturers Heckler & Koch and Mauser Werke in 2109 following a recession and falling sales to military manufacturers. Stechmann is a prime supplier of the CDF, with Stechmann weaponry usually being issued to the recruits due to their reliability and low cost, making them perfect for bulk equipment. Stechmann weapons are usually chambered in 9mm ammunition, and are considered quite accurate, except for their Personal Defence Weapons.

    Yureyev Machinery and Arms: A Russian company whose weapons are considered almost unbreakable, Yureyev M&A's guns are highly reliable and require very little maintenance. It has been truthfully said that Yureyev guns can be fixed with a hammer if anything goes wrong with them. Their rugged reliability comes at a price, however, and that is their low-quality manufacture, leading to poor accuracy and questionable worth in some people's eyes. Yureyev weapons are considered by the CDF to be perfect for those operating in harsh conditions or those who have no skill in maintaining their weapons, but who are still useful soldiers.

    Richmond Works - One of the few US arms manufacturers who have not devoted their energies to more advanced weapons, Richmond are the heirs of Samuel Colt, John Browning and Hiram Maxim in the eyes of old-fashioned gunsmiths. Richmond guns are usually chambered in either .45 ACP or 5.56mm, and combine reasonable reliability with good accuracy and good stopping power, but at the cost of equally high maintenance. Richmond's weapons are well-finished and considered by CDF to be more worthy of higher-ranked soldiers, though they are issued to all ranks.

    Enfield Arms: The traditional British armaments manufacturer, resurrected in 2151. Enfield weapons are reliable, accurate and only require moderate maintenance. However, they are rare in the hands of the CDF, as Enfield produces a small handful of weapons in comparison to the likes of Richmond, Yureyev or Stechmann.

    CDF Armoury (open)

    • 9mm Yureyev YP-32
    • .45 ACP Richmond M4 pistol
    • 9mm Stechmann S-8
    • .357 Richmond R-4 Magnum revolver
    Submachine Guns:
    • 9mm Stechmann Personal Defence Weapon
    • 9mm Stechmann MP-010 submachine gun
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  3. Captain K. S. Short (open)

    Name: Kenwyne Stuart Short

    Age: 38

    Gender: Male

    Allegiance: CDF

    Rank: Captain, Commanding Officer Draconis Station

    Physical Description:
    Captain Short stands at about 5' 10" tall, with short black hair, moustache and beard, and dark skin, with brown eyes. His frame is well-built, even chunky, and lined with the rigours of military service in the CDF. He is usually found in a standard CDF uniform befitting his rank - green buttoned shirt and trousers with a blue tie, with a green jacket with his rank insignia and the name badge 'Cap. Short' emblazoned on the left breast pocket. Captain Short seems to always have a furrowed look on his face, as if he were scanning the area for something amiss, or out of the ordinary. Captain Short's left arm and his shoulder joint are entirely cybernetic, having lost the organic original to an 'accidental' explosion on Seridian III during a routine cleaning cycle of the waste facilities there when he was a Lieutenant stationed at the CDF base there. Seridian III had been undergoing an insurgency conflict, and the accident at the waste facility had been orchestrated by rebels - this has led to Short having a no-nonsense attitude towards secessionists in the colonies.
    Image: (open)


    • CDF Captain-Grade Combat Armour: CDF armour design depends on the soldier in question, and of course officers are considered the creme de la creme of the CDF, with Captains such as Kenwyne Short given the best protection available to the CDF. CDF Captain-Grade armour comprises an internal bodysuit that is lined with non-Newtonian liquids that cushion the force of blunt impacts and harden to prevent any damage to the skin, whilst the outer shell of the armour is covered in titanium alloy armour plating that can resist bullet fire (albeit for a short amount of time) and is covered with an ablative shielding in case of hostile environments, such as extreme heat or violent sand or duststorms as on the surface of planets such as Draconis, Kerdis II or Mars. CDF combat armour is also hermetically-sealed to prevent atmospheric pollutants from harming the soldier, as well as providing the soldier integrated targeting and atmospheric information on their heads-up display by the use of what the ITC calls the Integrated Visual and Audio Network, acronymised to IVAN to commemorate its designer, Ivan Tuvalov. IVAN is considered by some to be an artificial intelligence, but that is not truly the case - a true AI is sentient, whilst IVAN is not; IVAN is limited to only providing tactical and communications assistance to the officer. CDF Captain-Grade Armour, like all tactical armour sets, comes integrated with an automatic medical assistant, that detects injuries to the soldier and patches them up as best it can, allowing for extended durability in battle.
    CDF Officer Combat Armour: (open)

    • International Technological Conglomerate Type I-A Plasma Projector, or 'Plasma Rifle': The Plasma Projector, commonly referred to as the plasma rifle, is the CDF's newest and brightest 'toy', given only to veterans of the CDF entrusted with rare and dangerous weaponry. The plasma rifle uses an internal energy storage capacitor to ionise hydrogen gas into small balls of plasma and fires them at high speed using gravitic impellers and magnetic fields to prevent contact with the 'barrel' of the rifle. Beforehand, prototypical plasma weapons operated largely akin to flamethrowers, spouting great gouts of plasma which often proved as much a danger to the user as it did to the target. The Type I-A now is able to fire individual 'bursts' of plasma at a moderately high rate of fire, estimated to be around 500 shots per minute. However, the hydrogen fuel canisters that the Type I-A uses only hold enough gas for about 50 shots.
    Type I-A Plasma Projector (open)

    • Stechmann S-8 9mm pistol: Every soldier needs a sidearm, and the Stechmann S-8 is Captain Short's. Reliable, accurate and with a 12-round magazine, the Stechmann S-8 is able to put a hole in any living thing at a decent range. Usually Captain Short prefers to use the plasma rifle, but when that's not possible, he trusts in the Stechmann. It hasn't let him down.
    Stechmann S-8 (open)

    • Sabre: Never one to break with tradition, Kenwyne Short has a sabre with him at all times. In the 19th century, Kenwyne's ancestors were members of the British Lifeguard Cavalry, and the Short family have owned sabres ever since - it has become a family tradition to carry a sabre whilst in service with the military, and Kenwyne is no different. The sabre, however, has moved with the times: whilst it might have been manufactured from steel in the old days, today, Captain Short's sabre is made from a titanium alloy similar to his armour, which grants it great durability whilst keeping the weight down. Kenwyne fights with a sabre in his left hand to allow him to use the great strength of his cybernetic arm to its fullest extent.
    Captain's Sabre (open)

    Psychological Description:
    A stern, uncompromising soldier, Captain Short meets a situation with a cool and clear mind, and analyses it to see how he can get out of it with the minimum of damage - to himself or to his team, whoever he may happen to be working with. Having come from a long line of military ancestors, Kenwyne holds a certain amount of disdain for 'civilians' who claim to know about war, even though Kenwyne has only fought for the CDF in low-level insurgencies - those insurgencies cost him several friends and his left arm, he'll have you know. Captain Short also holds disdain for the colonial governor of Draconis, Luc Marrois, and sees Governor Marrois as dangerously close to breaking away from Earth's already tenuous hold on the outer colonies. To those who are able to break through his hardened exterior, though, or to those under his command, Kenwyne Short is a caring man, unwillnig to throw anyone else's life away for pointless exercises - he is the commanding officer, and he feels responsible for the safety of everyone on Draconis Station... even Governor Marrois.

    Short Biography:
    Kenwyne Stuart Short was born on the 24th of May, 2318 to Helen and Michael Short in the city of Sheffield, in the United Kingdom. Both of his parents were (and Michael still is) in the British Army, and were stationed in Sheffield where Kenwyne was born. During his childhood, Kenwyne was a bright lad, and very interested in hearing his parents' and grandparents' stories of when they were in the armed forces, and this led to him knowing about the Conglomerate Defence Force, and his ambition to joni it only grew over the years, culminating in his entry into Leeds Space Defence College at 18. He left LSDC at 21 and enlisted in the CDF, where he was commissioned with the rank of Lieutenant and stationed on the hotspot of Seridian III, where a low-level insurgency campaign aimed at forcing Earth to grant Seridian III its sovereignty was underway. Lieutenant Short and his platoon saw action against separatist rebels several times during their stay on Seridian III, with one such battle taking place in the wastelands between two major settlements on the planet. The convoy which Lt Short's platoon was guarding was ambushed by rebels and a hectic firefight broke out, which claimed 20 of Short's soldiers through death or injury before the platoon was able to drive the rebels away into the wastelands. This, as well as the explosion at the waste facility which led to Short losing his left arm as he shielded a young private from the explosion with his own body, has led to Short becoming increasingly embittered towards the colonial settlers in the Outer Regions, who he sees as opportunistic and selfish people just trying to play at nations instead of getting on with what he sees as the real task - expanding humanity's horizons. After the suppression of the Seridianese rebels, Short, by now a Captain at 30, was moved to the planet of Draconis, where he and his garrison of troops have been relatively unobstructed by sentiment of rebellion or secession... for the moment.

    Accepted Characters (open)
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  4. I have some interest in this. The Doom/Quake comparison with RPG elements has especially caught my attention.
  5. Name: Genevieve Aleron

    Age: 28

    Gender: Female

    Allegiance: United Security Solutions Corporation - UNISEC (Mercs)

    Rank: Warrant Officer First Class

    Physical Description:
    Appearance (open)


    Psychological Profile (open)

    From notes regarding the subject prior to the Horizon Incident, as well as observing the subject while on disciplinary leave, the profiler has gathered enough data to give a definitive verdict as to her viability in the field. While it is still seen that the subject's AI companion is a very capable balancing factor as to her temperament, a very distinct change has been noted since her last mission. The subject has been observed to undergo sudden changes in mood without notice or provocation around others, as well as becoming aggressive towards minimal slight. While on her own, the subject frequently speaks to her AI companion, even when the interface has been confirmed to be inactive. Most concerning is the level of control the AI companion seems to have gained over the subject, to the point where she has stated that she has been directed to do certain actions at the behest of the AI. Proof of this comes from probing attempts at separating her from the AI, the last of which forced the observational team to briefly halt the investigation after the subject severed the arm of one of the observers. In short, the profiler has concluded that at the time of this profiling, the subject cannot be cleared for active duty due to a perceived danger to those she may be working with or for.

    Bio (open)

    Information incoming eventually.

    Equipment (open)

    UNISEC-DA/23-05a/CA - One of the higher end models of carapace armor from UNISEC, the model 05a/CA features advanced integration of the NIM as well as an additional compartment along the spine to allow for socketing of an AI module. The Gauntlet has also been revised in this version to work more efficiently for stand-alone operatives, with the removal of many of the linking features to UNISEC comms and a more universal link-up that allows the agent to tap into local communications and satellite arrays so that they can operate in non UNISEC territory without support from the fleet. Utilized features of Genevieve's armor is as follows:
    - Gravitic Thrusters
    - Smoke Dischargers

    UNISEC-DA/36-IPW/MWS/x03 - The latest version of UNISEC's MWS platform, the x03 is still at it's core the standard MWS/01, firing the 8mm rail-rifle round. However, where it differs is in the adaptability of the platform to adjust more to the types of targets being fired at and changing battlefield conditions. Adding in a new gyroscopic stabilizer to the base platform, the x03 has the ability to provide stable firing from nearly any firing angle with the assistance of the internal computer's adjustments to fire-control. Beyond this, the model utilized by Genevieve has been modified to accept over-rides from the AI module of her armor, as well as being given a customization in the form of a more low-key paint job to make it seem to be a more typical armament, rather than a high-tech firearm. Along with the standard SBR and MBR attachments for the MWS, Genevieve has with her the SMG and DSR attachments for the weapon.

    UNISEC-DA/36-IPW/MWS/x03 - Attachments:
    - SBR - Short-Barreled Rifle attachment, allowing it to perform that role. Semi-Automatic firing mode only.
    - MBR - Main-Battle Rifle attachment, allowing it to perform the role of a long-barreled assault rifle. Features Semi-Automatic, Fully-Automatic and Three-Round Burst-Fire modes.
    - SMG - Small Machine-Gun attachment, shifts the platform to the role of an SMG. Fully-Automatic and Three-Round Burst fire modes only.
    - DSR - Dedicated Sniper Rifle attachment, allows the weapon to perform the role of a long-range rifle. Semi-Automatic firing mode only.

    AI Integration Module - Allows the integration of an AI into her suit, particularly her AI, Cytherea. From this module, the AI is able to integrate in with all attached systems of Genevieve's armor as well as link in with her nervous system and communicate with her in a pseudo-telepathic fashion. Cytherea herself is less an AI, and more so a brain-upload of Genevieve's sister who passed away nearly a decade ago, though this detail is unknown even to her handlers at PSC.

    Other weapon Attachments:
    - x5 Multi-role scope - Developed by UNISEC to provide a variable scope for rifles of varying design, this scope features up to five-times magnification for engagements up to 3,000 meters away, as well as Night-Vision, Infra-Red, Ultra-Violet, and EM vision overlays.
    - Grenade-Launcher - A small tube for launching 25mm grenades from a rail built underneath the barrel of the weapon.
    - Bayonet - Every now and then someone needs to be stabbed with a gun.

    Pair of ceramic fighting knives - Constructed of an unidentified ceramic of some kind, these knives are extremely lightweight and durable for what they are, being equivalent to standard issue high-carbon military knives despite weighing less than a quarter. A unique feature of the knives is the self-sharpening nature of the blades, allowing them to retain a lethal edge long after their metallic counterparts have dulled. Both knives are of roughly six inches in length and features serrations along the cutting edge.

    Ammunition Cache:
    Eight Cases of 8mm Rail-Rifle rounds at 100 rounds each
    Three bands of eight 25mm grenades, one incendiary, one chaff, and one standard fragmentation.
    Two replacement canisters for Carapace Armor launchers, one filled with standard smoke, the other filled with chaff.

    [Non-Mission Equipment]

    Assorted clothing - Mainly in the form of an array of casual clothes with a few more formal dresses mixed in.

    Set of old dog-tags identifying a former team-mate as well as her own set.

    UNISEC modular take-down kit - A kit of tools and cloths used for the cleaning and repair of UNISEC arms and armor. Contains a wide variety of multi-tools as well as computer within the kit that holds detailed knowledge on how to maintenance the various arms and armor assigned to the user. Pass-coded to Genevieve's genetic marker.
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  6. Nice to have you on board, Penultimate Pi and Shimmerene.
  7. Name: Fiona Pink

    Age: 26

    Gender: Female

    Allegiance: Mercenaries

    Rank: N/a

    Physical Description:[​IMG]
    She has red hair and usually wears a full body spandex instead of this. With an hourglass figure, blue eyes, small nose and small lips, and thin eyebrows. Her suit is usually black, and the gloves are usually black as well.

    Equipment: ITC Laser Rifle, Dual Wield Pistols, Grenades, smoke bombs and smoke grenades, she also has suppressors for her pistols if need be, she also has a large army Machete on her leg, with a knife in her boot.

    Psychological Description: (what is your character like as a person? What drives them, motivates them? What do they fear, hate, like?) Fiona is an odd person. She is a bit uptight but also very playful. She tries to be relaxed and calm but often after conflict needs a bit to calm down, it isn't that she goes crazy, but instead that she gets in a state of hypersensitivity after an intense conflict. She however lives for the conflict and the thrill of it. It makes her feel alive, and that's what she wants to remember is that she is still human and alive. She however fears loneliness the most, but overall she has a general fear of the unknown like most people. She also fears sleep as she often has night terrors. She hates people who are not loyal and are untrustworthy. But she loves people who prove themselves to be trustworthy. She loves sex, as well as the thrill of action and being able to do her yoga and such.

    Short Biography: When she joined the mercenary work she wasn't that old, in fact some would say she was too young. However, she was only 18 and able to make her own decisions at least in her mind. She eventually fell in love with one of the men she worked with and ended up marrying him. But she never realized that it would become an abusive relationship with him and her constantly fighting. And I mean fist fighting. She had a kid once, but one day after storming out of the house because of a fight between her and her husband, (Where she had knocked him out cold). She came back a few hours later to find the kid dead, and her husband admitting to do it. So she killed him.. killed him and burned the house. She was able to make it as if no evidence was found. Ever since then she has been walking around with a chip on here shoulder ever since. She left mercenary work and decided to become a stripper for awhile as she felt the violence was too much for her. However, after time she realized she missed the violence. So she rejoined the mercenaries to get a taste of violence again.
  8. Shien reporting in. Still here, still interested, positing what I have of the sheets at the moment. Very heavily WIP; if there is anything that catches you as being off, just let me know (here or in chat; chat would probably be quicker).

    Name: Dean Arnatt
    Age: 36
    Sex male
    Allegiance: CDF
    Rank: Corporal

    Physical Description:
    1.88 meters (about 6'2'') tall, weighing roughly 86 kg (about 191 pounds).

    Mission Start-Out Gear:
    • Protective gear. [TODO]
    • Clothes, basically. [TODO]
    • Main weapon (he only has one). [TODO]
    • Sidearm. [TODO]
    • Standard military combat knife. Black 17.8 cm (7'') single-edged dagger-tipped high-carbon steel blade. Has a nylon sheathe and is generally attached to his hip. Predominantly an utility tool, but can also be used as a last-resort means of self defense when things have really gone down the drain.
    • Grenades and such. [TODO]
    • First-aid agents and other potentially useful stuff. [TODO]
    Current State of Equipment:
    Unchanged from above

    Psychological Description: [TODO]

    Short Biography: [TODO]

    Name: Rachel Satrane
    Age: 32
    Sex female
    Allegiance: mercenary

    Physical Description:
    About 178 cm (approximately 5'10'') tall, and weighing about 68.8 kg (about 153 pounds) without her cybernetic arm (but with the metallic implants in her shoulder), 77.4 kg (about 172 pounds) with it.
    Short (about four centimeters longest) black hair which would probably be in strong wave or curled if it were longer; mildly arched a bit thicker eyebrows of about the same color. Near-black brown almond-shaped eyes and smallerish nose, a bit too round-tipped for her liking. Prominent, well-defined cheekbones, average-looking lips and fairly sharp chin, accompanied by a bit stronger jawline. Her teeth are in good order, but a closer inspection would reveal that three of those in her lower left jaw have been replaced at some point in time. The overall shape of her face is elongated; there is an easily discernible mark of a horseshoe-shaped scar on her left cheekbone, and it can be told that the left side of her lower lip has been split open bad a long while ago, both scars a bit lighter in tone than her generally dark brown skin.
    With her naturally already being a fairly powerfully-built woman, it can also be seen that she takes additional effort to keep fit, befitting her chosen role in the active military. She leaves a somewhat wide-shouldered impression for her sex, and is average-busted at most, with a moderately slimmer waist, but fairly wide hips. (Proper military gear such as what for example she herself tends to wear on duty, however, has a fairly high tendency of completely concealing a person's body structure.) She moves, as one might put it, like a military person. She has a very straight, concrete holding of self and gives off a discernible sense of vigilance and action-readiness. How approachable she looks with these characteristics is questionable - it seems that many people take her for a soldier who is better not bothered without a good reason.
    - More significant than her natural build, however, are the inorganic additions to her body, introduced after an event of her past almost completely destroyed her left shoulder and upper arm, subsequently resulting in the amputation of her entire left arm, as it was both heavily damaged itself and, perhaps even more notably, simply had nothing left to try and attach what remained of the shredded appendage to. Her shattered shoulder-joint along with left collarbone and left shoulder-plate in their entirety have been since replaced with body-natural metal-ceramic equivalents - slightly elastic semi-ceramic coating over titanium-alloy details, partially composed of matter derived from her own body to further avoid rejection and completely eliminate the need for taking immonusuppressants.
    The structure of the reconstructed shoulder-joint is partially derived from, but not quite identical to a natural human shoulder-joint, as it features two pairs of additional sliding rods extending towards the arm and a handful of non-hard-fixed support rods reaching further into her body and connecting to ribs, spine and sternum - both of which have seen reinforcements of their own, a flexible cable-bridge structure and a metal plate respectively. All that to help distribute the expected additional strain.
    The shoulder-joint sockets into the artificial limb that that has now come to replace her left arm and hand, a decently advanced cybernetic neurofeedback-controlled appendage composed of coated titanium-alloy base structure similar to the elements within her body (both as a support and replacement for bones, and protective frame), but also supplemented with carbon nanofibre muscles and sensors. Sensors predominantly include sparse heat sensors, and pressure-sensors, the latter being the most abundant in her fingertips and a couple of centimeters apart on the arm segments. The artificial limb cannot feel pain per se, but it would give limited neural feedback in case of taking structural damage (recognizable as somewhat unpleasant, but not overly intrusive tick).
    Her shoulder is largely covered in her own skin (on which marks of the scars are fairly visible), but the cybernetic limb has - both as an extra layer of protection from environmental hazards and for aesthetic purposes - an artificial skin look-alike cover. The shoulder-joint (three connection points) and upper left arm (four connection points) also have anchor nodes for the type of exoskeleton she typically wears on service.
    The artificial limb has the advantage of being notably more resilient, possessing significantly greater brute physical strength (gripping-power peaking at about 14'000 N1), and not tiring in the way a natural human arm would. The cybernetic limb is powered by any combination of energy produced by her own body, energy obtained from her surroundings and power feed-in from either her exo-suit or any other external source. It has battery-cell energy storage of its own that would last it (without significant input from other sources) about eight days in relaxed everyday use and six hours in full-time full-capacity intense use. Purely body-derived and Earth-level ambient energy is generally insufficient to provide for more than very brief and/or limited use.
    After all that, it is perhaps worth mentioning that Rachel is left-handed.

    Mission Start-Out Gear:
    • Her cybernetic arm (see above).
    • Light semi-powered neurofeedback-compatible exoskeleton. Unlike her cybernetic left arm and hand, this one does not require power to remain functional, proving to be of only little (relatively) more hindrance in its unpowered state than typical heavy-duty battle-armor would be. In its powered state, it can be used to significantly enhance the user's physical strength and actively counter various physical forces, whereas when unpowered it largely simply takes impacts, can be locked into bracing-position, and passively serves as a docking platform. Composed predominantly of high-durability lightweight titanium alloys (similar to the metallic components of her cybernetic arm), the exoskeleton consists of a notable amount of rods, powered-on-demand joints, docking points, and support-components securing the suit to Rachel's body. It has been tailored for her; the left arm portion of the suit does not have its joints powered, consisting of only support-frame and the connectors socketing into her cybernetic arm and shoulder. The suit comes with a battery pack stationed on the back, containing enough energy to effectively extend the effective usage time for Rachel's cybernetic arm sixfold or provide for about twelve hours of fully powered action for the suit itself. The exoskeleton alone does not make up for a proper armor; it is merely a powered-on-demand support-structure that also serves as a base for her protective gear.
    • Protective gear. [TODO]
    • Clothes, basically. [TODO]
    • Main weapon #1. [TODO]
    • Main weapon #2. [TODO]
    • High-power 9mm semi-automatic pistol; 17 rounds per magazine. Three magazines are carried total, one of which loaded into the gun, two of which in a lower right pocket on her torso. Expanding hollow-point ammunition (two magazines, marked red, one of which in the gun) and armor-piercing Teflon-coated ammunition (one magazine, marked blue). When not in use typically holstered by her right hip/upper thigh. Sidearm.
    • Standard military combat knife. Black 17.8 cm (7'') single-edged dagger-tipped high-carbon steel blade. Has a nylon sheathe which is generally attached to her left hip. Predominantly an utility tool, but can also be used as a last-resort means of self defense when things have really gone down the drain.
    • First-aid agents and other potentially useful stuff. [TODO]
    Current State of Worn Equipment:
    Unchanged from above
    Personal storage contents:
    • [TODO]

    Psychological Description: [TODO]

    Short Biography: [TODO]

    1For comparison, my personal left hand can briefly put out about 427 N.
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  9. Apologies for being somewhat absent, guild meetings and such on WoW. I'll try to get my bio in order when I get the chance. Any timeline on the IC Legion?
  10. Was hoping to get more interest before IC, but... eh. I'll wait for a few more days and then get going.
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