The Dionysian Enactment

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I'm not the best at worldbuilding, but this could be fun if people are interested. :bsmile:

Involved with a struggling theater troupe, a group of aspiring actors and actresses discover an ancient manuscript tucked away in the depths of an abandoned theater called The Elysian Playhouse that their acting company had recently acquired. The manuscript is said to be penned by Dionysus, promising unrivaled success and fame to those who dare to perform the play contained within its pages. Excited by the prospect, they decide to stage the play, unaware of the forces they are about to unleash.

As rehearsals commence, the boundaries between performance and reality begin to blur. The actors find themselves caught in a nightmarish loop, unable to distinguish the stage from the real world. Their performances elicit powerful emotions, tapping into their deepest desires and fears, while strange occurrences haunt them both on and offstage.

So, you'd be writing two characters: your actor and who the actor is playing.

My idea for the play is a sacred grove that Dionysus lures the characters into; he utilizes his powers of illusion and manipulation. He crafted haunting visions and dreams that hinted at the existence of a hidden realm, enticing them with promises of self-discovery and release from their inner struggles. All the characters needed to do was close their eyes, step through a doorway while holding their desires in the forefront of their mind, and find themselves in the Obsidian Vale.
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Oh this sounds so cool
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Sounds interesting!
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If I get at least one other interested person, I'll start signups and make a Very Cool and Big Post™ :bananaman:
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wats yer posting expectations? this sounds like it'll be a blast, but i dont wanna overload meself 👀 ✨
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wats yer posting expectations? this sounds like it'll be a blast, but i dont wanna overload meself 👀 ✨
Once a week at a minimum! People have lives and other lovely rp threads, so I want to be as accessible as I can 💚
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Ooh, looks neat.
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It seems I won't be able to join after all, but I wish you luck in your rp!
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