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  1. His phone blared loudly this morning - Blaring the song "Riot" by Three Days Grace. His eyes shot open and he raised his hand up to grab his cell phone, pressing a simple key on the device to shut off the music. He groaned and removed the covers from over him while shifting his body, so that his feet would land on the floor. "Andrew!" His mother called from the Kitchen. "Wake up your sister!" She yelled up towards him as he shook his head while lifting himself up from his bed and walking over to his curtains, opening them up. He then turned heel and walked out of his room, going down the hall towards his sister's room. He banged on the door then opened it up. "I know you heard Mom calling." He said. His eyes scanned towards her bed and saw that she wasn't in it - He walked closer to the bed and pulled back the sheets and saw that she wasn't in there.

    His eyes shifted towards the window when he heard a noise and saw a shadow coming through. "So, where have you been?" He asked her while folding his arms over his chest. "I hope you tend to tell me the truth or I will tell Mom and Dad." He said in a serious tone. She rolled her eyes while placing her cell phone on her dresser then a huff went through her lips. "Fine, I was at a friend's house and she wanted to know..." She promised that she wouldn't tell him, so soon, but she was being pressured at this point. "Breakfast, you two!" Their father said while standing at the doorway, looking at them both with a smile then nodded his head before going towards the stairs. "Oh, look, it's breakfast time." She said cheerfully while escorting her brother out of her room - Then shortly followed after him. "So, what is going on?" He asked her while grabbing hold of her arm.

    "Okay, I live a secret life that is not in this world." She stated. She didn't want to tell anyone but her brother was basically staring at her with those piercing eyes of doom. She sighed while removing her arms from his grasp. "I tell you the truth." She said before turning heel and walking down the stairs and into the kitchen. "Mmm, something smells good." She said while sitting down in front of a plate, across from her brother. She really hoped that he wouldn't ask her anything about her secret double life in front of her parents. "Samantha and Samuel, me and your father have important matters to take care of for a few days..." Their mother sat down and continued speaking. "Think you guys can handle the house by yourselves?" Their mother chuckled while looking over to their father. "No, parties." His voice was serious and he pointed an index finger at them.

    They both nodded their heads as Samantha's phone started to ring. She gasped then eyed everyone. She excused herself from the table and answered the phone in another room. "Hello." She said. A voice on the other side of the phone was informing her of a Corrector meeting happening within a few hours. "I'll be there." She whispered then hung the phone up, sighing while returning to the kitchen. "Who was that?" Her brother asked. She growled softly towards him then looked at her mother and father. "May I go a friend's house today?" Her mother raised a brow but her father was the one that spoke. "Who is this friend? Why are you going to their house?" He questioned her. She sighed and rolled her eyes. "Dad, I am twenty-one years old. Stop treating me like a child! I don't need to be question every single time." She hissed. Her brother was eating this up right now and knew she was bound to snap at any given moment. "I'm not hungry." She said while pushing her plate away and getting up from the table, storming off and running up the stairs. She went back into her room and slammed the door.

    "She is a handful." Samuel said with a hint of laughter. "Samuel." His mother hissed his name. "We're leaving you in charge." His father said while pointing his finger directly at him. Samuel celebrated a little bit and just really wanted to rub it into his sister's face. They were finish eating and his parents left shortly after. They packed the night before and loaded the car up. Must have been some important business matter. He shrugged his shoulders while closing the door and turning around with a smirk. He ran up the stairs and into his sister room, seeing that she was about to escape again. He ran over there and grabbed her by the waist, tightly. "Let me go! Let me go!" She screamed. She was struggling in his grasp. He eventually let her go then told her that he was left in charge. She couldn't believe the words that he had just spoke. "What?!" She said. "I am the oldest!" She continued. "Yeah, by three minutes." Samuel said. She rolled her eyes at him then sat down at the edge of her bed.

    "I want to know what's up with this second life of yours." He said in a demanding tone. He wanted some answers and wanted them now. She looked at him with her arms over her bosoms. "I can't really explain it but if you must know about, I have a meeting to go to, if you want to tag along." She said and watched as he jumped up. "Hell yeah! Let me go put some clothes on." He said while running to his room. She pressed a key on her phone and sent a message to the other Corrector(s). [Hope you guys don't mind but my brother is tagging along with me. Sorry, if it is a problem.] She waited their response while getting ready herself.
  2. With his eyes open, David, a young man, probably 24 or 26 years old, looked at the ceiling as he lay over his bed, waiting for his alarm clock to sound and his day to officially begin. Yes, it seems like there are still some fogy people who still uses them. Shutting it down as soon as soon as the digital clock sounded, David got up, almost mechanically dressing up with the same kind of clothes as usual. Doing the exact same movements and things as everyday, he walked to the kitchen, where his brother, and exact copy of him, sat looking at his phone, with a hot coffee in front of him.

    "You woke up early." Said David as he proceed to make some breakfast, adding some pancakes to his part of the food his brother seemed to have already prepared that morning. "My alarm clock broke. Didn't wanted to fall sleep." Replied Allen. Just as every conversation, their words felt more like a basic exchange of information; emotionless, plain, with no feeling attached to them. The silence filled the apartment, being the mild sounds of the street and neighbors the soundtrack of every morning. "We should get moving." Said David a few seconds after his last bite of breakfast. "Yes, we should." Replied Allen taking a sip of his coffee and putting his phone back into his pocket.

    Outside, the day felt cold, even under the direct exposure to the few sunbeams that dared to cross the gaps between cloud and cloud. But that was no surprise since every day was cold in the world. People had lost their warm long time ago, the spark that made us humans was now lost in some place long forgotten. Now all day plugged into the dgt network, people lived their fake lives as happy as a pup with a brand new bone, unable to understand that the bone would eventually break and its little pieces would choke them to death.

    Walking towards a quite imposing Cadillac Escalade EXT, both Correctors checked their phones as they made little 'blips', their faces showing completely no emotion or even a chink of anything that could prove they were humans. Reading the message immediately after his phone sounded, David opened the car and got into the driver seat. "This may prove to be an issue." Said him quietly, his voice plain as a desert. "Yes, it may." Replied Allen sitting in the passenger seat, an exact copy of David, dressed in the same gray suit and white shirt. Same expression, same tone of voice, everything the same. "What should we do then?" "We go to the meting point." "Her brother won't be a problem?" "No." [This is not the standard procedure. We trust he won't be an issue.] Text Allen as David began to drive the car across the city.
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  3. "Will you come on here?!" She screamed while grabbing her brother by the hand and walking him down the stairs, towards the front door. "You can let me go, I'm not some kid." He said while snatching himself away from her. She gritted her teeth and was ready to tell him off but she cell phone went off in a harmonic melody. Stephanie read the message then dropped the phone by her side with a huff. She didn't even bother to reply. Samuel honked the horn for her to hurry up. "Oh no!" She said while walking to car, holding onto the door before he shut it. "I'm not giving you directions all the way there. I'll drive." Stephanie said while pointing to herself. Samuel huffed then moved to the passenger seat as Stephanie got in the driver's seat. She cranked up the car and revved the engine before pulling off and enjoying the open road ahead of her.

    Her and her bother did nothing but argue the whole entire, nearly hitting almost every car in sight. She was getting really annoyed by him and she wanted to dump by the side of the road. Luckily for him, today was the day she picked to be nice. She huffed and puffed then looked towards her brother. "You are an issue, you know that?" She laughed while thinking back to the text message. She smiled as they were finally there. "Okay, what you are about to see, you can't tell anybody. Got it?" She stated in a serious tone while pointing her index finger at him. "Yeah, I got it." He responded while getting out of the car, Stephanie soon followed suit. "This is where I have been going for past couple of weeks." "Couple of weeks?" Samuel questioned. Stephanie laughed and nodded while walking into the building.

    "Hey there, Graham." She said with a waved. Graham was the leader of the Correctors. She hugged her then waved her hand towards her brother. "This is my brother, Samuel. Hope you don't mind." She said. She then bit her bottom lip as the look on Graham's face told the story. Graham then smiled and walked by Stephanie, going over towards Samuel while stroking her chin. "No! No! No!" Stephanie said while shaking her hand and waving her arms. "Samuel is it?" Graham asked him. He nodded his head then Graham continued speaking. "How would you like to be a Corrector?" A big smile came across his face as he looked behind Graham and seen that his sister was shaking her head. "I accept." He said. Stephanie face-palmed herself while not believing this was fixing to happen. Graham then turned towards her. "Where are the others?" She asked. Stephanie shrugged her shoulders while turned and walking into the boardroom.

    Shortly after, Graham would appear and so would her brother. Graham walked upon the stage and stood in front of a podium.

    Before the meeting began, she waited for the other to join.

    Stephanie took her phone out and texted them. [Where are you guys? You know Graham hates waiting.]

    Indeed she did. You could see it on her face. She leaned against the podium and tapped her nails against it while looking at Samuel. "We have a very special process here and since we are waiting!" She yelled that last part. "We might as well get you started." She snapped her fingers, which really sounded off. Soon, Eric came in. The only thing Graham had to do was point her index finger at Samuel. Eric nodded then grabbed Samuel by the arm and took him into a separate room. Graham smiled down at Stephanie then looked towards the door opening, seeing two bodies enter. "Ah, the late birds." Graham spoke. "Hello David. Hello Allen." Stephanie said with a wave then got up and hugged them both. She really loved those two. "How are you guys doing today?" She asked while sitting back down.

    Graham stared at David and Allen with piercing eyes. "Since they are now here, we can begin." Stephanie raised her hand. "Shouldn't we wait for the new corrector?" She asked. Graham nodded her head and walked off the stage and through the doors, exiting the boardroom. "Gee, someone's on their period." Stephanie joked while leaning back and placing her feet on top of the table in front of her, waiting for this little meeting to began.
  4. All that hugging and touching by the chief always made David and Allen uncomfortable. Of course, there was no way to tell since both of them always looked impassible against everything. "We are fine." Replied David. "Yes." Said Allen. Then, both of them proceed to sit in their usual places, fixing the few wrinkles in their suits. "New Corrector?" Asked David rising his sight towards Graham. Too late, she seemed to have already walked away.

    Both of them then checked their phones, tapping a few seconds the devices looking for some answer in there. "We weren't advised." Said Allen. "This is highly irregular." Said David putting his phone back into its pocket. "Yes it is." Said Allen. The two men were of few words, that made knowing what them may be thinking even harder than with any other person. But was also that almost robotic personality that made them some of the oldest Correctors actually working as such, and performing exceptionally well when things turned 'explosive'.

    David gaze vaguely drifted to meet Stephanie, hearing her joke he looked at her for a few seconds. "We found that amusing." Said him dead serious. "Yes. Quite." Replied Allen taking his glance to her too. "Stephanie, you knew about the new Corrector?" Asked David, still looking at her.
  5. She rolled her eyes at David and Allen then huffed a bit at the question.

    "Actually, I found out when I got here as well." She said. "But hey, let's not sweat it, maybe he won't be too bad..." She paused as the doors opened up, revealing Graham, Eric and Samuel. "I mean we all remember our first time, right?" She laughed slightly while watching Graham come back up to the stage, along with Eric. Samuel went instantly and sat beside her. "So, how did things go for you?" She asked her brother while turning her gaze towards David and Allen. "Oh, this is my brother, Samuel.." Graham interrupted. "Or he can be called Shadow, his Corrector name." She said with a smile then clapped her hands. "Shall we begin?" She questioned but didn't really care if they were ready or not - She was going to proceed regardless. "Now, you guys may know that the Hackers are getting closer and closer to destroying the Digital World. They are becoming stronger and smarter. I have a mission for you guys." She turned around and grabbed a couple of papers, then handed them down to Eric, who handed them to the Correctors.

    "Now, as you can see, you will be separated from your birth sibling and paired with the others. I can..." Stephanie raised her hand as Graham pointed towards her. "Yes?" Graham said with a cocked brow. "If they are getting stronger, why not all of us go together?" She asked. Eric looked up at Graham, who was going to answer the question in the nicest way possible. "Well, if you want the easy way out, go ahead! Want to make things not obvious, come back and see me." With that being said, Graham stormed off the stage and left the room. She was a feisty one - She had been with the Correctors for a long period of time and knew her shit. "I just asked a question." Stephanie said with a huff then shrugged her shoulders. "You guys don't have to jump on this mission right away. Have fun for now, we'll call or text you when things shall be done." Eric said with a nod then followed Graham, who was probably locked up in her office, as always.

    "So, what do you guys want to do? Eat? Drink?" She questioned them. "Go to the nearby Cafe and enjoy scones and Lattes?" They were endless possibilities of things to do in the meantime but they had to be careful because they could get the call at any moment and time. Stephanie got up from the table and exited the boardroom, Samuel stayed behind. "She can be such a bitch sometimes." He said. He loved his sister, on most days, but other days he wished she got hit by bus. He laughed at the thought then looked up at the other two in the room. "So, you guys are not mad that I am the new Corrector, are you?" He asked them, shrugging his shoulders while continuing. "I don't really care what you guys think." Samuel said. He was the new Corrector, yes and he was going to take down whoever and whenever he can.
  6. Allen and David looked quietly at the show, paying attention to all the details and presentations. They both disliked new Correctors, and that guy seemed far from prepared to be anything to be taken seriously. In fact, that thing about taking the Correctors young was something none of them agreed with, but in the end, rules are rules. "We hope so." Replied David to Stephanie wish for Samuel to be a nice Corrector. "Corrector business are not to be taken lightly." Said Allen. "Agreed." Said David.

    And so, Both of them silently enjoyed the small muss between the boss and Stephanie. And as always, it ended with Graham fleeing the scene and leaving her job to his loyal secretary. Every day that passed, the Corrector agency seemed a more and more childish place, lacking of seriousness and order. "We don't like the idea of being separated from our siblings." Expressed Allen with his regular lack of expression. "Sometimes, your lack of discipline. Worries us." Said David looking at the other two brothers.

    Yeah, truth was that young and cheerful people like Stephanie and her brother made things easier. But knowing those hackers swarming the dgt, things could go south pretty quickly and it was required something more than a pretty face or a insolent brat to get things done. "Then don't ask." Replied David to Samuel snippy comment. "We'll be waiting downstairs." Said Allen and silence joined them as they made their way out. "This was going to be one pain in the chest of a mission, but as long as there was some faces to be punched, the brothers would be more than happy.
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