The difference between REPORT and REPLY

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  1. We, the staff of Iwaku, very much encourage the use of the REPORT button if you are having an issue with a member. We see the REPORT alert like a beacon in the sky, calling us to come and save the day. However, lately when we show up to the scene, it is only to find that the civilian was trying to send a REPLY and has accidentally set off their alarm simply by NOT READING.

    Look, we know it's hard work to read whole words. It's not like we are some forum dedicated to the reading of entire sentences or anything. Who has time for that? So we understand how these two words may trip you up, seeing as they have the same first three letters. To that end, we have included a handy little diagram, to help you stay away from the REPORT button until you actually need it.


    And remember, citizens: If you REPLY using the REPORT button, not only will the other member not receive your REPLY, but the staff who receive your REPORT will laugh at you.
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  2. Why not switch the two?
    or since the users now are probably in practise of their current location, why not make the report button orange or red, and the reply button blue?
    having said that I'm sure you made the current set up the way it was for a reason.
    I'm just spitballing here.

    Edit: Oh wow it actually happened
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  3. Really want to troll this so bad right now... -finger hovers over the report button-
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  4. I'm sorry, I did read the whole thing, I promise.

    But at the words 'beacon in the sky' I thought of Batman. And after reading the rest, my mind was still on Batman and I was like 'wow, it's like the bat signal being turned on and then batman getting there and them being like 'lol, sorry batman, we used the wrong light, we're just having a party.'

    Best analogy ever.
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