The Difference between Good and Evil

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  1. It was an interesting building, out in the forest where no one could see. It had a barrier around it, making it seem invisible. Barrier? Yes, the headquarters had quite a good amount of interesting new technology. This new tech was found throughout the whole large building like the doors that slide open when they noticed you coming. They had a scanner to tell if you were allowed into certain areas or not. This building had agents that worked with the group that did the unwanted missions, rooms and a cafeteria for them.

    Vera had just shown up for the first time not too long ago. They showed her to the main meeting room. It was a large room with a table to sit at in the middle. There was a screen to look at and towards one of the sides on the room there seemed to be some sort of computer. This is where Vera went too, this was to become her computer. It wasn't a normal computer however. Instead there was one large screen that could electronically have separate smaller screens. They were touch screen but there was also a keyboard and mouse. Those were high tech as well. The keyboard looked like just another thin screen that was wireless.

    Vera enjoyed this. She had one of those spinning computer chairs she was sitting in. She had a smile on her face and she spun around in it. A few on the agents watching her, half confused if she was actually an adult while some others were admiring her beauty. "This is so exciting." She said. "When are the others coming? I want to see who is going to be in the group." There was one agent there was seemed to be the main one, the leader of the others.

    "Soon." He said to her.
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  2. Alexandria would have gotten lost if one of the agents didn't escort her to the building. When they finally reached the building, she was amazed at the building's high technology. It was quite hard to tell if she was amazed or not since she had a poker face on since she arrived. She wasn't bored at all. Heck, she was really excited but it didn't show on her face. Some say that her poker face seems as though she looks through you. She let the agent lead the way as she walked behind him. Every step she took, her reddish brown hair bounced slightly. Her light blue eyes inspected every corner of the hallway. It was a habit of hers to look for security cameras whenever she enters a new place. Suddenly, the agent in front of her abruptly stop, which almost made Alexandria bumping into his back. "Are we here?" she asked.

    The agent pointed at a door. Assuming it's the meeting room, she nodded her head and muttered a 'thanks'. She walked towards the door, then knocking on it a few times. Without waiting for a response, she opened the door, to be greeted by many unfamiliar faces, looking at her. She scanned the room, mentally remembering the faces in there. "Am I late?" she asked aloud, not knowing who's in charge.

    "Nope, just take a seat first." an agent, which she assumed was the main leader to all agents. She nodded and took a seat in an empty chair. She noticed there was a few empty chairs left.

    "There's others, huh?" she thought to herself as her eyes shifted to the woman who was spinning in the spinning chair. Her eyes were glued on the woman but she gave up guessing how old she was.
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  3. Serena followed an agent quietly as he led her to the building.She was wearing her cat outfit,with the hoodie resting on top of her head.The headphones were also on,but they were just for display.She looked at the agent,who was pretty silent himself,probably because she was quiet...or maybe that's just how agents are suppose to be.

    After a few moments,she walked in the building and was escorted to the meeting room.Not bothering to knock,she slowly opened the door and quickly glanced around the agents that were standing.Then she saw the two ladies that were already sitting on the chairs.Bowing once as a sign of greetings,she walked in,not bothering her tail that kept hitting her legs whenever she walked.She got used to it,as if it was an actual tail of her own that just sways behind her.Then she took a seat at the far right side of the table,the one nearest to the door,and waited for the rest.
  4. Zareck was being led through a building from what he could tell a pretty large building by a agent, he was using his black cane with a silver top to lightly tap the ground/things around him to find his way. He followed the agents footsteps his long black duster flowing around him silver skulls running down the opening as button's though it was open. He had a black t shirt on that clung to his well muscled and toned body, black jeans, black fingerless gloves, and black combat boots with silver skulls on them. He had a black cloth wrapped around his eyes tied in the back and a red insignia tattooed on his cheek just below the wrap. His sword in a black sheath strapped to his back.

    As Zareck heard the agent stop and open a door coming from the left he stopped next to him. The agent gruffly telling him that this was the room he was suppose to be briefed in and meet the rest of the team. Inclining his head slightly to the man Zareck walks into the room instantly sensing eyes on him, he could smell a few different perfumes, so there were ladies here. He awkwardly waves toward where he thinks the group is "Hello hope im not late" his voice was deep and smooth. A agent addressed him "No your fine Mr. Vital go ahead and take a seat anywhere you wish" he nods and moves to a seat next to where a smelled an alluring perfume coming from. He sits next to the girl and sighs softly.

    ((The insignia))

    legacy of kain insignia symbol red new black t-shirt all  size-f56882.jpg
  5. Aaron and his escort navigated their way through the long hallways. 'Out of all the possible agents available, I get stuck up with the newbie? Just my luck..' He frowned and sighed, they've been lost for around fifteen minutes already. His patience was running short as the guy obviously didn't know where he was going. "Look.. can't you just radio one of your friends to come here, to us and lead us to where we're supposed to be." Aaron stopped and looked at the agent. The agent kept on walking, he was too proud to do so... or rather ashamed. "Just follow me. We're almost there."

    Aaron took another deep sigh and started walking forward again. 'Great.. just great..' After another five minutes of walk they navigated their way to the designated room. "Here it is, go on in and take a seat." Aaron shrugged and walked past the agent. He knocked on the doors lightly and walked in carrying a smile on his face. "Hello everybody." He looked around and made his way over to the red haired girl and sat down. Aaron took a while to examine the bunch, they were quite interesting to say the least.
  6. She walked slowly down the hallway her hands were loosely behind her back she whistled a little tune. The agents didn't seem to be to happy about her annoying little tune and gave her a nudge in the side. Jumping slightly she had turned her head to the agent that had pocked her in the side. "What was that for?" She asked hissing at him. She went silent now looking in front of her the hallway seemed a million miles long and there was no end in site. "Where are we going?" She asked under her breath as she kept moving forward. Sighing she turned her head to the ground watching the squared tile pass by under her. Taking in a deep breath she was quiet until they got to the end of the hallway. Her eyes went up to see the room they were going to enter but instead it was another hallway. "Really?" She asked them as they lead her further down another hallway into a room with five other people in the room. "Who..." She trailed off as she went further into the room. "Hello." She said her look now going into a big smile as she tried to be nice to the other individuals in the room.

    Sitting down at one of the chairs she looked up at the screen that sat at the head of the table. "I thought I told them I didn't play nice with others." She mumbled under her breath looking up at the others talking among each other. Her red eyes like fire as she scanned the room of the unfamiliar people. "Now what am I going to do? Are they doing this to me on purpose." Getting up from her chair she walked over toward the windows that looked out upon a filed below. Staring out at it she took in another heavy breath. "I guess I have to learn to play nice someday." She said to herself putting on anther fake smile and joining the team in their little talk.
  7. Liam just arrived to the place by plane. He looked out and saw everyone come running up. "We are here, sir." an Agent said. They exited the plane and everyone saluted him. "Follow me, sir. I'll show you the way to the headquarters, sir. Your recruits are waiting for you." he said. Liam looked up at him "Recruits?" he asked as he walked. He looked like a cyborg but really wasn't. It's a technological advanced suit. "Yes, your team." he said as he directed him to the room. "Good luck, sir." he said and left. He walked in and saw the people. He was the leader of these people, this "team". He really didn't like working with others. He really doesn't but he was assigned this for a reason, just like them. "I'm Liam, your commander and leader here. Your probably thinking. 'Who is this guy?' but you'll find out soon enough. I never done this before. But I only have a few rules. 1. Don't piss me off, the last guy that did that..well ask him yourself. 2. We work together, don't under estimate me and my actions. 3. Do as I say, when I say. We'll get out of this alive and in one piece. Now, I want to know everything, your name, age, what you can do. Everything. Any Questions?" he asked as he stood their. His suit didn't look him, they are probably wondering what it is.
  8. Vera continued spinning in the chair while she listened. One of the agents on the side made a sigh. "Vera, stop spinning around and listen." He said.

    Vera made an abrupt stop, facing the group with her legs crossed. "I am listening." She said with a big smile on her face and a little giggle. It made some of the agents blush while others still were confused about her age. She turned to look at the other people, most of them seemed friendly enough though the leader guy looked kind of scary in that suit he was wearing. "I'm Vera Blossom...Hmm I'm 21 and I hack things. Oh it's so fun." She said giggling some more. At that point some of the agents were surprised, not expecting that age.
  9. Zareck listened in silence as others joined the room, hearing the leader address the group he turns in his chair to face in his general direction. Understanding but kinda disliking the commanding tone, jeeze this guy took his role to heart. Hearing Vera's response he cant help but smile slightly liking her spunk and general nice aura. "Hello, Zareck Vital, age 22. I uh guess you would call me a vigilante, I have expert skills in combat, swordplay, throwing knives, and hidden blades. And yes I am blind" his voice was deep and strong but friendly. He decided it was best to get the blind subject out of the way right off the bat.
  10. Aaron sat there quietly taking up all the impressions he could. They all seemed nice, and special in their own way. He found the one with the cat tail the most interesting, I mean why would anybody wanna dress up like that? He chuckled at the thought but it suited her nicely, she looked quite cute in it.

    Minutes after his arrival a man with an unusual suit came walking in. It didn't take a lot of brain to realize who he was before he even spoke. Its the way he was walking and standing, Aaron disliked him from the moment his eyes laid themselves on him. He waited a bit before rising himself and looking over at him. "Aaron Ashworth, I'm 19 years old. A thief and a con-artist by profession, I sell comics in my spare time. Expect me to do all the break ins and the sweet talk." He looked around the room greeting everyone with a smile before sitting down.
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  11. Serena smiled and quietly listened as most of them introduced themselves.She cared less about how strict the leader seemed.A strict leader means a good one,she thought.Besides,she can probably deal with it.

    After Aaron introduced himself,she took a deep breath and stood up smiling,with her hands both relaxed in front of her."Um,hi! Serena Madison, 18, now in my last year for high school.I am pretty athletic if I do say so myself,so I can move rather quickly and can jump high and such...I can also buy time for you guys when needed..." she paused for a moment and lightly scratched her cheek with a finger."...I guess you can call it being bait?Well whatever,it's a pleasure to be here" she finished with a smile and slight head tilt before seating herself down again.
  12. Her daydreaming was interrupted by a guy who says he's the leader. She didn't really have an opinion of him. He reminded her of the discipline teacher in her high school. Alexandria waited till Serena finished. For the first time in her life, everyone seemed interesting to her... not like she's going to admit it or anything.

    Alexandria stood up after Serena introduced herself. "I'm Alexandria Leighton, 19 years old. I'm a strategist and I'm also good at collecting information. I'll change jobs in order to attain the info needed." Alexandria tried not to sound monotone. After that, she smiled slightly to everyone then sat down again.
  13. Liam just watches as everyone just stands up and introduces each other. He smiles but no one could see due to his helmet. He looked at everyone "Now, my turn." he said as he looked at everyone "My name is Liam, I'm 21 years old, my identity is a DJ, my skills are as follows, I'm an expert at CQC, for those who don't know what that is, it's Close Quarters Combat, I took all Martial Arts, Kick Boxing, Street Kick Boxing, Boxing, Street Boxing, Street Fighting, Mix Martial Arts, I was put through UFC, and MMA when I was 16 or 17, expert with blades, stealth, a marksman with all types of weapons, better with rifles, expert with hacking as well and with blades of all types. If anyone want to learn a thing or too, don't hesitate to ask me. As far as my face, no one is going too see my face, for the reason is because I don't trust neither one of y'all. Soon, who knows, that may change, prove me wrong and things will change. I'm not like my life and you'll find out why." he said. He passed out folders and assignments for the missions "The Red folder is your info, where your room is, locker number, your ID number, everything. The Black folder is your info about the mission, study it, act like them because the truth is, we are them, we were them. Think like them. If anyone needs me, I'll be in the training room." he said as he looked at the others. He began to walk toward the door and stopped as he looked back at the team "Don't betray me, not like me other team did to me..." he said and disappeared out of the doorway.
  14. "Huh?" Vera said as he listened to the guy calling himself Liam. He didn't really seem like a nice person to her, he seemed so angry about everything. And the way he was treating them, their a team now everyone should get along and be friends. She pouted for a moment staring as he left then turned to the others and smiled again. "I wouldn't go taking him too seriously, he'll probably lighten up sometime. Even my grumpy and troublemaker students realize and listen when I'm teaching. He just needs a push like them." She giggled. The papers didn't really concern her that much, she wasn't into being so formal she wanted to have fun. She spun around in her car and faced the screen in front of her. She started to press some buttons on the keyboard with a smile still planted on her face. She began to hum.
  15. Zareck wasnt use to taking orders especially in such a gruff way, he was developing a twitch from listening to Liam. When he finally left he sighed and grabbed the papers on the table, feeling that they were in Braille he smiled slightly in relief glad he didnt have to have someone read them to him. Hearing Vera's upbeat words he smiles more turning toward her. "I hope your right Miss Blossom" his voice was friendly.
  16. Alexandria sighed in relief once Liam left. She felt as though she was being lectured when he spoke. She quickly glance through the two folders before standing up. "I'm gonna walk around for awhile, to get used this place. See y'all around.."

    She gave a small wave before leaving the room.
  17. Serena rested her chin on her hand and crossed her legs.She didn't really mind how their apparent leader was towards them.Well,it's not like she can do anything about it anyways.

    She glanced at everyone in the room and practiced all their names in her head,not like it was hard to do.Everyone was slightly older than her as well,but it didn't really matter as well.She wanted to get out of that room,seeing that there was nothing to do there.But she didn't want to go alone and bump into a complete stranger,or even worse,possibly bump into Liam.She didn't want to talk to him about anything that's not mission-related.Not yet.She would've followed Alexandria,but it was too late.With an indifferent sigh,she flipped open the red folder and skimmed through it.
  18. Vera continued to type on her computer for a few more moments. "Oh, Zareck you don't have to be so formal, just call me Vera." She replied after his comment. She took this time to pull herself away from the computer and take a glance at the folders that were given to her. She opened them up and flipped through the briefly, that's all she would need. Vera's memory let her remember anything that was read, seen, or said. Once she finished flipping through the folders she et them down on the desk. This was her computer now, she was able to put anything around it that she wanted.
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  19. Alexandria roamed the hallways of the headquarter while scanning through the files that she was given.
    Room number: 619
    Locker number: 88

    She didn't feel like staying in a room full of strangers though they seem nice, she'll feel awkward. Without getting lost, she found her room with ease. It was located 6th floor, on the far end of the hallway, in the dormitory building. She wasn't really sure if the dorms were separated by gender. As she entered her room, she was relieved to find a single bed and her belongings. She had her own privacy, meaning, it gave her time to think and concentrate on the future tasks that'll be given.

    The walls of the room were sky blue, the floors were carpeted. Her bed was pushed horizontally to the wall, a study table on the left side of the room and a laptop on top of the table. There was also a closet right in front of her bed. She walked towatds her bed, grabbed her bags and placed the in front of her closet. She plopped herself on the bed, "Maybe this will be fun..." she thought to herself as she stared at the ceiling.
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