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You might think the devil is mythical but I promise you that I am very real. You may not know it but I stand before you, my eyes locked on a stunning blue feature and I can walk in and out of reality. Tell me little human wish to play with the big bad angels ? I want to play with you, so tell me your ideas and I shall tell you mine.
Now for Rules........Yeah I hate them​

1. Just respect me and I shall respect you
2. Do not play my character
3. Always help me out with plot, I will not do it by myself.
4. I am not picky on spelling or grammer, but please make it so i can read what you post.
5. Please be able to write 1-3 paragraphs

[hider= The Plots]

1. The Devil's Grace - Lucifer decides to come to earth breaking free from his imprisonment in hell and come to earth in search of the meaning of life and all things life and pure. Your a girl who is rich, snobby and stuck up but she has a pure heart. Your family hires Lucifer (Known at the time as Beelz Scott) and he lives in there with your family. You can't help but wonder who is he and maybe one day what is he . Learning might be more dangerous then knowning.

2. Guardian Angel ? Erm, Lucifer was very confused one day he was the lord of hell and then the next he was taken a human form and told to watch over his lovely girl. He didn't know why but he finds out he grows rather attached to her and helps her through every day life (she could have some mental issues, something to make her different) and can a love between them maybe stop a holy war ?

3. Defeated and Bloody, Arms of An Angel - After loosing the final war, Lucifer falls into a coma like state on the battle field. There he stayed for two months left and forgotten till, one day a young angel comes by, shocked and confused by a bloody mess that was on the floor. She flies him off to even sneaking him up and then hiding him from the angels. She heals and tends to him as he slowly starts to get better. She learns about who he is and what his true motives where, can she help stop a war before it reachs her doorsteps?

4. Brotherly protection - Lucifer tries deperately to get Michael to reconsider the fight but his brother doesn't dare to listen, but when Michael is about to do the death blow he stops finding himself unable to do such an act to family. He takes Lucifer off and hides in the human world trying to heal his brother but will bitter feelings rise or will they vanish along with the wounds of the fallen archangel.

PM Me and say "Devil 666" if you read everything that i require.