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  1. The Desperado Five


    Welcome to Outer Space; the new frontier, in an era of lawlessness.

    Yes. It’s one of those kinds of tales…. A Spaghetti Western set a few hundred years after humans learn the art of space travel and warp speed and stuff like that.

    Here’s the low down; in the ever active space colony of Las Vegas Lexicon, two warring mafia have been stirring up some monkey business. There’s the Yellow Brothers on one side and then the Southern Cross on the other. They own 5 of the fanciest casinos this side of the Milky Way.


    Rumors are going around that one of the two gangs are going to be moving a large shipment of jewels and cash to a little moon somewhere about a billion miles away, leaving the casinos largely unguarded.


    This is were our space-faring fugitives in search of a treasure come into play. They are all members of a ship called the Desperado and are 82nd Spaceborne veterans recruited to act as bounty hunters and your normal “men with no name” kind of deal. 


    Recently they have been hired by casino owner Matthew "Angry Duke" Kennedy to Las Vegas Lexicon with a plan to rob the vaults of the Yellow Brothers and Southern Cross casinos in one night.

    With dangers such as assassin maids, space pirates, and fellow bounty hunters can the crew of the Desperado successfully rob all five casinos in one night and make it to the safety of Mars?

  2. Harmony gently took Melody in her arms, "Sure."
  3. Name: Major Andres “Redhawk” Thornton

    Age: 26

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Andres stands at exactly 6 feet tall and weighs 153 lbs. He has long black hair and generally dresses like a fictional Indian.

    Weapons option: He owns a futuristic Henry Repeating Rifle that fires off 13 shots of lasers in a minute giving him an edge over a lot of the standard military guns found in the colonies. Of course, he has a scalping knife but it is more like a bowie.  He has also has a gold-plated Luger pistol, he is an excellent shot.

    Personality: He is the bad ass of the group. As an officer in the armed forces, he as a decent amount of combat experience and loves scouting a head of his men. Andres often times pretends to be more warrior-like and cunning than he really is. An avid trickster, he often times will be the cause of much annoyance to his allies. Finally, Andres is known for reckless driving, and has been arrested for undue care and attention at least fifty times.

    Past: Deciding that living on the Moon was a waste of time and sick of flying around in a rez ship (literally think of a ship held together with Duct Tape), he joined up with the military. After fighting in some war, he saved up and bought the Desperado. Knowing a few other friends in his former unit, he rounded them up and now runs a bounty hunting business.  
  4. Astorath stood up and offered her his hand.
  5. Hmm…I’ve never done a Sci-Fi and this one just kind of stuck out and it’s always good expand ones’ horizons, so here goes nothing. I hope this works. I’ll make any necessary changes should you require it.

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    Name: Sergeant Ozunu “Oz” Funakoshi

    Age: 23

    Appearance: Oz stands at 5’8” 168lbs of lean muscle, medium length black hair and deep brown eyes. He still wears his old tactical reconnaissance uniform of an all black body suit molded specifically for his body (think Snake Eyes in “G.I. Joe”). Each “muscle” of the suit was injected with a liquid titanium compound allowing for max mobility with moderate armor. Oz also wears his military issued retractable helmet, a neck brace fashioned between the shoulder blades of the suit that form a full face helmet of the same metal in the muscle pads of his suit.

    Weapons option: A custom built bow-gun shaped in likeness to a crossbow that can fire a laser “arrow” or “bolt”. It’s not as loud as most laser based weapons which made it ideal for his role in the military. Since most of Oz’s missions took him up close and personal to his enemies, he became proficient in hand to hand combat and close-quarter weaponry, so he carries a tactical knife as well as a short sword.

    Personality: Oz is extremely quiet, and rarely will speak out of turn. He does what he’s told when he’s told and has been that way with Major Thornton since the war. For Oz there is only the next mission in life. His loyalty to the Major and the Desperado are absolute and he has it in mind to ensure their success by any means.

    Past: Oz was assigned to Major Thornton’s unit back when the war started and ran reconnaissance missions for him and the military. Whether it was hacking into computers to get any vital information, or just surveying an area getting a body count, Oz did it quickly and quietly. His sense of duty and loyalty to the Major are perhaps part of his Japanese heritage, whereas he felt a connection to his ancestors through serving someone. Although sometimes mocked as the “Pretend Ninja” of the unit, no one could question Oz’s efficiency in battle and success rating in his missions. After the war Oz attempted to stay in the military seeing no other use for his skills until the Major called with the Bounty Hunter proposal. Still loyal to the Major, Oz signed up with no questions asked. <o:p></o:p>
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  7. Female member #2 reporting!

    Name: Morrigan de Sarde but the Major gets away with calling her Morry

    Age: 26

    Appearance: Morrigan is a curvy 5'6", long legs, wide hips and a small waist, weighing approximately 120 lbs. She has fair skin from her life on the Moon, long, jet-black hair and dark blue "sapphire" eyes. She's fairly athletic and flexible enough to give any gymnast a run for her money.

    Weapons option:
    For long range, she owns a laser handgun to get out of tight binds and she's not a bad shot, either. Her preferred methods of attack are hand-to-hand combat or the belt around her waist which is actually a whip in disguise. She also manages to hide a pair of wicked looking curved knives somewhere on her person and boy, does she know how to use them.

    Personality: Looking for a girl who plays nice? Need a shoulder to cry on? Begging for an ear to listen to you? ... don't look at Morrigan. She's a backstabbing, two-timing, narrow-minded, self-serving female who flirts with anything remotely male but never sleeps with them. She's violent, stubborn, ruthless and merciless. She's just as likely to kill someone than rob them blind and she's done plenty of both before. The more loyal members of the group have questioned whether or not she means to betray them all at the end of the job but the Major is either confident she's on their side or has an ace card up his sleeve.

    Past: Morrigan de Sarde was born on the wrong sides of the track on the Moon, her mother gone and her father not much use for anything. She learned to take care of herself, got a job, bought herself nice things, led a boring life. Then one day, she grew up, caught the eyes of a few men and realized working was good and all but having someone else buy you things were even better.

    Morrigan never left the Moon but her behavior has landed her on someone's "naughty" list and it's only a matter of time before someone appears to collect on her bounty.
  8. Alena gasp and moan softly, "Going straight for it.."
  9. Lol, Mr. Clean is an ally in a Wild West RP, I like it.

    All these characters are approved and now that we have five people signed up, I am now ready to start this RP soon.

    I am no longer going to accept new characters if they are posted in this OOC. Please PM me and I'll considered new characters on a limited basis.
  10. Since not all the characters are recruited yet, can Morrigan's bounty be the second job they have to do?

    Maybe she supposedly stole something from someone and s/he wants it returned and hires the team. But she distracts them with a bigger bounty on the very person who hired them because the person is a criminal wanted by the law?
  11. Yep, that sounds good to me.
  12. Sorry i haven't posted yet, busy with work and keeping up with my other Rp's (or trying too) These past couple months though life happened to possibly diagnose my mom with lupus so as soon as i can get things back together here i will post
  13. No problem. Thanks for keeping us informed. We just need to yell at Diana and Mr. Clean to post. Either that or it'll be yet another Alarice-Rory RPoo.
  14. FEBRUARY 10, 2017

    Raven shook her head as they pulled up to Natalia's house. Impossible. It just wasn't possible. The house was completely rebuilt, looking just like it did when she'd arrived there yesterday. The lawn was still messed up, but the house itself...the magic required to build it was surely possible, especially for someone as powerful as Natalia. But for her to have gained so much mastery of her powers so fast - she suddenly felt very nervous.

    "I think it's good you guys didn't bring your guns," she said softly in the car. "It doesn't look like they would've been that useful."

    Crossfire looked at her. "We'll go slow. You should probably lead."

    She took a deep breath and stepped out of the SUV after Cross. Ruth and Sam brought up the rear, and despite their best efforts to lock the doors quickly, Erika jumped out and went up to the door, too. Raven paused at the sight of her car. Such a beautiful piece of Italian engineering, now smashed so badly it was almost unrecognizable. In spite of everything else she'd done against her grandfather's wishes, this was probably the cardinal sin to trump all her others.

    "I don't suppose you guys have enough in your Hushcobb budgets to get me a replacement?" she offered. She turned to Sam, giving a quick flutter of her lashes and putting on her best "cute face." Sexy was more her style, and she could tell this was failing.

    "It's not gonna happen, Raven. Sorry." He smirked as he looked it over. "Is a shame, though. It's a very nice car. Lamborghini Guillardo, right?"

    She smiled and nodded. Suddenly there came the sharp sound of glass shattering. Everyone was immediately on alert, until they heard what Raven recognized as the voice of Natalia's Aunt Cherie shouting, "Erika?! Again with my glass door?!"

    "Hey, you shouldn't have left my axe outside!" she retorted. When the four of them came around the side yard they saw Erika standing with the axe she'd brought with her yesterday set over her shoulder, staring down at Cherie with a crazed smile. Not like she had any other kind.

    Standing behind her was Natalia. Her hair was wet, looking like she'd freshly showered, and she had a white and blue striped t-shirt that clung to her slim frame. She'd grown since the last time Cherie had gotten her clothes, and the top was a size too small. It revealed every contour to her young form, but the look on her face suggested she was completely unaware of how much she was showing off. Like, literally unaware.

    "I left it out because I didn't want it inside," she said to Erika softly. She looked at the others. "Hello, everyone."

    Raven stepped past everyone and moved in front of her. "Hi, Natalia. Do you remember me?"

    She nodded. "Yes. You told that evil man your name was mine. It didn't work, but...thank you."

    Cherie looked from her niece to Raven, and her expression softened. "Well I thank you for looking out for her. She's still not going with you for your 'research.'"

    The alchemist could sense the condescension in her voice and verbally put her foot down. "Screw my research; she needs help. I have never seen anyone as powerful as her, and I deal with accomplished mages every day. I even live with one. The sad truth is, she's still learning and there are people after her. People like Lorentz and the maker of the monsters he brought with him yesterday."

    Cherie exhaled. "Alright. I can't protect her, and it looks like you're right about her having people after her. This wasn't what I expected when I took her home. I just wanted her to have her life back. Sounds like we have a lot to talk about."

    Natalia perked up as she came closer, offering her hand. "Would you like some tea?"
  15. Well, Mr. Clean has been eaten by a hungry furball... And we all moved on rather quickly.
  16. Poor fellow. He will be missed. In other news, I already wrote up a replacement for him, if you don't mind.

    Name: Enrico Domingo Roberto Martinez (Rico for short)

    Age: 32

    Appearance: Rico is a small man considering the armaments he carries, standing at 5'10" and weighing a little bit short of 170 lbs. He's a cocky man, walking in a perpetual stride with a goofy grin on his face. Due to being of Mexican descent, his skin is tanned, his hair is black, and he has brown eyes. Underneath his oversized poncho (he's Mexican, you know) is where he hides most of his weapons, including his rocket launcher.

    Weapons option: Rico believes in making a good impression on people, and what better way to do that than with rockets from his guided rocket launcher? The missiles follow the directions of the navigation device on the side of the launcher, controlled by the man himself. Aside from that, he carries duel submachine guns which, while usually held in two hands, he prefers to carry with one hand each. Because accuracy is for less manly men.

    Personality: Rico considers himself to be a suave secret agent, with a woman hanging off one arm and a one-liner hanging off his lips. In reality, he's arrogant, egotistical, and overly concerned with looking cool. This makes him difficult to talk to without wincing, especially if he's got a deathly horrible one-liner thought up. Regardless, he is fiercely loyal to an employer, almost scarily so, and is true to his word. If he makes a promise, he will do his best to fulfill it, at risk of both life and limb, whichever goes first.

    Past: Rico is a mercenary for hire. In his early life, he started out as a gun merchant, but had to sell his business after running himself into debt via gambling. With no money, and a heap of armaments, he connected the dots quickly and turned himself into a hired gun, loading every single box of ammo, weapon, and even his comfortable office chair into his personal one-man spacecraft.

    Business was good, and for the first few years, he enjoyed a life of prosperity that only a professional mercenary could know. In fact, he was so prosperous that he decided to take up gambling again. That would prove to be a problem, and as the Desperado Five came in to the casino where he was playing at, the man was in the process of losing half of everything he had. He would need an out soon.
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