The depth and breadth of madness.

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  1. I've got a serious craving for this idea in particular, and it's been nagging at me since I left.

    The idea is this:

    A character lives their life from childhood to adulthood with an imaginary acquaintance that they've accepted as a part of their lives, through thick and thin. This acquaintance has acted as their protector, their friend, and their confidant for as long as the character can remember.

    Beyond this rather vague outline, I'm looking for a confident writer who's not afraid to use the full spectrum of emotions for a character.

    The setting isn't as important to me as the rapport built between the characters. I'd be glad to throw my character into nearly any setting, or -if you'd rather- I can whip up a world for it on my onesie. I'm quite capable in Post-apocalyptic, science-fiction, and horror settings, but I'd be just as glad to take the scenario into another sort of theme.

    Romance is a possibility, not an expectation.
  2. This sounds interesting, I'm not sure how well I'd do that though (I think it could be a bit too advanced for me). Anyways I checked out your roleplay resume and I really like your style of writing. If you check out mine and you'd like to roleplay with me maybe we can plot something up... if you're not really in to this and want me to try it. I'm just saying that maybe I'm not that good at it (I don't want to disappoint you), even though I'd happily try it. Otherwise maybe we could think of something else to do? I'd be happy to roleplay with you if you like. ~

    Send me a PM or whatever if you find it interesting.
  3. Your plot intrigues me. It kind of has the same concept of the golden compass I think. Where a person's soul resides outside their body in an animal-like form called a Dæmon. At least that is the first idea that popped in my head after your description. Is it similar to what your trying to convey?
  4. In a sense. ^.^ However the 'imaginary friend' so to speak would be an entity separate from the character. Different emotions, ideas, and tendencies. : )